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SR 49 constitutes a rural route from Interstate 85 to the Tallapoosa County seat of Dadeville, New Site, Lineville and Talladega National Forest near Mt. Cheaha.

Alabama Route 49 North
Tuskegee-Franklin Road stems north from CR 30 and CR 51 to meet Interstate 85 at a diamond interchange (Exit 32). SR 49 begins here and follows Tuskegee-Franklin Road north through the town of Franklin. Photo taken 04/21/01.
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2 photos
SR 49 winds north through Talladega National Forest to end at SR 281 (Talladega Scenic Drive). The two routes intersect three miles east of Mt. Cheaha (el. 2,405 feet), the highest point in Alabama. SR 281 north leads to U.S. 431 and I-20. Photos taken 09/29/03.
Alabama Route 49 South
Entering Downtown Lineville, SR 49 intersects SR 9. SR 9 travels six miles west to the Clay County seat of Ashland and 25 miles north to the Cleburne County seat of Heflin. Photo taken 09/29/03.
Six miles south of Lineville, SR 49 combines with SR 77 for a two mile overlap. SR 77 north travels six miles northwest to Ashland. Photo taken 09/29/03.
Approaching the split of SR 49/77 southbound. SR 77 turns southeast 13 miles to the town of Wadley while SR 49 advances south to nearby Mellow Valley and 11 miles to New Site. Photo taken 09/29/03.
SR 77 south ends 32 miles from the separation with SR 49 at U.S. 431 near the Chambers County seat of Lafayette. SR 49 continues another 60 miles to its terminus at I-85. Photo taken 09/29/03.

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