Alabama 41 begins where Florida 87 enters the state at Dixonville. The state route links Brewton, the seat of Escambia County, with Interstate 65 to the north. Fourteen miles beyond the freeway, Alabama 41 meets U.S. 84 in the town of Repton. The two highways overlap westward from there to Monroeville.

Alabama 41 north
Florida 87 north transitions to Alabama 41 north at Dixonville. A welcome sign was posted beyond the intersection with Dixonville Road. Photo taken 02/07/06.
Just north of the Florida state line at Dixonville is the first of two meetings between Alabama 41 and Escambia County 55. County Road 55 arcs east from Alabama 41 along Travis Road to Escambia County 50 and returns westward at Riverview. Photo taken 12/05/09.
The first northbound Alabama 41 shield, posted after the intersection with Escambia County 55. The city of Brewton (pop. 5498), county seat of Escambia County, is seven miles north of this location. Photo taken 08/24/02.
Alabama 41 intersects Escambia County 16 near Brewton Municipal Airport (LID). The county road meanders west to Escambia County 55 (Jay Road). Photo taken 11/28/09.
Heading north from County Road 16, Alabama 41 lowers toward the town of Riverview. Photo taken 11/28/09.
The main intersection in Riverview joins Alabama 41 with Escambia County 55 (Jay Road). Escambia County 55 leads west to Florida 89 and Jay and east back to County Road 50. Photo taken 11/28/09.
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2 photos
Entering the city of East Brewton, Alabama 41 follows Florida Street north to the merge with U.S. 29 (Forrest Avenue) south. Photo taken 11/28/09. Second photo taken 05/03/09.
U.S. 29 winds eastward from East Brewton to Dixie in eastern Escambia County. The highway represents the main route between Brewton and Andalusia. Photo taken 12/05/09.
U.S. 29 south & Alabama 41 north
2 photos
2 photos
U.S. 29 south joins Alabama 41 north for 1.2 miles between East Brewton and U.S. 31 (St. Joseph Avenue) in downtown Brewton. Photo taken 12/05/09. Second photo taken 02/12/10.
U.S. 29 south & Alabama 41 north span Murder Creek and enter the city limits of Brewton. Photo taken 12/05/09.
Alabama 41 continues north from U.S. 29 along St. Nicholas Avenue to exit the city. U.S. 31 enters the city from the Camp McMillan area in northern Escambia County, representing the main commercial route to the north of downtown. Photo taken 12/05/09.
Interests to Interstate 65 are directed onto Alabama 41 (St. Nicholas Avenue) north to Exit 77 of the freeway in Conecuh County. U.S. 31 and Escambia County 49 also radiate northward toward Interstate 65 from the Escambia County seat. Photo taken 12/05/09.
Alabama 41 north
Northbound Alabama 41 at Conecuh County 14 near the village of Range. Alabama 41 passes by pine forest lands and scattered homes between Interstate 65 Exit 77 and the sleepy town of Repton. Photo taken 06/01/02.
Alabama 41 takes a few turns in the town of Repton to avoid a nearby railroad line. The alignment splits between a north and southbound only street alignment, with a cemetery plot in between ahead of its merge with U.S. 84. Photo taken 0000.
U.S. 84 west and Alabama 41 north, at the southbound street for Alabama 41. Repton overall is a poor town with dilapidated infrastructure everywhere. Continuing west on U.S. 84/Alabama 41 north, is the aforementioned railroad underpass. The two highways travel together for eight miles. Photo taken 06/01/02.
Alabama 41 south
Escambia County 40 (Lowery Landing Road) crosses paths with Alabama 21 east of Wallace and west of Appleton. Photo taken 05/09/09.
Alabama 41 continues south from Escambia County 40 toward Wallace Road, a second branch of Escambia County 40. Photo taken 05/09/09.
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2 photos
Wallace Road travels west from Alabama 41 to meet the northern arc of Escambia County 40 opposite Escambia County 67 south. The two County Road 40's combine to Wallace and Barnett Crossroads. Photo taken 05/09/09. Second photo taken 02/12/10.
2 photos
2 photos
Continuing southeast from the second Escambia 40 toward Brewton. Photos taken 05/09/09.
Reassurance marker posted for Alabama 41 south after the intersection with Pea Ridge Road. Photo taken 05/09/09.
2 photos
2 photos
Escambia County 77 leads north to link Alabama 41 with Escambia County 49 (Appleton Road) north of Brewton. Photo taken 05/09/09. Second photo taken 02/12/10.
Southbound Alabama 41 after the intersection with County Road 77. Photo taken 05/09/09.
Entering the city limits of Brewton along Alabama 41 south near the crossing of Burnt Corn Creek. Photo taken 02/12/10.
A set of flashers hang above the intersection of Alabama 41 (St. Nicholas Avenue) and Sowell Street in Brewton. Photo taken 05/09/09.
U.S. 29 north & Alabama 41 south
Shields posted for U.S. 29 north & Alabama 41 south on Mildred Street beyond U.S. 31 (St. Joseph Avenue). The town of 5,498 residents is just seven miles north of the Florida state line. Photo taken 02/12/10.
Green Street meets Mildred Street at this signalized intersection in the Brewton central business district. Photo taken 05/09/09.
U.S. 29 north & Alabama 41 north span Murder Creek and leave Brewton for East Brewton. Photo taken 05/09/09.
U.S. 29 and Alabama 41 southbound prepare to split. The upcoming intersection marks the southern terminus of the hidden Alabama 15. Alabama 15 takes over for Alabama 41 as the state highway designator of U.S. 29 and carries the US route northward to the George state line. Photo taken 05/09/09.
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2 photos
U.S. 29 turns easterly onto Forrest Avenue from Alabama 41 (Florida Street) in East Brewton. Alabama 41 continues south six miles to Santa Rosa County, Florida while U.S. 29 travels a lonely 45 miles eastward through the Conecuh National Forest to Andalusia. Photos taken 07/11/10.
Alabama 41 south
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2 photos
A 1960-built span carries Alabama 41 south across the Conecuh River between East Brewton and Riverview. Photos taken 05/09/09.
Escambia County 55 travels west from Alabama 41 in Riverview along Jay Road to Mt. Carmel and Jay, Florida and east to Escambia County 50 before returning westward to Dixonville. Photo taken 07/11/10.
Alabama 41 straddles the Riverview and Brewton city line by Brewton Municipal Airport (LID). Photo taken 07/11/10.
Escambia County 16 arcs westward from Alabama 41 to Escambia County 55 (Jay Road). Photo taken 07/11/10.
Continuing south from Escambia County 16 on Alabama 41. Photo taken 07/11/10.
Nearing the Florida state line at Dixonville, Alabama 41 again meets Escambia County 55. Photo taken 07/11/10.
2 photos
2 photos
End Alabama 41 shield posted at the Florida state line. Continuing south, Florida 87 takes over and continues the drive to the Santa Rosa County seat of Milton, Interstate 10, and the Emerald Coast at Navarre. Photo taken 07/11/10. Second photo taken 08/24/02.

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06/01/02, 08/24/02, 02/07/06, 05/03/09, 05/09/09, 11/28/09, 12/05/09, 02/12/10, 07/11/10 by AARoads

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