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Alabama State Route 14 travels nearly the width of the state, from the Mississippi state line north of Pickensville, to Auburn in Lee County. Measuring 218.29 miles in length, SR 14 joins a number of county seats including Eutaw, Greensboro, Marion in western Alabama and Selma with Prattville to the north of Montgomery. Eastern reaches of the highway join Wetumpka, Tallassee and Notasulga. SR 14 formerly extended east to Opelika, but was truncated to SR 147 with the removal of all state routes through the city of Auburn.

Alabama Route 14 East
Leaving the exchange with I-59/20, SR 14 travels three miles east to the city of Eutaw where it meets U.S. 43. Photo taken 08/10/02.
Entering Eutaw, SR 14 navigates along Mesoptamia Street, Eutaw Avenue and Main Street through residential areas northwest of Downtown. Photo taken 08/10/02.
Main Street leads SR 14 east to U.S. 11 and 43 at Green County Courthouse Square. Prairie Avenue connects with U.S. 11 along Boligee Street one block to the south. Photo taken 08/10/02.
SR 14 (Tuscaloosa Street) advances one block east to U.S. 11/43 at Morrow Avenue. U.S. 11/43 combine northeast from Eutaw to Tuscaloosa. Photo taken 08/10/02.
SR 14 combines with U.S. 43 south along Boligee and Greensboro Streets for a half mile from Morrow Avenue and Courthouse Square. Photo taken 08/10/02.
U.S. 43 turns southward from SR 14 and Eutaw to Forkland and the city of Demopolis. Photo taken 08/10/02.
Alabama Route 14 West
SR 14 spans the Black Warrior River into rural Greene County. Photo taken 08/10/02.
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2 photos
The Black Warrior River originates to the west of Birmingham at Bankhead Lake and flows southward to Lake Demopolis, and ultimately the Tombigbee River. Completed in 1994, the SR 14 span across the river is the lone crossing between I-59/20 at Tuscaloosa and U.S. 43 at Demopolis. Photos taken 08/10/02.
Just inside the city of Eutaw, SR 14 intersects the north end of Greene County Road 53. Photo taken 08/10/02.
SR 14 (Greensboro Street) combines with U.S. 43 (Demopolis Highway) north in Eutaw. U.S. 43 enters the city from Demopolis, 25 miles to the south. Photo taken 08/10/02.
U.S. 43 North Alabama Route 14 West
U.S. 43 north and SR 14 west overlap a half mile along Greensboro Street into Downtown Eutaw. Photo taken 06/06/17.
U.S. 43/SR 14 along Greensboro Street in Eutaw are a part of the Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial Highway. Photo taken 06/06/17.
U.S. 43 north & SR 14 west combine with U.S. 11 one block north from Boligee Street to Tusaloosa Street at Greene County Courthouse Square. Photo taken 06/06/17.
U.S. 11 follows Boligee Street westward from Downtown Eutaw. Heading southwest, U.S. 11 travels to Boligee, Epes and the Sumter County seat of Livingston. Photo taken 06/06/17.
U.S. 11 U.S. 43 North Alabama Route 14 West
U.S. 11/43 north and SR 14 west combine along Morrow Avenue one block north to Tusaloosa Street. Photo taken 06/06/17.
SR 14 turns west toward Aliceville along Tusaloosa Street, one block alongside U.S. 11 south to Springfield Avenue. U.S. 11/43 continue 33.3 miles northeast to Tuscaloosa. Photo taken 06/06/17.
U.S. 11 South Alabama Route 14 West
U.S. 11 follows Springfield Avenue south one block to Boligee Street around Greene County Courthouse Square. SR 14 turns northwest from Eutaw 8.1 miles to the community of Clinton. U.S. 11 leads southwest 10.6 miles to the rural town of Boligee. Photo taken 08/10/02.
Alabama Route 14 West
County Road 170 stems 5.9 miles north from SR 14 to CR 208 (Martin Luther King Highway) south of Union. Photo taken 08/10/02.

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