U.S. 58 - East

U.S. 58 east & 421 south
Leaving Weber City and U.S. 23 (Main Street) in Weber City, U.S. 58 east & 421 (Bristol Highway) south travel five miles to Hiltons and 27 miles to Bristol. Photo taken 05/31/07.
Reconstruction of the confluence of U.S. 23-58-421 and Virginia 224 as part of the Mocassin Gap project realigned U.S. 58 & 421 east from U.S. 23 and Virginia 224 so that the US route pair must turn left from Virginia 224 (Wadlow Gap Highway) to continue east to Hiltons. Pictured here during construction was a southbound shield for Virginia 224's eastbound beginning. The state route travels 8.19 miles to the Tennessee state line north of Kingsport. Photo taken 05/31/07.
A historical look at the Bristol Highway approach to junction Virginia 224 south. Note the dwellings and foliage that once stood in the path of the new alignment. Photo taken 08/24/03.
The intersection viewed here no longer exists as Virginia 224 and U.S. 58-421 split from a new alignment to the west.
Virginia 224 replaced Virginia Secondary 701 in 1991 southward to Wadlow Gap.3 Photo taken 05/31/07.
U.S. 58 east & 421 south contine through Poor Valley to a northern branch of Virginia Secondary 701 (Jayne Hill Circle). SSR 701 represents an old alignment for the US route. Photo taken 05/31/07.
After passing through Hiltons, U.S. 58 & 421 (Bristol Highway) turn south through Hilton Gap of Pine Ridge to a 1930-truss bridge across the North Fork Holston River. Photos taken 05/31/07.
Southward facing scene along U.S. 58 & 421 near Mulberry Lane betewen Bald Alley and Otter Mouse Bluffs on the North Fork Holston River. Photo taken 05/31/07.
Virginia Secondary 759 (Gouldmans Branch Lane) spurs south from U.S. 58 & 421 (Bristol Highway) to Fugate Hollow Lane. The SSR encircles Miller Knob along the Gouldman Branch. Photo taken 05/31/07.
U.S. 58 east & 421 (Bristol Highway) south span Cove Creek at the intersection with Virginia Secondary 615 (Federal Road) north to SSR 614 at Mendota. Photo taken 05/31/07.
Heading south from Muddy Gap, U.S. 58 & 421 draw to within 12 miles of Bristol. Photo taken 05/31/07.
U.S. 58 & 421 double as "The Crooked Road - Virginia's Heritage Music Trail" throughout Scott County. Trailblazers such as this one east of Shelleys are posted periodically along the two-lane route. Photo taken 05/31/07.
Virginia Secondary 618 (Boozy Creek Road south / Grindstone Branch Road north) crosses paths with U.S. 58 & 421 (Bristol Highway) at the Scott / Washington County line. SSR 618 travels southwest to SSR 617 and Upper Cave Ridge and north to SR 617 near McCall Gap. Photo taken 05/31/07.
A pavement change coincides with the Washington County line sign along U.S. 58 & 421 (Gate City Highway) east. Photo taken 05/31/07.
Gate City Highway continues The Crooked Road designation through to Bristol. Photo taken 05/31/07.
Eastward scene of farm land along U.S. 58 & 421 (Gate City Highway) in Rich Valley. Walker Mountain lies to the south; Dickey Mountain rises to the north. Photo taken 05/31/07.
Eastbound Gate City Highway at junction SSR 630 (Marys Chapel Road south / Cove Creek Road north). SSR 630 meanders southward around Walker Mountain to the Tennessee state line west of Leonardtown. Ketron lies along the state secondary route northbound. Photo taken 05/31/07.
Virginia Secondary 905 follows Gale Avenue south from U.S. 58 & 421 (Gate City Highway). Gale Avenue is nothing more than a residential loop. Photo taken 05/31/07.
Reassurance markers and mileage sign posted for U.S. 58 east & 421 south after SSR 905 in Rich Valley. Photo taken 05/31/07.
Rich Valley Road angles northeast from U.S. 58 & 421 as Virginia Secondary 700 to Lime Hill and Benhams. U.S. 58 & 421 are also known as the A.L. Philpott Memorial Highway on this stretch. Photo taken 05/31/07.
SSR 1101 constitutes a residential road spurring east from U.S. 58 & 421 (Gate City Highway) at Three Bridges. Photo taken 05/31/07.
Virginia Secondary 633 (Reedy Creek Road) ties into Gate City Highway at Three Bridges. SSR 633 angles southwest between Walker Mountain and Dishner Valley into Tennessee. Photo taken 05/31/07.
Only U.S. 58 receives acknowledgement on the reassurance shield assembly posted after Reedy Creek Road. Photo taken 05/31/07.
A second U.S. 58 eastbound shield follows the Virginia Secondary 633 resumption along Reedy Creek Road east from Three Bridges. Photo taken 05/31/07.
U.S. 58 east & 421 south expand into a four-lane arterial at Virginia Secondary 637 (Miller Hill Road) and junction Interstate 81. Interstate 81 enters Bristol, Virginia from U.S. 11W in Bristol, Tennessee. Photo taken 05/31/07.
Interstate 81 continues southwest from Bristol to Kingsport, Johnson City, and an end at Interstate 40 east of Knoxville. Photo taken 05/31/07.
U.S. 58 joins Interstate 81 north between Exits 1 and 19, bypassing Bristol through to Abingdon. U.S. 421 continues the Gate City Highway east to U.S. 11W (Euclid Avenue). Photo taken 05/31/07.
U.S. 421 travels through to downtown Bristol. U.S. 58 once followed the route to U.S. 11 & 19 (Euclid Avenue) east as well. Photo taken 05/31/07.
Eastbound Gate City Highway at the northbound Interstate 81 on-ramp and split of U.S. 58 from U.S. 421. A partial-cloverleaf interchange joins the two highways. Photo taken 05/31/07.
Interstate 81 north & U.S. 58 east
Continuing northeast, Interstate 81 & U.S. 58 straddle the city of Bristol boundary with Washington County through to Exit 5. Photo taken 05/31/07.
Abingdon, the Washington County seat, represents the next city of interest. Roanoke is the main control city of Interstate 81 south of Staunton. Photo taken 05/31/07.
What was formerly posted on an overhead, is now a ground-level sign for the one-mile approach to Exit 3, junction Interstate 381. Interstate 381 constitutes a 1.67-mile spur into the city of Bristol from Exit 3 to the intersection of Commonwealth and Euclid Avenues. Use the freeway south to U.S. 11E & 19 for Bristol Motor Speedway and U.S. 11 & 19 north for Virginia Intermont College. Photo taken 08/24/03. Second photo taken 09/29/10.
Interstate 81 & U.S. 58 draw to within one half mile of Interstate 381 (Exit 3). Interstate 381 is so short that it features no interchanges and is omitted from some maps. The freeway carries four lanes southward to Keys Street and the transition to Commonwealth Avenue (unsigned Virginia 381). Commonwealth Avenue leads directly to the central business district and junction U.S. 11-11E-11W-19-421. Photo taken 09/29/10.
A tri-level stack interchange handles the movements between Interstate 81 & U.S. 58 and Interstate 381 at Exit 3. Euclid Avenue (U.S. 11 & 19) travels northeast from Commonwealth Avenue to Interstate 81 & U.S. 58 at the next interchange (Exit 5). U.S. 11E-19-421 south continue Commonwealth Avenue to Bristol, Tennessee. Photo taken 09/29/10.
Passing under the ramps to Interstate 381 on Interstate 81 north & U.S. 58 east. The freeway spur opened to traffic in 1962. Photo taken 05/31/07.
Turning eastward into Bristol, drivers next see a diamond interchange with U.S. 11 & 19 (Exit 5) at Lee Highway. Photo taken 05/31/07.
Long Crescent Road accompanies the northbound side as a frontage road from Virginia Heights to Lee Highway by these shields. Photo taken 05/31/07.
Wytheville appears for the first time in this mileage sign at 67 miles away. Photo taken 05/31/07.
Exit 5 descends from Interstate 81 north & U.S. 58 east to U.S. 11 & 19 (Lee Highway). U.S. 11 combine southwest onto Euclid Avenue to junction U.S. 11E-11W-421 at Commonwealth Avenue. The tandem parallels the freeway east through to their split at Abingdon. Photo taken 05/31/07.
U.S. 11 & 19 shields posted at the Exit 5 ramp end with Lee Highway. U.S. 58 followed Lee Highway originally from Bristol to Abingdon but was relocated onto the freeway by 1966. Photo taken 05/31/07.
Next in line for northbound travelers is the Exit 7 diamond interchange with Old Airport Road to U.S. 11 & 19 (Lee Highway) and Bonham Road. Photos taken 09/29/10.
Old Airport Road arcs southwest from Interstate 81 & U.S. 58 to end at Bonham Road near the Shakesville section of Bristol. Northward, the highway becomes Clear Creek Road (SSR 659 outside the city) north of U.S. 11 & 19 to Wallace. Photo taken 09/29/10.
Interstate 81 north & U.S. 58 east exit the city of Bristol en route to Abingdon. Photo taken 09/29/10.
Interstate 81 and parallel U.S. 11 & 19 (Lee Highway) continue from Colonial Heights and Preston Hills to Hilander Park. Exit 10 connects the two via State Secondary F310. Photo taken 09/29/10.
Exit 10 departs the northbound freeway for U.S.11 & 19 (Lee Highway) at Hilander Park. SSR F310 connects with Majestic Drive east to Evergreen Hills along the south side of Interstate 81 & U.S. 58. Photo taken 09/29/10.
Lowering toward a crossing of Sinking Creek near Evergreen Hills along Interstate 81 north & U.S. 58 east. Wytheville is 61 miles to the northeast. Photos taken 09/29/10.
Virginia Secondary 611 (Spring Creek Road) crosses paths with Interstate 81 & U.S. 58 at the Exit 13 diamond interchange. Photo taken 09/29/10.
Like Exit 10, Exit 13 acts to connect the freeway with parallel U.S. 11 & 19 (Lee Highway) to the north near Virginia Highlands Airport. SSR 611 ends to the south at SSR 647 (Old Jonesboro Road). Photo taken 07/16/05.
A short distance east of Exit 13 is a truck rest area along the northbound side of Interstate 81 & U.S. 58. Photo taken 07/16/05.
Exit 14 is the first of three Abingdon area interchanges. The partial-cloverleaf interchange connects with Virginia 140 (Old Jonesboro Road) north to U.S. 11 & 19 (Lee Highway) west of their split. Points of interest served by Exit 14 include Virginia Highlands Community College and the Southwest Virginia Higher Education Center. Photo taken 09/29/10.
Virginia 140 exists solely to connect Interstate 81 & U.S. 58 with U.S. 11 & 19 (Lee Highway). The state route tallies just 0.37 miles between the two highways. SSR 647 continues Old Jonesboro Road southwest into the Shakesville section of Bristol. Photo taken 09/29/10.
Marion, the Smyth County seat, represents the next city of interest along Interstate 81 north after Abingdon. Photos taken 09/29/10.
Exit 17 follows as a diamond interchange with U.S. 58 Alternate west & Virginia 75 (Cummings Street) in Abingdon. Virginia 75 travels south from the city 12 miles to Tennessee 44 by South Holston Lake. Photo taken 09/29/10.
U.S. 58 Alternate represents a lengthy route at 87.44 miles between Interstate 81 and U.S. 58 at Jonesville. The bannered route heads west to Norton and Wise. Interests to downtown Abindgon, including those to the Barter Theatre and the William King Regional Arts Center should use Exit 17 onto Cummings Street north. Photo taken 07/16/05. Second photo taken 09/29/10.
Interstate 81 travels south of Abingdon on the 30 mile drive to Marion. Roanoke is now 132 miles to the northeast. Photos taken 09/29/10.
Interstate 81 waves good bye to U.S. 58 east at the Exit 19 six-ramp partial-cloverleaf interchange. U.S. 58 joins U.S. 11 north briefly along Lee Highway before a nearby split onto Jeb Stuart Highway southeast to Damascus. U.S. 11 continues to parallel the freeway north to upstate New York... Photo taken 09/29/10.
Exit 19 carries U.S. 58 east away from Interstate 81 north at U.S. 11 (Main Street west / Lee Highway east). U.S. 58 reaches Damascus in ten miles and Galax in 75 miles. Photo taken 09/29/10.
U.S. 29 north & 58 east
U.S. 29 merges onto the Danville Expressway from a directional cloverleaf interchange at the North Carolina state line. Motorists cross the state line via the a ramp that emanates in N.C. and continue to a merge with U.S. 58 at a Norfolk Southern Railroad crossing. Photo taken 05/30/05.
Mileage sign listing the distances to the U.S. 29 control city of Lynchburg and U.S. 58 destination of South Boston. The two highways share 6.96 miles along the Danville Expressway. Photo taken 05/30/05.
An at-grade intersection lies east of the Corning Drive half-diamond interchange with Elizabeth Street. Access is only available to southbound Elizabeth Street to Holland Road and Whitetown, North Carolina. Ramp stubs are in place for a future interchange between the two roads. Photo taken 05/30/05. Second photo taken 12/21/08.
Future ramps to Elizabeth Street will tie into U.S. 29 & 58 (Danville Expressway) ahead of the Holland Road overpass. Photo taken 05/30/05.
Next in line for eastbound motorists along the Danville Expressway is the diamond interchange with Virginia 86 (South Main Street). Virginia 86 serves interests to the Danville and AAF Tank Museums, Averett University, and Danville Community College among other points of interest. Photo taken 12/21/08.
Virginia 86 travels four miles south from its beginning in downtown Danville to North Carolina 86 near Gatewood and Pleasant Grove. The state route continues south 53 miles to Chapel Hill, North Carolina. Photo taken 05/30/05.
Turning northeast along U.S. 29 & 58 (Danville Expressway) from Virginia 86. U.S. 29 shifted to the expressway in 1998, replacing the Virginia 265 designation along the previously opened sections of freeway.1 Photo taken 05/30/05.
Goodyear Boulevard travels south from Industrial Avenue to meet U.S. 29 & 58 at a six-ramp partial-cloverleaf interchange opposite the Dan River. Photo taken 12/21/08.
Approaching Pumpkin Creek, U.S. 29 north & 58 eastbound drivers see a second mileage sign listing the distances to Lynchburg and South Boston. Photo taken 12/21/08.
Drivers bound for Goodyear Boulevard (Virginia Secondary 737) depart the northbound Danville Expressway. SSR 737 loops southwest to Pleasant Grove, ending at Virginia 86 (South Main Street). Photo taken 12/21/08.
U.S. 29 north & 58 east continue one half mile to the River Park Drive diamond interchange adjacent to Dan Daniel Memorial Park. Photo taken 12/21/08.
Spanning the Dan River along U.S. 29 north & 58 east. Travelers seeking tourist information are provided with a Visitor Information Center on River Park Drive. Photo taken 05/30/05.
River Park Drive spurs west from Stinson Drive (Virginia Secondary 1224) to Dan Daniel Memorial Park. The local road was added around the time of the Danville Expressway's construction. Stinson Drive connects the area with Danville Regional Airport and Airport Drive. Photo taken 05/30/05.
U.S. 29 north & 58 next part ways at a full-cloverleaf interchange with U.S. 360 (South Boston Road). U.S. 360 begins in Danville at the Riverside Drive (U.S. 58 Business) intersection with Virginia 293 & 360 (Main Street) across the Dan River from downtown. The US route shares pavement with U.S. 58 27.80 miles eastward from the Danville Expressway. Photo taken 12/21/08.
U.S. 58 east joins U.S. 360 along South Boston Road leading away from the Danville Expressway. U.S. 58 Business begins and heads west through the city. Interests to Danville Regional Airport (DAN) are directed to follow U.S. 58 & 360 east to Airport Drive south. Photo taken 12/21/08.
U.S. 58 & 360 east
U.S. 58 & 360 combine along South Boston Road from the Danville Expressway (U.S. 29) for 27.8 miles between Danville and South Boston. Photo taken 12/21/08.
Airport Drive leads south from Halifax Road (Virginia Secondary 655) across U.S.58 & 360 to Danville Regional Airport. Photo taken 12/21/08.
Virginia Secondary 729 (Kentuck Road) follows and spurs north from South Boston Road to SSR 655 and the Danville Industrial Development Area. SSR 729 eventually reaches Kentuck and Virginia 360 west of Red Oak Hollow. Photo taken 12/21/08.
Mountain Hill Road (SSR 947) travels east of Danville Regional Airport to Mountain Hill, junction Virginia Secondary 735 (Cedar Road). Photo taken 12/21/08.
U.S. 58 & 360 (South Boston Road) enter the Lakewood community and intersect Cane Creek Boulevard south. Photo taken 12/21/08.
U.S. 58 & 360 east exit the city of Danville and enter Pittsylvania County ahead of the intersection with SSR 1024 (Gunn Garland Road) north and SSR 734 (Clarks Mill Road) south. SSR 734 continues to Mountain Hill to the south and Ringgold to the north. Photos taken 12/21/08.
Undulating hills carry drivers east along U.S. 58 & 360 (South Boston Highway) in this scene near Tom Fork of the Cane Creek. Photo taken 12/21/08.
Virginia Secondary 985 follows Staton Drive north and Albert Edmonds Drive south from U.S. 58 & 360. These roads do not connect with any other highway. Photo taken 12/21/08.
A short frontage road (Virginia Secondary F642 / Echo Lane) lines the westbound side of U.S. 58 & 360 ahead of junction Virginia 62 (Milton Highway). Photo taken 12/21/08.
Virginia 62 begins and ventures southeast four miles to becomes North Carolina 62 near Milton, N.C. North Carolina 62 continues to Thomasville. Photos taken 12/21/08.
Virginia Secondary 726 (Ringgold Depot Road) ties into the Virginia 62 (Milton Highway) west end from the north. SSR 726 arcs northwest to Ringgold, Kentucky, and the north end of the U.S. 29 Danville Expressway. Photo taken 12/21/08.
U.S. 58 & 360 (South Boston Highway) continues 13 miles east to Turbeville and 24 miles to their split at South Boston. South Hill is where U.S. 58 meets Interstate 85. Photo taken 12/21/08.
Eastbound drivers lower to cross Sandy Creek along U.S. 58 & 360. Photo taken 12/21/08.
Virginia Secondary 970 follows Pounds Road north from South Boston Highway to Sandy Creek Church Road (SSR 968) near SSR 713 (Rocksprings Road). Photo taken 12/21/08.
U.S. 58 & 360 (South Boston Highway) sink to span Wolf Creek and enter Halifax County. Photos taken 12/21/08.
Virginia Secondary 656 (Hackberry Road) follows and leads north from U.S. 58 & 360 (Philpott Road) to Sutherlin along the Pittsylvania County line. Photo taken 12/21/08.
Rolling hills continue to set the tone for U.S. 58 & 360 (Philpott Road) east from SSR 656 to their crossing of the Dan River. Photos taken 12/21/08.
Virginia 119 (Calvery Road) and SSR 694 (Medley Road) come together at U.S. 58 & 360 (Philpott Road) at the settlement of Delila. Virginia 119 continues North Carolina 119 north 3.08 miles from the state line beyond Semora, N.C. Photo taken 12/21/08.
Virginia 119 continues south to Swepsonville as North Carolina 119. Virginia Secondary 694 spurs northeast along Medley Road to a handful of residences before ending. Photo taken 12/21/08.
Reassurance shields and mileage sign posted for U.S. 58 & 360 six miles west of Turbeville. Photo taken 12/21/08.
A forested stretch of Philpott Road continues U.S. 58 & 360 east to Brandon Creek and junction Virginia Secondary 696 (Henderson Road) south to North Carolina. Photos taken 12/21/08.
U.S. 58 & 360 lower to cross Winns Creek and ascend again to meet SSR 779 (Hudson Drive) south to SSR 697 (Coleman Drive). Photos taken 12/21/08.
U.S. 58 & 360 (Philpott Road) bend northeast from SSR 779 to junction Virginia Secondary 751 (Piney Grove Road). SSR 779 ventures southeast to SSR 699 and west to an isolated area bound by the Dan River and Winns Creek. Photos taken 12/21/08.
Continuing northeast along U.S. 58 & 360, travelers pass over Powells Creek before rising again to meet Virginia Secondary 699 (Wilkins Road). SSR 699 heads southwest to Cunningham, North Carolina. Photos taken 12/21/08.
Turbeville and junction Virginia Secondary 658 (Melon Road north / Turbeville Road south) follow. SSR 658 meanders eastward from U.S. 58 & 360 to Cluster Springs (junction U.S. 501). and northwest to Paces near the Dan River. Photos taken 12/21/08.
Virginia Secondary 747 follows an "L" shaped route across U.S. 58 & 360 at Turbeville. Flint Rock Road carries the road east parallel to Philpott Road thorugh to Danripple. Solomon Road continues the highway north to a dead end. Photos taken 12/21/08.
A look at the east end of Flint Rock Road (SSR 747) from U.S. 58 & 360 east at Danripple. Photo taken 12/21/08.
SSR 836 spurs northward along Scale Road from U.S. 58 & 360 (Philpott Road) next. Photo taken 12/21/08.
Virginia Secondary 708 (Cedar Grove Road) leads north from SSR 658 and Cedar Grove to end at U.S. 58 & 360. Photo taken 12/21/08.
U.S. 58 & 360 straighten out after SSR 708 on the seven mile approach to South Boston. Photo taken 12/21/08.
SSR 703 (Sandy Beach Road) may represent an older alignment of U.S. 58 as it parallels the four-lane divided highway ahead of South Boston. Photo taken 12/21/08.
SSR 1018 constitutes the short residential street of Humps Trail from U.S. 58 & 360 southward. Photo taken 12/21/08.
U.S. 58 & 360 (Philpott Road) continue east to Country Store Road (SSR 881), a connector to SSR 703 (Sandy Beach Road). Photos taken 12/21/08.
Entering the industrial west side of South Boston, U.S. 58 & 360 meet SSR 951 (Confroy Drive) north to SSR 703 west and SSR 931 (Industrial Park Avenue) south. Photos taken 12/21/08.
SSR 939 provides additional industrial park access via Fulp Industrial Road south from U.S. 58 & 360 to SSR 931. Photo taken 12/21/08.
SSR 931 loops back to U.S. 58 & 360 (Philpott Road) via Industrial Park Road opposite Commerce Lane. Photos taken 12/21/08.
Virginia Secondary 857 comprises a residential loop along Maplewood Drive north of U.S. 58 & 360. Photo taken 12/21/08.
Truckers bound for U.S. 501 north to Brookneal and Lynchburg are advised to follow U.S. 360 east to bypass downtown South Boston. Photo taken 12/21/08.
Spanning Lawson Creek along U.S. 58 & 360 (Philpott Road) in South Boston. Photo taken 12/21/08.
Old Cluster Springs Road carries the designation of SSR 704 south to Cluster Springs. This may be an old alignment of U.S. 501. Photo taken 12/21/08.
Riverdale Road (SSR 744) ties into U.S. 58 & 360 (Philpott Highway) ahead of junction U.S. 501 (Huell Mathews Highway / Main Street). Photo taken 12/21/08.
U.S. 501 enters South Boston by way of Cluster Springs and Longhurst, North Carolina. The US highway continues north from Riverdale and U.S. 58 & 360 along Main Street to a one-way street couplet through downtown South Boston (Broad Street north / Wilborn Avenue & Main Street south). Photo taken 12/21/08.
U.S. 58 & 360 briefly enter the corporate limits of South Boston at junction U.S. 501. U.S. 501 continues north from South Boston to the county seat of Halifax, Lynchburg and ultimately to Buena Vista. Photos taken 12/21/08.
U.S. 58 & 360 (Bill Tuck Highway) part ways, with U.S. 360 east and the truck route for U.S. 501 heading north along James D. Hagood Highway to the Randolph Bridge and South Boston. U.S. 58 continues east to Clarksville and Boydton. Photo taken 12/21/08.
U.S. 360 (James D. Hagood Highway) turns east from South Boston to the South Boston Speedway en route to Keysville and Burkeville. U.S. 501 Truck follows Hamilton Boulevard along the north side of town to U.S. 501 at Wilborn Avenue. Photo taken 12/21/08.
U.S. 58 continues 19 miles to Clarksville and 46 miles to South Boston. U.S. 360 angles northeast 108 miles to Richmond. Photo taken 12/21/08.
U.S. 13 north & U.S. 58-460 east
Eastbound on the overlap of U.S. 13 north with U.S. 58 & 460 eastbound at the Suffolk and Chesapeake city line. The three highways cosign between the Suffolk city center eastward to Interstate 664. The sign bridge displayed here partitions the three eastbound lanes into the counterparts of U.S. 58 & 460 Alternate eastbound and U.S. 13 northbound & U.S. 460 eastbound. Contrary to the signage, U.S. 13 and U.S. 460 actually follow U.S. 58 through the interchange with Interstate 664, then they split off of U.S. 58 at the intersection with Joliff Rd east of the interchange. The connection leads something to be desired and may be the reasoning for alluding to U.S. 13 & 460 following the Interstate 264 eastbound ramp.2 Photo taken 12/17/01. Second photo taken 05/01/01.
A second set of signs for the impending U.S. 13 north & 460 east parting from U.S. 58. Interstate 664 connects the U.S. highway trio with the cities of Newport News and Hampton via the Monitor-Merrimac Memorial Bridge Tunnel. Traffic to the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel (U.S. 13) is advised to stay on Interstate 64 Outer. Photo taken 12/17/01. Second photo taken 05/01/01.
Traffic to Interstate 264 eastbound and U.S. 13 & 460 departs U.S. 58 east. The official routing of U.S. 13 & 460 however, continues eastward along U.S. 58 to Joliff Road. From there the paired highways turn southward on Joliff to the Military Highway. Ramps to Interstate 264 and the Hampton Roads Beltway (Interstate 64 & 664) otherwise depart within one half mile. U.S. 460 remains overlapped with U.S. 13 on the Military Highway through to the intersection with Bainbridge Boulevard (Virginia 166). Photo taken 12/17/01.
U.S. 460 Alternate begins at the U.S. 58 split with U.S. 13 south & 460 east at Joliff Road. Traffic wishing to access Interstate 664 northbound departs from the trio in one half mile. Ahead is the Interstate 664 overcrossing and Exit 13B on-ramp merge from the Hampton Roads Beltway southbound. Photo taken 12/17/01.
The lane added from Exit 13B of Interstate 664 southbound becomes exit-only for Interstate 664 northbound. The Hampton Roads Beltway links U.S. 13-58-460 and the city of Suffolk with Newport News and Hampton to the north of the James River. U.S. 58 & 460A meanwhile part with U.S. 13 & 460 eastward into the city of Portsmouth. Photo taken 12/17/01.
U.S. 58 east
U.S. 58 eastbound descends from the Martin Luther King Junior Freeway into the two-lane Elizabeth River Tunnel. The crossing emerges as the Midtown Tunnel Expressway with an interchange at Brambleton Avenue. U.S. 58 turns southward onto Brambleton with Virginia 337 into the central business district of Norfolk. Photo taken 03/17/01.
Reassurance shields posted for the U.S. 58 & Virginia 337 overlap on Brambleton Avenue in Norfolk. The pair cross Smith Creek and enter the Norfolk central business district in 1,000 feet. Photo taken 03/17/01.
Entering Downtown Norfolk on U.S. 58 east & Virginia 337 south (Brambleton Avenue) at the intersection of Duke Street. U.S. 58 east turns north onto Duke Street for two blocks to make the connection between Brambleton Avenue and Virginia Beach Boulevard. Virginia 337 continues eastward on Brambleton Avenue through the Saint Pauls Boulevard intersection onto U.S. 460 east to Tidewater Drive (Virginia 168) Traffic to Interstate 264 is advised to take Saint Pauls Boulevard (U.S. 460 Alternate) southward from U.S. 58-460 & Virginia 337 to the Exit 9 interchange of the freeway. Photo taken 03/17/01.
U.S. 58 (Virginia Beach Boulevard) eastbound at Glenrock Road near the Military Circle Mall. The six to eight lane arterial enters the city of Virginia Beach in 1.5 miles at Virginia 403 (Newtown Road) at Davis Corner. In the background is the Hampton Roads Beltway (Interstate 64) overcrossing. There are no ramps between U.S. 58 and Interstate 64 here. Photo taken 03/09/01.
Nearing the intersection with Birdneck Road on U.S. 58 (Laskin Road) eastbound. Birdneck Road intersects the final mainline interchange of the Virginia Beach-Norfolk Expressway (Interstate 264) at Exit 22. The city of Virginia Beach has installed a few state-named Interstate 64 trailblazers for Interstate 264 as of 2001. Photo taken 03/09/01.
The eastern terminus of U.S. 58 occurs at the intersection of Laskin Road with Atlantic Avenue at the Oceanfront of Virginia Beach. U.S. 60 (Pacific Avenue) travels north-south one block to the west. There are no signs indicating that Laskin Road is U.S. 58 on either Atlantic or Pacific Avenues, nor is there an end sign for the highway. Photo taken 03/09/01.


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