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Alabama Route 59 North
Baldwin County 28 stems west 1.4 miles from the Baldwin Beach Express to cross SR 59 in south Summerdale. The Baldwin Beach Express replaced the county road south to the Foley Beach Express when it opened in 2009. Photo taken 08/02/06.
Marlow Road doubles as County Road 28 west from SR 59 to Baldwin County 9 at Marlow and the Fish River. Photo taken 08/02/06.
Agricultural frontage lines both sides of SR 59 northward for the next two miles. Photo taken 08/03/06.
Hoffman Road north and West 1st Street south come together as County Road 71 at SR 59 in south Summerdale. Photo taken 08/03/06.
Baldwin County 71 (Hoffman Road) spurs south 1.75 miles to Carver Lane. West 1st Street leads north into downtown Summerdale. County Road 71 parallels SR 59 one half mile to the east to Robertsdale. Photo taken 08/03/06.
Baldwin County 32 travels west from a rural beginning at CC Road to meet SR 59 as Dixie Road in south Summerdale. The county road continues west all the way to Point Clear on Mobile Bay (County Road 98). Photo taken 03/08/09.
SR 59 curves back toward a northern trajectory on a bypass alignment of the Summerdale street grid. Photo taken 08/04/06.
The first of three County Road 34 intersections joins the southern segment of the route with SR 59. Photo taken 08/04/06.
West Baldwin County 34 spurs 1.5 miles to Ted Lysek Road at Cadiana Drive through agricultural areas. Photo taken 08/04/06.
Northbound reassurance shield of SR 59 posted near Lee Avenue in Summerdale. Photo taken 08/04/06.
Baldwin County 34 continues east of SR 59 via Broadway into downtown Summerdale. Photo taken 08/04/06.
County Road 34 leaves the Summerdale street grid and ends 2.5 miles east of SR 59. The road will eventually end at the Baldwin Beach Express once construction of that road is completed. Photo taken 08/04/06.
Five lanes of SR 59 north between Broadway and Jackson Avenue in Summerdale. Photo taken 08/04/06.
A third branch of County Road 34 follows Hoffman Road west from just north of the Summerdale street grid. This stretch of county highway links SR 59 with County Road 55, 2.5 miles to the west. Photo taken 03/08/09.
SR 59 meets County Road 36 (Greenwood Road) one half mile north of Hoffman Road. Photo taken 03/08/09.
Beginning at Davis Road and Walker Trail one mile to the west, Baldwin County 36 leads east across SR 59 onto Greenwood Road. Greenwood Road carries the route to a northward turn onto Greenwood Church Road and County Road 38. Photo taken 08/04/04.
SR 59 remains within the Summerdale town limits for another 1.25 miles north of County Road 36. Photo taken 03/08/09.
The next two intersections join SR 59 with separate segments of County Road 48. Photo taken 03/08/09.
Annexations of Robertsdale extend the city limits southward to SR 59 north at Baldwin County 48 east. Baldwin County 48 spurs 1.75 miles east to a dead end beyond the north end of County Road 73. Photo taken 03/08/09.
One half mile separates the two County Road 48 alignments. Photo taken 03/08/09.
County Road 48 spurs west along Sawyer Road one mile to a southward alignment to Owens Lane. Southtown was built along the route during the mid-2000s real estate surge and remains as a vastly unbuild subdivision. Photo taken 03/08/09.
SR 59 north at County Road 48. Baldwin County 48 spurs four miles east from the five-lane arterial to end at Zinner Road near a handful of rural residences. Photo taken 03/08/09.
20 miles north of the coast, SR 59 travels by a handful of industrial businesses and into the heart of Robertsdale. Photo taken 03/08/09.
Approaching the west end of Baldwin County 50 (Berner Road) on SR 59 north in Robertsdale. Photo taken 03/08/09.
County Road 50 (Berner Road) travels as a paved road one mile east to Baldwin County Coliseum and Adams Drive. Berner Road continues beyond Adams Drive as a dirt road to Baldwin County 83. Photo taken 03/08/09.
Passing by Robertsdale High School on SR 59 north between Berner Road and Media Drive. Photo taken 03/08/09.
SR 59 becomes commercialized on the strip leading into old town Robertsdale at SR 104 (Silverhill Avenue). SR 104 begins and ventures west to Silverhill and Fairhope. Photo taken 03/08/09.
Silverhill Avenue carries SR 104 west 2.5 miles to central Silverhill. The state route otherwise ends at U.S. 98, 10.78 miles to the west. Silverhill Avenue east links SR 59 with Baldwin County 83 south to County Road 36. The north-south County Road 83 alignment is the future Baldwin Beach Express four-lane corridor. Photo taken 03/08/09.
SR 59 north follows Milwaukee Street into the Robertsdale street grid. Photo taken 03/08/09.
SR 59 partitions into a one-way street couplet through downtown Robertsdale. SR 59 north follows Chicago Street while southbound traffic utilizes Milwaukee Street. Photo taken 03/08/09.
Reassurance marker for SR 59 posted on Chicago Street north at Florida Street in Robertsdale. Florida Street links the state highway with County Road 71 (College Avenue) one half mile to the east. Photo taken 03/08/09.
Wilters Street meets SR 59 (Chicago Street) at a traffic light. The east-west road ends at Racine Street two blocks to the west and becomes County Road 52, east of College Avenue, to the Robertsdale Waste Water Treatment plant. Photo taken 03/08/09.
Angling northwest along Chicago Street through downtown Robertsdale, SR 59 parallels a former railroad line to its merge with Milwaukee Street. Photo taken 08/02/06.
Chicago Street merges with Milwaukee Street ahead of the SR 59 intersection with Illinois Street in Robertsdale. Photo taken 08/02/06.
Palmer Street (County Road 65) is interrupted by the SR 59 and U.S. 90 confluence north of downtown Robertsdale. County Road 65 follows the road southward to County Road 52 west to Silverhill and County Road 48 (Sawyer Road). Photo taken 08/02/06.
A ramp connects SR 59 north with U.S. 90 east to Pensacola, Florida. County Road 65 resumes a northward course nearby to Rosinton as well.
U.S. 90 west otherwise joins SR 59 north to Loxley. Photo taken 08/02/06.
U.S. 90 serves the north side of Robertsdale on the two-mile drive east from SR 59. The road otherwise comprises a two-lane rural highway through Elsanor and Seminole to Beulah Florida. Photo taken 08/02/06.
U.S. 90 West Alabama Route 59 North
Just north of their merge, U.S. 90 & SR 59 intersect Baldwin County 54 at the Robertsdale city line. Photo taken 03/18/12.
Baldwin County 54 begins at adjacent Baldwin County 65 and travels west from Robertsdale to NOLF Silverhill and Baldwin County 64 at growing suburban areas east of Daphne and Fairhope. Photo taken 08/02/06.
The first reassurance shield assembly posted for U.S. 90 west & SR 59 north on their 5.3-mile shared alignment. Photo taken 03/08/09.
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2 photos
An Interstate 10 trailblazer and freeway style guide sign directing motorists toward Loxley and Bay Minette were added to the five-lane road of U.S. 90 & SR 59 north by 2009. Photos taken 03/08/09.
U.S. 90 & SR 59 curve northwesterly on the approach to Baldwin County 56 (Thompson Road) west. Photo taken 06/07/06.
Baldwin County 56 travels 1.50 miles west from U.S. 90 & SR 56 to end at Baldwin County 55 south of Lake Raynagua. Photo taken 06/07/06.
Baldwin County 55 continues north by Lake Raynagua to cross paths with U.S. 90 & SR 59 in Loxley. The county road follows Holley Street north to Baldwin County 68 town. A traffic light was added to this intersection by 2010. Photo taken 08/03/06.
Union Avenue carries Baldwin County 64 through central Loxley at U.S. 90 & SR 59. Photo taken 06/07/06.
The county road joins Loxley with Daphne to the west and Rosinton and Interstate 10 (Exit 53) to the east. Photo taken 03/08/09.
Two blocks northward is the signalized intersection between U.S. 90 & SR 59 with Relham Drive. Relham Drive travels west to Baldwin County 49 (Magnolia Street) and east as 1st Avenue to Cabinet Shop Road. Photo taken 03/08/09.
U.S. 90 & SR 59 curve westward from Baldwin County 66 (St. Alban Avenue) and prepare to split beyond the street grid of Loxley. Photo taken 03/08/09.
U.S. 90 resumes a westward course from Loxley to Malbis and Daphne, paralleling Interstate 10 to the south. SR 59 continues Gulf Shores Parkway north to Exit 44 of the freeway and the county seat of Bay Minette. Baldwin County 68 ties into the route partition from the east. Photo taken 03/08/09.
Alabama Route 59 North
Baldwin County 68 begins and travels 4.9 miles east from SR 59 (Hickory Street) at Loxley to Campbell Road near Rosinton. The county road crosses Interstate 10 at the future Baldwin Beach Express interchange. Photo taken 03/08/09.
Continunig northwest along SR 59 (Hickory Street) between County Road 68 and County Road 49 (Magnolia Street) south. Photo taken 01/02/11.
County Road 49 follows Magnolia Street south from SR 59 back into the Loxley street grid. The rural road provides a second opportunity to turn onto U.S. 90 west to Daphne. Photo taken 01/02/11.
Northbound SR 59 reassurance shield and companion Interstate 10 trailblazer posted on Gulf Shores Parkway north of Baldwin County 49. Two miles separates the town core and the folded diamond interchange with Interstate 10 (Exit 44). Photo taken 03/08/09.
A small array of traveler services line the south side of Interstate 10 and SR 59 along Gulf Shores Parkway. A traffic light governs the movements with Flowerwood Road and an adjacent frontage road ahead of the ramps to the freeway. Photo taken 03/08/09.
The former railroad line between Foley and Bay Minette necessitated that the ramps between SR 59 and Interstate 10 be built to the west. A loop ramp ascends onto Interstate 10 east for Pensacola first. Photo taken 03/08/09.
22 miles separate the Loxley interchange of SR 59 from the Florida State line. Interstate 110 is a 35-mile drive to the east. Photo taken 03/08/09.
SR 59 passes under Interstate 10 and approaches the westbound on-ramp to Daphne, Spanish Fort, and Mobile. Photo taken 03/08/09.


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