U.S. Highway 331

U.S. 331 travels 103 miles north from the Florida state line near Florala to Montgomery in south central Alabama. The rural highway links Opp with the town of Brantley and the Crenshaw County seat of Luverne. The north end was relocated south from Downtown Montgomery to U.S. 80-82 & Alabama 21 (South Boulevard) by AASHTO on June 2, 1990.

Just south of the end of the U.S. 84/331 overlap in Opp is this reassurance shield and Alabama 52 trailblazer. The northern terminus of the state highway occurs a short distance ahead with U.S. 331. The north-south state highway connects Opp with the Geneva County seat by the same name 29 miles to the southeast. Photo taken 11/25/01.
A short distance north of downtown Opp (pop. 6607) is the split of U.S. 331 northbound from U.S. 84 eastbound. Traffic continuing straight will reach the capital city of Montgomery in 80 miles. Traffic turning to the right will reach the Coffee County seat of Elba in 14 miles. Photo taken 11/25/01.
U.S. 331 southbound at the overlap with U.S. 84 in Opp. The two highways share a short amount of pavement through to downtown, where U.S. 84 resumes a westward trek to Andalusia. The western terminus of Alabama 134 ties into the Opp overlap. Photo taken 11/25/01.
U.S. 331 northbound approaching its post-Montgomery reroute terminus at South Boulevard. The two state U.S. route connects the capital city with Opp to the south, with a southern terminus in rural Walton County along the Gulf of Mexico. Photo taken 12/07/99.
A look at the end signage for U.S. 331 at U.S. 80/21/Alabama 21/South Boulevard. Originally U.S. 331 continued north through this intersection to a terminus near the Alabama State Capital complex downtown. It should also be noted that current U.S. 331 in Alabama is the second version of that route. The original U.S. 331 was a short route between Pensacola, Florida and Flomaton along the current U.S. 29 routing. Photo taken 12/07/99.

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    1999-12-07 by AARoads. 2001-11-25 by AARoads and Adam Froehlig.

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