U.S. Highway 74

U.S. 74 is a major east-west highway that traverses the state of North Carolina. The highway reaches its end in Wrightsville Beach at a cul-de-sac, over 400 miles from the point where U.S. 74 enters the Tarheel State from neighboring Tennessee.

Southeasterly view of the U.S. 74 freeway from the U.S. 74 Business overpass west of Rockingham. Photo taken 12/21/08.

U.S. 74 at Wilmington was rerouted from an overlap with U.S. 17 and 76 through downtown onto the Isabel Holmes Bridge (Parsley Street Bridge) when the Martin Luther King, Jr. Parkway was completed in September 2005. The parkway comprises a controlled-access route from North 3rd Street east to U.S. 17 Business (Market Street) at Eastwood Road, U.S. 74's original alignment toward Wrightsville Beach.

U.S. 74 North Carolina Highway Guides

U.S. 74 Business - Rockingham

U.S. Highway 74 Business Rockingham - East
U.S. 74 Business leaves U.S. 74 at a trumpet interchange in a rural area west of Pine Grove. Photo taken 12/21/08.
Old Charlotte Highway loops east from U.S. 74 near the Pee Dee River to U.S. 74 Business near Zion Church Road. This shield is posted after the two intersections. Photo taken 12/21/08.
Traveling east between Lassister and Midway Roads in Piney Grove. Midway Road leads southeast to Midway, meeting U.S. 220 at a diamond interchange near its southern terminus. Photo taken 12/21/08.
Continuing east from Midway Road in Piney Grove on U.S. 74 Business. Photo taken 12/21/08.
Silver Grove Church Road crosses U.S. 74 Business and loops south of the highway near this eastbound reassurance shield. Photo taken 12/21/08.
Now in West Rockingham, U.S. 74 Business turns southward from the intersection with Cartledge Creek Road. An old alignment of U.S. 74 loops nearby. Photo taken 12/21/08.
U.S. 74 Business descends southward into Rockingham, turning east onto Broad Avenue after Maness Avenue. The road loses its grassy median for a center turn lane as drivers are advised to slow for impending curve toward U.S. 220. Photo taken 12/21/08.
Crossing Hitchcock Street, U.S. 74 Business enters the city limits of Rockingham. Photo taken 12/21/08.
Approaching U.S. 220 along Broad Avenue eastbound near downtown Rockingham. U.S. 220 begins nearby from U.S. 1 and heads north to Waverly, New York. Photo taken 12/21/08.
U.S. 220 joins the Rockingham area with Ellerbe, Asheboro, and Greensboro to the north. Southward connections with U.S. 1 lead drivers to Future Interstate 74 & U.S. 74 and Cheraw, South Carolina. Photo taken 05/30/07.
U.S. 1 travels through downtown Rockingham to the east. U.S. 220 provides a quick connection to U.S. 1 southbound. A northbound route to U.S. 1 is available via Green Street east from U.S. 220, allowing motorists to bypass downtown. Photo taken 05/30/07.
U.S. 74 Business (Broad Avenue) eastbound at U.S. 220. U.S. 220 meets Midway Road at a diamond interchange next to the south. Heading north, U.S. 220 passes under Franklin Street before intersecting Green Street. U.S. 220 continues from town northward seven miles to the current northbound beginning of Future Interstates 73 & 74. Photo taken 05/30/07.
Leading east from U.S. 220, U.S. 74 Business transitions into a commercialized boulevard south of downtown. Hamlet lies five miles to the east. Photo taken 12/21/08.
U.S. Highway 74 Business Rockingham - East
Westbound U.S. 74 Business reassurance shield and mileage sign posted after the Broad Avenue intersection with U.S. 220 west of downtown Rockingham. Photo taken 05/30/07.
U.S. Highway 74 scenes
North 3rd Street at U.S. 74 (Martin Luther King Jr. Parkway - Wilmington)
North 3rd Street approaches its end at a partial interchange with U.S. 74 & North Carolina 133 (Martin Luther King Jr. Parkway). U.S. 74 connects downtown Wilmington with U.S. 17 & 421 west of the North East Cape Fear River. Photo taken 11/11/06.
Two lanes default onto U.S. 74 east & North Carolina 133 (Martin Luther King Jr. Parkway) north ahead of their half-diamond interchange with McRae Street. U.S. 74 & North Carolina 133 span the North East Cape Fear River west to their merge with U.S. 17 & 421 otherwise. Photo taken 11/11/06.
An unusual configuration facilitates the movements between North 3rd Street and U.S. 74 west & North Carolina 133 south that features an elevated at-grade intersection above a defunct CSX Railroad spur. Drivers bound for the Parsley Street Bridge must turn left at a traffic light and merge with U.S. 74 at a second signal on the left-hand side. Photo taken 11/11/06.
Turning left onto the U.S. 74 west & North Carolina 133 on-ramp from North 3rd Street, drivers immediately enter the Parsley Street Bridge, which includes a double leaf bascule for larger vessels on the river below. Photo taken 11/11/06.
Traffic signals lie at each end of the ramps from both North 3rd Street and Martin Luther King Jr. Parkway at the bridge beginning. Photo taken 11/11/06.

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  • 2006-11-11 by AARoads and Justin Cozart.
  • 2007-05-30 by AARoads.
  • 2008-12-21 by AARoads.

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