U.S. 40 East - Pulaski Highway

U.S. 40 east
U.S. 40 travels through central Baltimore via the one-way street couplet of Franklin & Mulberry Streets, the former Interstate 170 freeway, and Orleans Streets. The US highway emerges from Orleans Street via Pulaski Highway in east Baltimore. Pulaski Highway carries U.S. 40 all the way to State Road, Delaware and U.S. 13. U.S. 40 Truck returns to U.S. 40 via Maryland 151 (Erdman Avenue) eastbound at the Orangeville section of east Baltimore, . A three-quarter cloverleaf interchange joins Pulaski Highway with U.S. 40 Truck , Maryland 151 (Erdman Avenue) and adjacent Interstate 895 (southbound only). Photo taken 10/13/04.
Traffic departing U.S. 40 Pulaski Highway) eastbound partitions between ramps onto Interstate 895 (Harbor Tunnel Thruway) southbound and Maryland 151 (Erdman Avenue) eastbound. Maryland 151 continues east from U.S. 40 & U.S. 40 Truck to North Point Boulevard and the community of Edgemere. Photo taken 10/13/04.
A button copy text guide sign resides at the ramp split between Interstate 895 south and Maryland 151 east. Interstate 895 northbound merges onto Interstate 95 northbound 1.5 miles to the north. U.S. 40 drivers can access Interstate 895 & 95 northbound via the Moravia Road on-ramp from Moravia Road 0.75 miles to the east. Photo taken 10/13/04.
U.S. 40 continues east from Maryland 43 (White Marsh Boulevard) to White Marsh Station. Photo taken 06/30/10.
Eastbound mileage sign posted three miles ahead of Joppatowne. Edgewood, outside Aberdeen Proving Ground, follows in nine miles. Photo taken 06/30/10.
Ebenezer Road intersects U.S. 40 at White Marsh Station. The road connects with Maryland 7 (Philadelphia Road) at White Marsh to the northwest and the community of Chase to the east. Photo taken 06/30/10.
U.S. 40 (Pulaski Highway) continues northeast by the Bird River in eastern Baltimore County. Photo taken 06/30/10.
Approaching the signalized intersection with Allender Road on U.S. 40 east. Photo taken 06/30/10.
Allender Road leads south from U.S. 40 to Loreley Beach Road and north to Loreley and Maryland 7 (Philadelphia Road). Photo taken 06/30/10.
U.S. 40 passes by the Baltimore County Eastern Sanitary Landfill between Allender and Days Cove Roads. Photo taken 06/30/10.
Days Cove Road spurs east to the landfill and the Environmental Education Center within Gunpowder Falls State Park. Photo taken 06/30/10.
Lowering toward Gunpowder Falls, U.S. 40 enters the state park and next reaches Joppatown in four miles. Photo taken 06/30/10.
U.S. 40 first crosses the Big Gunpowder River within the State Park. A pair of 1935-built bridges span the waterway. Photo taken 06/30/10.
Continuing along side Gunpowder Falls State Park, U.S. 40 exits Baltimore County at the Little Gunpowder River. Photo taken 06/30/10.
U.S. 40 (Pulaski Highway) intersects Joppa Farm Road just east of Gunpowder Falls and the Baltimore County line. Joppa Farms Road provides one of two entrances to the Joppatowne community south of U.S. 40. Photo taken 06/30/10.
Continuing along the Pulaski Highway from Joppa Farm Road is this eastbound reassurance shield of U.S. 40. Photo taken 06/30/10.
Joppa Road leads south from Maryland 7 (Philadelphia Road) from Joppa to Trimble Road at Joppatowne. Photo taken 06/30/10.
Next in line for eastbound motorists is the junction with Maryland 152 (Mountain Road north / Magnolia Road south) on U.S. 40. Photo taken 06/30/10.
Maryland 152 (Mountain Road) meets Interstate 95 at the first of five Harford County interchanges (Exit 74). Photo taken 06/30/10.
Nearing the traffic light with Maryland 152, a peculiar Maryland 152 trailblazer elludes to the state route south of U.S. 40, and not at U.S. 40. The state route indeed crosses Pulaski Highway ahead and ends at the Aberdeen Proving Ground south of Magnolia. Photo taken 06/30/10.
Heading north, Maryland 152 (Mountain Road) ventures to Mountain, Lynchs Corner (junction U.S. 1), Bagley, and Maryland 146 south of Madonna at its northern terminus. Photo taken 06/30/10.
U.S. 40 becomes more commercialized between Maryland 152 and the community of McComas. Heavy development occurs along Woodbridge Center Way leading south from Pulaski Highway. Photo taken 06/30/10.
A number of businesses serving interests to Aberdeen Proving Ground and the community of Edgewood line U.S. 40 through to junction Maryland 755 (Edgewood Road). Photo taken 06/30/10.
Eastbound U.S. 40 (Pulaski Highway) at the intersection with Treetop Drive south and Paul Martin Drive north. Treetop Drive connects the four-lane highway with Brookside Drive at the former Edgewood Army Chemical Center site. Photo taken 06/30/10.
U.S. 40 shield posted after Treetop Drive. Photo taken 06/30/10.
Maryland 755 continues Edgewood Road south from U.S. 40 (Pulaski Highway) to Edgewood Heights, Edgewood and the Aberdeen Proving Ground. Photo taken 06/30/10.
Maryland 755 provides one of two connections to Maryland 24 (Emmorton Road) from U.S. 40. The state route travels just 1.79 miles otherwise from McComas to the Army base. Photo taken 06/30/10.
Edgewood Road continues north from U.S. 40 and Maryland 755 to Van Vibber and Maryland 24 (Emmorton Road) south of Interstate 95 (Exit 77). Use Maryland 755 south to Maryland 24 south around Edgewood to Aberdeen Proving Ground. Photo taken 06/30/10.
Interests to Maryland 24 (Emmorton Road) north to Bel Air should use the Otter Creek Ramp (Maryland 24 segment D) from U.S. 40 (Pulaski Highway). Maryland 24 passes over U.S. 40 in this scene. Photo taken 06/30/10.
Maryland 24 segment D connects U.S. 40 with Maryland 24 south of its intersection with Maryland 7 (Philadelphia Road) at Van Bibber. The state highway represents a busy commuter corridor (Vietnam Veterans Memorial Highway) northward to Bel Air. Photo taken 06/30/10.
U.S. 40 straddles marshy areas of Otter Point Creek on the six-mile approach to junction Maryland 7 (Old Philadelphia Road) west and Maryland 159 south. Photo taken 06/30/10.
A traffic light with West Shore Road follows along U.S. 40 east near Otter Point Creek. Photo taken 06/30/10.
Otter Point Road leads south from U.S. 40 at Abingdon to the Otter Point community. Abingdon Road angles northwest to Maryland 7 at Abingdon and Norris Corner north of Interstate 95. Photo taken 06/30/10.
Long Bar Harbor Road stems east from U.S. 40 (Pulaski Highway) to Long Bar Harbor on the Bush River. Photo taken 06/30/10.
Entering the Belcamp suburban community, U.S. 40 next meets the northbound beginning of Maryland 543 (Riverside Parkway). Photo taken 06/30/10.
Maryland 543 shifted alignments in 1995 to Riverside Parkway east of its original path. A loop ramp provides access to the state route leading north to Exit 80 of Interstate 95. Larges areas of residential development flank Riverside Parkway through to Maryland 7 (Philadelphia Road). Photo taken 06/30/10.
U.S. 40 (Pulaski Highway) eastbound at the Maryland 543 (Riverside Parkway) on-ramp. A 19.08-mile route, Maryland 543 travels north to Fountain Green, Hickory, and Ady. Photo taken 06/30/10.
A signalized intersection faciliates movements from Maryland 543 south to U.S. 40 west and U.S. 40 west to Maryland 543 north. A large industrial park lies opposite U.S. 40 and the parallel CSX Railroad to the north. Maryland 543 provides one of two access points to that facility. Photo taken 06/30/10.
Two miles west of Maryland 7 & 159 on U.S. 40 east adjacent to Church Creek. Photo taken 06/30/10.
Spesutia Road connects U.S. 40 (Philadelphia Boulevard) with Maryland 159 (Perryman Road) at Perryman. Photo taken 06/30/10.
Maryland 159 constitutes a 4.73-mile route northeast from Bush River to Old Philadelphia Road (Maryland 7) in west Aberdeen. Maryland 7 continues Old Philadelphia Road west back toward Belcamp. Photo taken 06/30/10.
Maryland 159 shield posted for Old Philadelphia Road east to Perryman Road south. Old Philadelphia Road was a part of Maryland 7 originally east of U.S. 40 into Aberdeen. Photo taken 06/30/10.
The main segment of Maryland 7 begins and travels west along Old Philadelphia Road to Philadelphia Road at Stepney Road. Traveling 22.83 miles, this stretch of state route continues through to Baltimore. Photo taken 06/30/10.
U.S. 40 (Philadelphia Boulevard) enters the Aberdeen city limits after Maryland 7 west and 159 south. Photo taken 06/30/10.
One half mile west of the trumpet interchange with Maryland 755 (Short Lane) east. Photo taken 06/30/10.
Maryland 715 provides one of three routes into Aberdeen Proving Ground from the city of Aberdeen. All visitors and deliveries to the facility should use the Maryland Boulevard gate via Maryland 715. Photo taken 06/30/10.
Eastbound at the ramp departure to Maryland 715 (Short Lane) on U.S. 40. Maryland 715 tallies just 1.06 miles between Philadelphia Boulevard and the base entrance. Photo taken 06/30/10.
U.S. 40 (Philadelphia Boulevard) becomes more commercial again through Aberdeen. Photo taken 06/30/10.
Truck advisory signs posted along U.S. 40 east at Carol Avenue in Aberdeen. Trucks with four or more axles are prohibited from using the Hatem Bridge across the Susquehanna River between 6 am and 10 pm and must instead use the Millard E. Tydings Bridge of Interstate 95. Photo taken 06/30/10.
Maryland 132 exists in multiple segments within the city of Bel Air. The main section travels Bel Air Avenue west from U.S. 40 (Philadelphia Boulevard) to the Exit 85 off-ramp of Interstate 95 north. Photo taken 06/30/10.
Bel Air Avenue mainly serves residential neighborhoods and Aberdeen High School north of U.S. 40. APG Road leads south as unsigned Maryland 132 across the AMTRAK Northeastern Corridor to serve MARC's Aberdeen commuter rail station and provide access to the Aberdeen Boulevard gate of Aberdeen Proving Ground. Photo taken 06/30/10.
A short distance north of Bel Air Avenue is the partial-cloverleaf interchange with Maryland 22 (Aberdeen Throughway). Maryland 22 constitutes a mostly controlled-access arterial northward from Aberdeen Proving Ground to Interstate 95. Photo taken 06/30/10.
A direct ramp connects U.S. 40 (Philadelphia Boulevard) east with Maryland 22 (Aberdeen Throughway) south. Travelers bound for Maryland 22 north must use the Rogers Street ramp opposite the southbound ramp. Photo taken 06/30/10.
Exiting Aberdeen, U.S. 40 continues to Swan Creek (junction Maryland 132) and Havre De Grace. Photo taken 06/30/10.
New traffic light installed during the Spring of 2004 for Maryland 7 Segment B's eastern terminus at U.S. 40 (Pulaski Highway). Maryland 7 (Principio Furnace Road) ties into U.S. 40 at the intersection of Belvidere Road from the north. Maryland 7 Segment C begins in 0.40 miles. Photo taken 07/25/04.
The split of Maryland 7 Segment C east from U.S. 40 (Pulaski Highway) eastbound occurs at Old Philadelphia Road. Old Philadelphia Road carries Maryland 7 1.25 miles southeastward to junction Maryland 267 (Baltimore Street) at the village of Charlestown. Photo taken 07/25/04.
Continuing eastward on the Pulaski Highway between Maryland 7 Segment "C" (Old Philadelphia Road) and Red Toad Road. The next couple of miles of U.S. 40 feature scenic rolling hills and next to no development. Photo taken 07/25/04.
In an effort to slow down traffic along U.S. 40, the Maryland State Highway Administration installed several new traffic lights along the Pulaski Highway in Cecil County during early 2004. Two of these signals now govern the intersections with Red Toad Road (far in the distance) and Mechanics Valley Road. The speed limit otherwise is posted at 55 MPH. Photo taken 07/25/04.
Junction Maryland 272 (North East Road) near the town of North East itself. The intersection of U.S. 40 and Maryland 272 is heavily commercialized including a failing shopping plaza to the northwest. Maryland 272 travels southward two miles into North East on the drive to Elk Neck State Park and Turkey Point. Photo taken 07/25/04.

Guide sign for the upcoming junction of U.S. 40 (Pulaski Highway) eastbound with Maryland 279 (Elkton Road) and Maryland 7 (Old Philadelphia Road) at Old Elk Neck Road. The joint terminus occurs just west of the U.S. 40 crossing above the AMTRAK Northeast Corridor. Use Maryland 279 (Elkton Road) eastbound to reach Interstate 95 (Exit 109). Maryland 7 Segment C ends here and Segment B begins just east of the AMTRAK line. Photo taken 03/23/04.
U.S. 40 (Pulaski Highway) eastbound at Landing Lane to Segment D of Maryland 7 (Main Street). Maryland 7 technically resumes at the Jeffers Street intersection with U.S. 40 westbound. There is no left-turn permitted from U.S. 40 east onto Jeffers Street north however. Main Street carries Maryland 7 through the downtown Elkton three blocks east of Landing Lane. Photo taken 04/13/04.
Eastbound at the historic northern terminus of U.S. 213 in Elkton. Maryland 213 (Bridge Street / Augustine Herman Highway) crosses the Pulaski Highway here between downtown Elkton and North Chesapeake City. The busy intersection is home to fast food franchises on three of four corners. Photo taken 04/13/04.
Within one-quarter mile of the state line is the southern terminus of Maryland 781 (Delancy Road) on U.S. 40 (Pulaski Highway) eastbound. Delancy Road connects U.S. 40 with Maryland 281 (Red Hill Road) to the east of Elkton. Maryland 281 becomes Old Baltimore Pike upon entering New Castle County, Delaware. Thus motorists driving to/from Delaware often use Maryland 781 to make the leap from Maryland 281 / Old Baltimore Pike onto the Pulaski Highway. Photo taken 03/23/04.

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