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Alabama State Route 59 is the main thoroughfare from the coastal resort towns of Gulf Shores and Orange Beach to I-10 at Loxley and I-65 (via SR 287). The route doubles as Gulf Shores Parkway, a four-lane corridor stretching from SR 182 on the Gulf of Mexico to Interstate 65 at Exit 37. Widening of the highway was completed by 1996.

Alabama State Route 59 Guides

The northern portion of SR 59 winds through pine forest and low rolling hills. South from I-10, the arterial travels through a mixture of agricultural areas, town centers, commercial development and increased suburban housing toward the coast.

Overheads that were posted at the southbound split of U.S. 31 from SR59 (Gulf Shores Parkway) near Stapleton. U.S. 31 turns westerly toward Spanish Fort while SR 59 continues south to Loxley. This sign bridge was removed by sometime after 2000. Vidcap taken 07/01/99.
Alabama Route 59 South
Southbound SR 59 at the north end of SR 225. SR 225 runs along the western fringes of Baldwin County between Stockton and Spanish Fort. The rural highway leads south to Historic Blakeley State Park and then suburban areas of Spanish Fort. 04/11/02
Southbound on SR 59 approaching Interstate 65. The forested scenery is common along SR 59 from the Monroe County line southward to SR 287. The pentagon in the background is for Baldwin County 21, a route that parallels I-65 west to SR 225 south of Stockton. 03/23/02
SR 59 represents one of two routes between the Baldwin County seat of Bay Minette to Interstate 65 in conjunction with SR 287 (Jack Springs Road / Gulf Shores Parkway). The state route crosses into the city limits 3.7 miles south of a diamond interchange (Exit 34) with the freeway. 06/14/04
Nearing SR 287 (Gulf Shores Parkway) on SR 59 (Hand Avenue) southbound. SR 287 begins at Interstate 65 (Exit 37) to the north and follows a four-lane divided highway to SR 59. Here SR 59 overtakes Gulf Shores Parkway / McMeans Avenue around Bay Minette to the northwest. SR 287 turns southward on Hand Avenue into Downtown. 06/14/04
The changeover of Gulf Shores Parkway from SR 287 to SR 59. The four-lane parkway begins in Gulf Shores along the Gulf of Mexico and ends at Interstate 65 Exit 37. The roadway is the main access route for the resort areas of South Baldwin County from the north and also the main evacuation route for hurricane threats. SR 287 travels Hand Avenue two miles south to its end at U.S. 31 and the downtown square. 06/14/04
SR 59 southbound reassurance shield and Foley Beach Express trailblazer, just south of the Interstate 10 interchange near Loxley. SR 59 is the divided four-lane Gulf Shores Parkway between Bay Minette and Loxley. The roadway loses its median from Loxley southward. This was not always the case, as the roadway was only expanded to four lanes by 1996. The increased capacity was a result of increased coastal development in the Gulf Shores to Fort Morgan area, and the demand placed on SR 59 during a hurricane evacuation situation. 12/10/01
SR 59 (Milwaukee Street) south at the eastern end of SR 104 (Silverhill Avenue) in the city of Robertsdale. 04/21/02
Advance sign bridge for the northern terminus of the Foley Beach Express. Foley Beach Express trailblazers can be found all along SR 59 and surrounding roadways. 08/24/03
Second of two southbound sign bridges for the split of SR 59 with the Foley Beach Express. Although there are no interchanges on the bypass, the road has limited intersections, and an overall 55 mph speed limit. The only segment that is tolled is the bridge over the Intracoastal waterway. Otherwise, travel is free. SR 59 beelines southward towards downtown Foley and Gulf Shores. Although Foley offers a modern town feel, with many shops and other tourist friendly amenities, traffic tends to snarl, as lower speed limits and traffic lights impede through traffic progress. 08/24/03
Shield assembly at the Foley Beach Express northern terminus. The highway opened to traffic in 2000. 08/24/03
Southbound SR 59 (McKenzie Street) leaving the intersection with U.S. 98 (Laurel Avenue) in Downtown Foley. 05/15/04
A set of mast arm supported signals operate at the intersection of SR 59 (McKenzie Street) and Myrtle Avenue. 05/15/04
Baldwin County 26 (Michigan Avenue) skims the outskirts of Foley between Baldwin County 12 (Hickory Street) SR 59. Michigan Avenue continues eastward beyond McKenzie Street to South Maple Street. Pictured here is the signalized intersection of SR 59 south at Michigan Avenue. 05/15/04
SR 59 (McKenzie Street) remains commercialized on the ten mile drive between Foley and Gulf Shores. Suburban type strip mall development lines both sides of the five-lane surface boulevard. 05/15/04
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2 photos
Southbound SR 59 at CR 20 (Mifflin Road) on South McKenzie Street. Mifflin Road carries CR 20 east to the Foley Beach Express, Mifflin and Leiterman Road. 05/15/04
Junction Baldwin County 4 pentagon for the Oyster Bay Road intersection of SR 59 (Gulf Shores Parkway) southbound in north Gulf Shores. Oyster Bay Road straddles the Intracoastal Waterway westward to Oyster Bay on Bon Secour Bay. 05/15/04
Gulf Shores Parkway rises above the Intracoastal Waterway from Baldwin County 4 southward into Gulf Shores. The four-lane concrete bridge is rather non-descript asides the placement of ornamental light posts. 05/15/04
Advancing south through Gulf Shores, SR 59 (Gulf Shores Parkway) meets the first of several traffic signals along the four to five lane boulevard. Canal Drive and 24th Avenue North intersect Gulf Shores Parkway just south of the Intracoastal Waterway bridge. 05/15/04
Approaching SR 180 (Dixie Graves Parkway), one of two east-west highways serving the coastal areas of south Baldwin County. Dixie Graves Parkway travels 22 miles east from Fort Morgan and the Fort Morgan Peninsula to Gulf Shores and SR 59. The state route turns northward from Dixie Graves Parkway onto East Second Street, one quarter mile east of Gulf Shores Parkway. 05/15/04
SR 59 south at SR 180 (Dixie Graves Parkway). SR 180 extends to the west end of the Fort Morgan Peninsula at the Fort Morgan State Historic Site and ferry launch for the Fort Morgan-Dauphin Island car ferry. Eastward SR 180 follows East Second Street northward to Canal Drive and the Intracoastal Waterway. From there SR 180 turns east en route to the Foley Beach Express and SR 161 (Orange Beach Boulevard) within the city of Orange Beach. 05/15/04
Traveling the final mile of SR 59 (Gulf Shores Parkway) southbound between SR 180 and the southern terminus at SR 182 (Beach Boulevard). SR 59 straddles the western boundary of Gulf State Park between West Eighth and Sixth Avenues on this stretch. 05/15/04
Public Beach access is provided at the southern terminus intersection of SR 59 at SR 182 (Beach Boulevard). Beach homes and condominiums line most of Beach Boulevard to the west and east of SR 59 otherwise. However Gulf State Park also provides several areas of public beach access between Gulf Shores and Orange Beach via Beach Boulevard eastbound. 05/15/04
Southbound at Second Avenue two blocks north of SR 182 (Beach Boulevard). Second Avenue provides an alternate to SR 182 eastbound for Orange Beach by way of East First Street. 05/15/04
Entering the final block of SR 59 (Gulf Shores Parkway) between First Avenue and SR 182 (Beach Boulevard). SR 182 straddles the Gulf of Mexico coastline between Pine Beach and Florabama at the Florida State line. The state route spurs six miles westward. 05/15/04
End shield posted for SR 59 at the intersection with SR 182 (Beach Boulevard). Beach Boulevard consists of four overall lanes between a point two miles west of SR 59 and just east of the Intracoastal Waterway bridge onto Perdido Key. At the Florida State line, SR 182 transitions into SR 292 en route to Warrington and West Pensacola, Florida. 05/15/04

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