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SR 77 is a north-south route totaling 112.33 miles from U.S. 431 at Lafayette to Wadley, Ashland, Talladega, Southside, and Rainbow City. SR 77 is a four lane highway between Interstate 20 and the city of Talladega.

SR 77 between Talladega and Lincoln doubled as U.S. 231 Alternate until sometime during the 1980s. The alternate route followed SR 21 north from Sylacauga to SR 77, and U.S. 78 west from SR 77 back to U.S. 231 at Pell City.

Alabama Route 77 South
SR 77 lowers from a ridge south of Interstate 20 and approaches Talladega County 399 (Speedway Boulevard) east to Talladega Superspeedway and the International Motorsports Hall of Fame. Photo taken 10/07/12.
Speedway Boulevard links SR 77, to the west of Dry Valley, with Talladega County 5 near Old Eastaboga to the east. The four-lane boulevard provides the main access route to Talladega Superspeedway. During Sprint Cup race events at the 141,000-seat venue, traffic along CR-399 shifts to inbound only ahead of the event and outbound after the event. Photo taken 10/07/12.
SR 77 expands into a four-lane divided highway south from Speedway Boulevard to the county seat. This photo looks at the scene after the Good Sam Roadside Assistance 500 race at Talladega Superspeedway. Police set up roadblocks at various intersections to prevent northbound traffic from impeding the southbound flow along SR 77 to SR 275. Photo taken 10/07/12.
Approaching the west end of Talladega County 414 along SR 77 south. Photo taken 10/07/12.
County Road 414 consists of an unpaved route 2.1 miles east from SR 77 to County Road 374 (Tipton Road). Photo taken 10/07/12.
SR 77 continues south toward the crossing of Choccolocco Creek at Schmidts Mill. Photo taken 10/07/12.
Spanning Choccolocco Creek, which feeds Logan Martin Lake to the west. The northbound SR 77 span was constructed in 1939; the southbound bridge was added in 1975. Photo taken 10/07/12.
Old Lincoln Highway branches southwest from SR 77 south of Choccolocco Creek. CR-364 (Sycamore Church Road) travels 1.1 miles between the two north-south routes. Photo taken 10/07/12.
SR 77 south at County Road 364 (Sycamore Church Road) west. Sycamore Church Road winds northwest from Old Lincoln Highway through southern reaches of the Lincoln city limits to Talladega County 207 near Logan Martin Lake. Photo taken 10/07/12.
Meeting SR 77 southbound next is the east end of County Road 369. Photo taken 10/07/12.
Talladega County 369 follows Idalia Road west one mile to connect SR 77 with SR 34 (Stemley Bridge Road) west to Pell City. Photo taken 10/07/12.
Lawson Hill of the Sleeping Giants mountains outside Talladega come into view along SR 77 south from CR-369. Photo taken 10/07/12.
Talladega County 377 (Providence Road) ties into SR 77 south at Coosa Valley Industrial Park. Photo taken 10/07/12.
Providence Road (CR-377) connects SR 77 with both County Road 326 (Jackson Trace Road) and County Road 005 (Eastaboga Sounty) south from Talladega Superspeedway. Photo taken 10/07/12.
SR 77 remains a four-lane divided highway with a 65 mile per hour speed limit from County Road 377 to SR 34. Photo taken 10/07/12.
SR 34 (Stemley Bridge Road) intersects SR 77 just north of Talladega and ends. Photo taken 10/07/12.
SR 34 travels 12.97 miles overall between north Talladega and U.S. 231 south of Pell City. Photo taken 10/07/12.
Speed limits reduce south of SR 34 as SR 77 shifts from a four-lane divided highway into a five-lane arterial. Photo taken 10/07/12.
Lawson Hill rises just west of SR 77 as the state highway enters the city of Talladega and approaches SR 275. Presently SR-275 leads 3.50 miles southwest from SR 77 to SR 21 at Bemiston. Photo taken 10/07/12.
SR 275 provides a bypass of Talladega for through traffic to Sylacauga and Montgomery via SR 21 and U.S. 231 south. Motorists bound for County Road 325 west to Shocco Springs should also follow SR-275 to the Shocco Springs Road nearby. Photo taken 10/07/12.
SR 77 continues southeast into town, eventually joining East Street south to downtown and SR 21 (North & Battle Streets). SR 21 joins Talladega with Curry, Mumford and Oxford to the northeast. Photo taken 10/07/12.
Traffic cones in place at SR 77 and SR 275 south were used not only for construction of the north Talladega bypass, but also for traffic control after the Good Sam Roadside Assistance 500 at Talladega Superspeedway. Construction extends SR 275 east along a four-lane at-grade facility from SR 77 east to SR 21, east of the city limits. The project commenced in May 2006 but has faced delays due to funding.1 Photo taken 10/07/12.
Just south of the split with SR 49 in southeastern Clay County is this scene. SR 77 traverses slow rolling hills on the nine mile stretch between SR 49 and the village of Almond. Photo taken 09/29/03.
SR 77 intersects the south end of Randolph County 15 at Almond. This north-south route connects SR 77 with the county seat of Wedowee by way of Malone and U.S. 431. Photo taken 09/29/03.
2 photos
2 photos
Within the town of Wadley, SR 77 curves through residential areas and by an adjacent high school to reach SR 22. A pair of SR 77 shields guide motorists through the western reaches of town. Photos taken 09/29/03.
At downtown Wadley, SR 77 southbound approaches SR 22. The two highways share a one mile overlap from Wadley to the east. SR 22 then departs eastward for the town of Roanoke and the Georgia state line. Photo taken 09/29/03.
SR 77 southbound at SR 22. Westward, SR 22 takes a curvy path to the village of Daviston and town of New Site. SR 77 meanwhile departs SR 22 for the communities of Abanda, Milltown, Penton, and U.S. 431 near Lafayette. Photo taken 09/29/03.

  1. "Stalled 275 bypass project to move forward." The Daily Home (Talladega), July 9, 2010.

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