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Alabama State Route 135 winds northward through Gulf State Park along a 2.14 mile course in coastal Baldwin County. The route joins SR 182 near Gulf State Park Pier with SR 180 along Fort Morgan Road.

Alabama Route 135 North
SR 135 northbound as it departs SR 182 (East Beach Boulevard). A boat ramp and picnic area for Shelby Lakes lies nearby. Photo taken 05/16/04.
Hurricane evacuation route trailblazer posted along SR 135 north ahead of the former west end of Park Road 2. Bicycle lanes are striped along SR 135 on each side of the highway. Photo taken 05/16/04.
SR 135 (Park Road) turns west from former Park Road 2 (now an access road to the Gulf State Park golf course) to meet SR 180 at its turn from East 2nd Street onto Fort Morgan Road. SR 180 continues west to SR 59 (Gulf Shores Parkway) and east along Canal Drive to the Foley Beach Express in Orange Beach. Photo taken 05/16/04.
Park Road and SR 135 end at SR 180. SR 180 stretches 31.4 miles from Fort Morgan on Mobile Bay to Caswell and Perdido Bay in Orange Beach. Photo taken 05/16/04.
Alabama Route 135 South
SR 135 initially leads east from the intersection of East 2nd Street and Fort Morgan Road (SR 180) to the Gulf Oak Ridge Trailhead access road (old Park Road 2). This image looks at the first southbound shield. Photo taken 06/13/10.
SR 135 (Park Road) south intersects the former route of Park Road 2. Park Road 2 was decommissioned on April 18, 2016, when a 1.5 mile section of the loop was closed to vehicular traffic. A segment remains in use from SR 135 east to the Gulf State Park golf course. Photo taken 06/13/10.
Park Road meanders southwest and then east, encircling wetlands of Shelby Lakes to the Gulf State Park Pier. Photo taken 06/13/10.
SR 135 ends at SR 182 (East Beach Boulevard) opposite the Gulf State Park Pier access road. SR 182 travels west from the park into Gulf Shores and east to Romar Beach within Orange Beach. Photo taken 06/13/10.

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05/16/04, 06/13/10 by AARoads

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