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U.S. 202 north
Taking the old two-lane ramp from I-95 north onto Concord Pike north at what was then a new overhead for SR 141 and 261. Photo taken 12/29/07.
Left-hand turns onto Augustine Cutoff south are only permitted from the ending Delaware 202 as U.S. 202 travelers remain separated to the right and bypass the traffic lights. Changes to the intersection now prohibit left-hand turns from Augustine Cutoff onto U.S. 202 north. Augustine Cutoff otherwise north Wilmington via Lovering Avenue to Concord Pike south and West Park Drive north. Photo taken 05/19/07.
Merging onto Concord Pike from the northbound off-ramp (Exit 8) from Interstate 95, U.S. 202 quickly approached the split with Delaware 261 (Foulk Road) north. The forthcoming at-grade intersection was replaced with a new underpass for SR 141 and 261. Photo taken 03/22/04.
Delaware 261 northbound angled northeast from U.S. 202 (Concord Pike) at the upcoming traffic light. The north-south route cuts a diagonal between Concord Pike and I-95 through the Brandywine Hundred suburbs of Wilmington. Photo taken 04/21/04.
Upon completion of the Blue Ball project, a diagrammatic overhead replaced the separate panels for the SR 141 south and SR 261 north off-ramp. Photo taken 05/19/07.
A trailblazer was installed for SR 261 north from U.S. 202 north during the Blue Ball Project. A replacement still stands today. Photo taken 12/21/05.
Changes made to Concord Pike north between May and December 2007 shifted the merge point of Delaware 202 traffic to a point after the Foulk Road off-ramp. Photo taken 05/19/07.
The new shield added for U.S. 202 north of the Blue Ball grade separated intersection with SR 141 and 261 was initially posted as SR 202. It was corrected by 2007. Photo taken 12/21/05.
Approaching the former northern terminus of Delaware 141 (Powder Mill Road) on U.S. 202 (Concord Pike) north. Photo taken 03/22/04.
SR 141 south took Powder Mill Road west from U.S. 202 opposite Murphy Road. The north-south route was originally proposed as a full freeway between Fairfax here and I-95 at Newport. The plan included the Newport Freeway and short limited access segment near Greenville at SR 52. Community opposition however led to the cancellation of the project and SR 141, with the exception of the Rockland Road underpass, remains an at-grade facility from SR 100 northward to Concord Pike. Photo taken 03/22/04.
A north U.S. 202 shield assembly replaced the missing marker to the right by December 2007; it was missing again in 2012 and replaced by an error SR 202 shield in 2014. To the left of the Powder Mill Road intersection is the sprawling Astra Zenica pharmaceutical complex and the Rollins high rise. Photo taken 03/22/04.
Welcome to Pennsylvania sign bridge posted along U.S. 202 (Wilmington Pike) just north of the Delaware state line. Photo taken 11/30/84.
U.S. 202 south
A Delaware Memorial Bridge trailblazer and traveler services sign formerly posted at the Delaware state line on U.S. 202 south. Photo taken 11/30/84.
This was the scene along U.S. 202 south beyond the Pennsylvania state line. The Courtyards at Brandywine town home development was added to the east side of Concord Pike in this scene since. Photo taken 08/01/04.
Replaced shield assembly at Naamans Road (Delaware 92) on U.S. 202 south. Photo taken 08/01/04.
U.S. 202 (Concord Pike) intersects Powder Mill Road (former Delaware 141) west and Murphy Road east at the community of Fairfax. Reconstruction in 1998 and 1999 improved the junction to coincide with an expansion of U.S. 202 from former Delaware 141 southward. Photo taken 04/21/04.
Approaching the former northern terminus of Delaware 141 on U.S. 202 (Concord Pike) south. Powder Mill Road west to Childrens Lane is now an unnumbered roadway. Photo taken 04/21/04.
Construction associated with the Blue Ball project resulted in a temporary relocation of the U.S. 202 mainline between Augustine Cutoff and Independence Mall between 2004-05. Pictured here is the original roadway of Concord Pike southbound between the former south end of Delaware 261 (Foulk Road) and Augustine Cutoff. The roadway closed in July of 2004 for 18 months so that crews could construct a pair of underpasses for U.S. 202 at Foulk Road/Route 141 Spur and the new East Park Drive. Photo taken 04/09/04.
The restored U.S. 202 roadway leading south toward Interstate 95. The forthcoming turn onto Augustine Cut-off was closed as motorists are now directed to the roadway via the SR 141 and 261 off-ramp and West Park Drive. Photo taken 12/23/06.
The pre-construction configuration of U.S. 202 southbound saw a dedicated right-turn lane for Augustine Cutoff southbound. Augustine Cutoff travels southward from U.S. 202 into the city of Wilmington at Lovering Avenue. The two-lane roadway features a high-level stone arch bridge over the Brandywine Creek. Photo taken 03/29/04.
Post construction removed the right-hand turn lane from U.S. 202 south to Augustine Cutoff. Motorists destined for the roadway must now use the Foulk Road off-ramp and East Park Drive south to make the connection. Photo taken 12/23/06.
U.S. 202 south was expanded from three to four lanes through to Interstate 95. This sign bridge was removed during the Blue Ball Projects and the intersection with Augustine Cut-off altered to provide access onto from SR 202 north and to Concord Pike south. Photo taken 03/29/04.
An older sign for the U.S. 202 southbound transitions onto I-95 was altered to reflect expansion of the on-ramp from one to two lanes in 1999. This sign was later removed as U.S. 202 south was expanded to four lanes. Photo taken 03/27/04.
The former ramp departure of U.S. 202 south onto I-95 south. A new smoother ramp was constructed in place of the loop ramp from I-95 south onto SR 202 south nearby. Photo taken 12/29/07.
Descending toward the city of Wilmington on Concord Pike (Delaware 202) south. A cloverleaf ramp departs ahead for Interstate 95 north as Concord Pike transitions to Concord Avenue. Appearing along the distant horizon is the Delaware Memorial Bridge (Interstate 295 & U.S. 40). Photo taken 11/30/84.

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