U.S. 74 East - Cleveland County

U.S. Highway 74 East
U.S. 74 Business (Ellenboro Road) merges onto U.S. 74 (Dixon Boulevard) eastbound at the end of the freeway. The US highway crosses into Cleveland County between North Carolina 120 and U.S. 74 Business (Ellenboro Road). Photo taken 05/04/04. Second photo taken 05/30/05.
U.S. 74 (Dixon Boulevard) eastbound at the first at-grade intersection east of the freeway. SR-1168 intersects the highway between Mooresboro and Lattimore (pop. 419). U.S. 74 continues another eight miles into the city of Shelby (pop. 19,477) ahead. Photo taken 05/04/04.
Continuing east from Lattimore Road north and Academy Street south on U.S. 74. Photo taken 05/30/05.
Drivers enter a signalized intersection on U.S. 74 (Dixon Boulevard) east at McBrayer Road north and McBrayer-Homestead Road south. McBrayer-Homestead Road connects Dixon Boulevard with Boiling Springs and Gardner Webb University. McBrayer Road continues the highway north to Lattimore and Ambassador College. Photo taken 05/30/05.
U.S. 74 undulates near Debby Drive and after Old Boiling Springs Road in these two photos outside Shelby. The four-lane highway spans Brushy Creek in the second scene. The eastbound bridge opened in 1963; the westbound bridge opened in 1925.1 Photos taken 05/30/05.
North Carolina 226 enters Shelby from Polkville 13 miles northwest of U.S. 74. The state highway joins U.S. 74 east through southern portions of the city. Photo taken 05/30/05.
Heading north, North Carolina 226 continues from Polkville 18 miles to U.S. 64 on the 45-mile drive to Interstate 40 and Marion. North Carolina 226 travels northward to the Tennessee state line. Photo taken 05/30/05.
U.S. 74 east & North Carolina 226 next cross the First Broad River outside Shelby. The eastbound span includes a left-lane truck restriction due to the age of the bridge (1936). U.S. 74's westbound bridge is somewhat younger with a completion date of 1963.1 Photo taken 05/30/05.
Eastbound after the intersection with Marion Street (U.S. 74 Business west) on U.S. 74 & North Carolina 226 (Dixon Boulevard). Photo taken 05/30/05.
U.S. 74 partitions into a business and bypass split through Shelby. U.S. 74 Business east follows Warren Street through downtown Shelby while U.S. 74 Bypass & North Carolina 226 remains along Dixon Boulevard. Most of the bypass route along Dixon Boulevard consists of a commercialized arterial. Photo taken 05/30/05.
U.S. 74 Business follows the one-way street couplet of Marion and Warren Streets through to downtown Shelby. The two combine along East Marion Street through leafy areas of east Shelby. Photos taken 05/30/05.
U.S. 74 Bypass east & North Carolina 226 southbound reassurance shield markers posted after the Warren Street turn-off. Photo taken 05/30/05.
Dixon Boulevard crosses Gold Street north and Mark Street south and sees this shield assembly. Photo taken 05/30/05.
Fast food chains and other establishments line U.S. 74 Bypass east & North Carolina 226 (Dixon Boulevard) south in this scene at Hamrick Street. Photo taken 05/30/05.
North Carolina 18 (Lafayette Street) passes over Dixon Boulevard with no direct access south of downtown Shelby. Photo taken 05/30/05.
Motorists bound for North Carolina 18 (Lafayette Street) utilize Pine Street west to make the connection from U.S. 74 Bypass east & North Carolina 226 south. Photo taken 05/30/05.
North Carolina 18 heads south eight miles to South Carolina 18 en route to Gaffney. Northward, the state highway links downtown with northern reaches of Cleveland COunty and Morganton. Photo taken 05/30/05.
North Carolina 150 (Dekalb Street) follows with a conventional intersection at U.S. 74 Bypass & North Carolina 226 (Dixon Boulevard). The state highway provides a truck bypass route of downtown from North Carolina 18 at College Avenue to U.S. 74 Business (East Marion Street). North Carolina 150 enters the state from South Carolina 150 north of Gaffney and winds its way northeast, eventually joining the Business Loop Interstate 40 freeway through Winston-Salem. Photo taken 05/30/05.
Descending eastward from North Carolina 150 (Dekalb Street) on U.S. 74 Bypass east & North Carolina 226 south. Photo taken 05/30/05.
North Carolina 226 branches southeast via Earl Road from U.S. 74 Bypass (Dixon Boulevard). Earl Road carries the highway to its merge with North Carolina 180 (Post Road) south. Photo taken 05/30/05.
Eastbound at the split with North Carolina 226 (Earl Road) south. North Carolina 226 ends in ten miles at junction U.S. 29 in Grover. Photo taken 05/30/05.
North Carolina 180 (Post Road) ventures north from North Carolina 226 (Earl Road) to a commercialized intersection with U.S. 74 Bypass (Dixon Boulevard). A 12-mile route, North Carolina 180 encircles Shelby east from North Carolina 18 through Patterson Springs. Photo taken 05/30/05.
Use North Carolina 180 north to North Carolina 18 for Morganton and south to North Carolina 18 for Gaffney, South Carolina. Photo taken 05/30/05.
Kings Mountain comes into view as U.S. 74 Bypass enters the intersection with North Carolina 180 (Post Road). North Carolina 180 connects Dixon Boulevard with Cleveland Community College and North Carolina 150 west of Stubbs. Photo taken 05/30/05.
Venturing east from North Carolina 180, U.S. 74 Bypass continues nine miles to the city of Kings Mountain. Photo taken 05/30/05.
A signalized intersection governs the movements between U.S. 74 Bypass (Dixon Boulevard) and an entrance (SR-2091) to the Cleveland Mall. Photo taken 05/30/05.
U.S. 74 Business returns to U.S. 74 Bypass via East Marion Street east of the Cleveland Mall. Photos taken 05/30/05.
U.S. 74 maintains a frontage road system from U.S. 74 Business through the eastern outskirts of Shelby. Photo taken 05/30/05.
Continuing the substandard bridge theme of U.S. 74 in Cleveland County, a pair of old spans (1957 eastbound, 1922 westbound) carry drivers across Buffalo Creek ahead of Long Branch Road. Photo taken 05/30/05.
Long Branch Road meanders south quite a distance to U.S. 29 (Battleground Avenue) near the Exit 2 diamond interchange of Interstate 85. Photo taken 05/30/05.
U.S. 74 upgrades into a freeway to bypass the city of Kings Mountain. Old U.S. 74 splits via Shelby Road as U.S. 74 Business from a partial-cloverleaf interchange. Photo taken 05/30/05.
U.S. 74 Business follows Shelby Road east to King Street through the city of Kings Mountain. Moss Lake lies north of the freeway via Stony Point Road. Photo taken 05/30/05.
The next three interchanges serve Kings Mountain from the north. Oak Grove Road stems north from Waco Road to a diamond interchange with U.S. 74. The road continues north to the Sandy Plains settlement and west to Moss Lake. Photo taken 05/30/05.
North Carolina 216 (Piedmont Avenue) crosses paths with U.S. 74 at a diamond interchange. The state highway represents the original routing of U.S. 29 before it was relocated onto the eventual Interstate 85 freeway in 1956.2 Photo taken 05/30/05.
Eastbound at the North Carolina 216 off-ramp from U.S. 74. North Carolina 216 follows Battleground Avenue through central Kings Mountain to U.S. 29 after its split with Interstate 85 (Exit 4). Northward the state highway ventures eight miles to North Carolina 274, three miles south of Cherryville. Photo taken 05/30/05.
A Norfolk-Southern Railroad line passes over U.S. 74 one half mile west of the North Carolina 161 (Cleveland Avenue) diamond interchange. Photo taken 05/30/05.
North Carolina 161 continues South Carolina 161 north from Filbert and Bethany to Cleveland Avenue in Kings Mountain. Continuing north of U.S. 74, the state highway heads five miles to its end at North Carolina 274 in Bessemer City. Photo taken 05/30/05.
U.S. 74 Business returns to U.S. 74 via the King Street partial "Y" interchange west of Interstate 85. The merge occurs just east of the Gaston County line. Photo taken 05/30/05.
U.S. 74 Business traffic merges onto U.S. 74 ahead of a ramp partition for Interstate 85 and U.S. 29 south and the continuation of U.S. 29 north & 74 east (Kings Mountain Highway) into Gastonia. Photo taken 05/30/05.
Ramps for Interstate 85 & U.S. 29 south to Spartanburg and Interstate 85 north to Charlotte depart in unison from U.S. 74 east. U.S. 74 travelers bisect the carriageways of Interstate 85, gaining U.S. 29 traffic after the eastern turn toward Gastonia. U.S. 29 & 74 follow Kings Mountain Highway, a divided surface road, into the Gaston County seat. Photo taken 05/30/05.
Two lanes join Interstate 85 north from U.S. 74 east, carrying motorists from Kings Mountain, Shelby, and points west to Charlotte. A single lane ramp connects with U.S. 29 south as it merges with Interstate 85 for a brief overlap east of Kings Mountain. Spartanburg lies 44 miles to the southwest. Photo taken 05/30/05.
Drivers bound for Interstate 85 north join a U.S. 29 collector/distributor roadway from the Interstate 85 mainline. Photo taken 05/30/05.



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