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Alabama Route 13 North
Motorists joining Interstate 22 west from SR 13 continue 25 miles to Hamilton. 12/19/09
SR 13 leaves Interstate 22 and the town limits of Eldridge on the 5.7 mile drive to the Winston County line. 12/19/09
A lightly traveled stretch, with 1,190 vehicles per day recorded in 2010, sees SR 13 leave Walker County for Winston County. 12/19/09
Winston County 1 winds east from SR 13 to Main Street in the town of Lynn. 12/19/09
County Road 353 spurs east from SR 13 to a handful of residences and a strip mine. 12/19/09
SR 13 north at County Road 9 north. CR 9 meanders west on a parallel alignment to SR 13 to U.S. 278 by Natural Bridge. SR 13 continues on a linear alignment built in 1960. 12/19/09
County Road 303 spurs east to a residential loop from SR 13 north next. 12/19/09
Unpaved County Road 356 ties into SR 13 from German Crossing and CR 59 at Lynn. 12/19/09
Approaching the merge with U.S. 278 east along SR 13 north at Natural Bridge. 12/19/09
U.S. 278 & SR 74 share pavement west 24 miles to U.S. 43 at Hamilton. U.S. 278 turns south with U.S. 43 to Guin from there. 12/19/09
SR 13 north joins U.S. 278 & SR 74 east for a 0.5 mile overlap to SR 5. 12/19/09
U.S. 278 Alabama Route 74 East Alabama Route 13 North
U.S. 278, SR 74 and SR 13 shield assembly posted between their merge and a Norfolk-Southern Railroad overpass. 12/19/09
SR 5 begins a 197.78-mile route at Natural Bridge from the intersection where SR 13 north splits from U.S. 278 & SR 74 east. 12/19/09
SR 13 resumes a northward course six miles to Delmar and 11 miles to Haleyville. The state route rejoins U.S. 43, a highway it was the hidden counterpart to between Mobile and Fayette County, on the drive north to Russellville. 12/19/09
Four lanes of U.S. 278 & SR 74 enter the intersection with SR 5 south to Lynn and Jasper and SR 13 north to Haleyville. The tandem continue east 13 miles to the Winston County seat of Double Springs. 12/19/09
Alabama Route 13 North
Northbound shield and mileage sign posted after the split with U.S. 278 & SR 74. The drive north to Haleyville remains lightly traveled with 2,830 vehicles per day recorded in 2010. 12/19/09
Winston County 9 bypasses Natural Bridge to the west and ends at SR 13. 12/19/09
County Road B03 comprises a loop east from SR 13 to U.S. 278 & SR 74 near the northern limits of Lynn. 12/19/09
SR 13 north reaches the intersections with Winston County 3. CR 3 arcs west from SR 13 near the settlement of Glen Mary. 12/19/09
SR 13 continues north from County Road 3 to County Road 3508. 12/19/09
Winston County 3508 is a renumbering of the northern branch of County Road 3 along Byler Road west. 12/19/09
Northbound SR 13 on the approach to Winston County 17 east. 12/19/09
County Road 17 is the first of three routes traveling northwest to southeast between SR 13 and U.S. 278. 12/19/09
Drivers along SR 13 north meet the west end of Winston County 20 at the community of Delmar. 12/19/09
Entering the city limits of Haleyville, SR 13 intersects the west end of County Road 28. 12/19/09
SR 13 reassurance shield posted along the 1.8-mile drive between Delmar and Boar Tush in Haleyville. 12/19/09
SR 129 enters Marion County from the southwest to end at SR 13 (11th Avenue) in Haleyville. 12/19/09
A 41.19-mile state route, SR 129 ventures southwest to Whitehouse, Brilliant, Winfield, Glen Allen and Lawrence Mill. 12/19/09
SR 13 expands to five lanes from SR 129 north into the Haleyville city center. 12/19/09
Following 11th Avenue, SR 129 enters downtown and meets SR 195 (21st Street) south. 12/19/09
A series of traffic lights govern the movements of SR 129 through the downtown street grid. Pictured here is the signal at 20th Street. 12/19/09
SR 195 follows 21st Street east to Needmore outside Haleyville. The state route does not head south, despite the signing of it, until after Rabitt Town en route to Double Springs. 12/19/09
SR 13 veers away from 11th Avenue for Campbell Road a few blocks north of SR 195. 12/19/09
Alabama Route 13 South
SR 13 enters central Haleyville and intersects the north end of SR 195 at 21st Street. 12/19/09
Traveling 42.18 miles, SR 195 comprises an arc east from Haleyville to Forkville, Double Springs and SR 5 at Jasper. 12/19/09

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