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Alabama State Route 104 travels east from U.S. 98 at Fairhope with two lanes to Siverhill and SR 59 at Robertsdale. Historically, SR 104 turned to the north at Fairhope, and followed the current alignment of U.S. 98 to Spanish Fort.

Alabama Route 104 East
The first confirming marker for SR 104 east. Initially rural, the state route travels through the Gulf Coast Research and Extension Center to Baldwin County Road 13. 01/29/02
Within the town of Silverhill, SR 104 intersects Baldwin County Road 55 (Broad Street). This previously was the lone traffic light between Robertsdale and Montrose. 06/05/02
Continuing east into the town of Robertsdale, SR 104 approaches SR 59 and CR 83 (Silverhill Avenue). 08/24/03
An end shield for SR 104 precedes SR 59 (Milwaukee Street) and CR 83 (Silverhill Avenue) east. SR 59 leads north to Downtown Robertsdale and south 11 miles to the Foley Beach Express. Silverhill Avenue extends east to the Baldwin Beach Express. 04/21/02

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