U.S. 220 North - Guilford County

U.S. Highway 220 North
Looking at the northbound overheads where U.S. 220 merges onto Interstate 40 east (Exit 81). U.S. 220 departs its own freeway as it transitions into Freeman Mill Road, a six-lane arterial leading toward downtown Greensboro. Photo taken 07/24/04.
U.S. Highway 29-220 North & 70 east
U.S. 29 & 220 north and 70 east leave Interstate 40 east via a partial "Y" interchange for their own expressway. The trio quickly encounter Florida Street, a residential through road in at the Lincoln Heights community. Photo taken 05/30/05.
Connections to Florida Street are made from a short turn-off onto parallel Hocks Street. Hocks Street intersects Florida Street east of its overpass of U.S. 29-70-220. Trucks are prohibited because of Hocks Street residential street nature. Photo taken 05/30/05.
Reassurance shield assembly for U.S. 29-70-220 posted at the Tuscaloosa Street overpass. Photo taken 05/30/05.
The full cloverleaf interchange with North Carolina 6 (Lee Street) was closed in 2004 for reconstruction so that ramps could be modernized. Additionally construction crews replaced the U.S. 29-70-220 bridge over Lee Street. Further north and pictured here is the now-replaced McConnell Road overpass. Photo taken 05/30/05.
Additional ramp reconfiguring of U.S. 29-70-220 followed in the mid-2000s at Market Street where the expressway passes by North Carolina A&T University. Road work resulted in the removal of the dedicated eastbound Market Street on-ramp. Photo taken 05/30/05.
The original eastbound off-ramp squeezed between the Norfolk Southern Railroad and Market Street overpasses from U.S. 29-70-220 north. Drivers now utilize the westbound ramp into a signalized intersection with Market and Gillespie Streets. Photo taken 05/30/05.
A look at the original Market Street overpass at the former on-ramp from eastbound. The span above U.S. 29-70-220 was replaced during the mid-2000s interchange project. Photo taken 05/30/05.
U.S. 29-220 north & 70 east at the combined Market Street off-ramp. Market Street represents the original U.S. 70 west into downtown Greensboro and east to Bessemer. Photo taken 05/30/05.
Continuing north along U.S. 29-70-220 through the Scott Park neighborhood of the city. A turn-off onto Lutheran Street lies ahead. Photo taken 05/30/05.
A loop ramp onto Sullivan Street follows the Lutheran Street turn on U.S. 29-70-220 north. Sullivan Street also serves adjacent North Carolina A&T University. Photo taken 05/30/05.
Sullivan Street heads west to Lindsay Street near War Memorial Stadium and east through a large warehouse district, ending at English Street. Photo taken 05/30/05.
U.S. 29-70-220 quickly encounter the Bessemer Avenue "folded-diamond" and Wendover Avenue cloverleaf interchanges. Photo taken 05/30/05.
Bessemer Avenue parallels Wendover Avenue to the south through the same warehouse district as Sullivan Street. Heading east the street ends at Market Street and west at Parkway Avenue. Photo taken 05/30/05.
A direct connection to Bessemer Avenue eastbound is provided to northbound U.S. 29-70-220 drivers. Bessemer Avenue westbound requires a turn onto Tucker Street south from the off-ramp. Photo taken 05/30/05.
U.S. 70 east leaves the U.S. 29-220 expressway for Wendover Avenue east to Burlington. Photo taken 05/30/05.
U.S. 220 north follows and departs for Wendover Avenue west toward Moses H. Cone Memorial Hospital and the Lake Daniel community. Wendover Avenue constitutes a hybrid arterial with grade separated intersections and interchanges. Photo taken 05/30/05. Second photo taken 12/21/08.


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2004-07-24, 2005-05-30, 2008-12-21 by AARoads

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