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SR 158 was previously a 4.7 mile long route linking U.S. 45 at Kushla with U.S. 43 at Saraland. The state route was extended west to Schillinger Road, north of West Mobile, in early 2008. SR 158 follows Industrial Parkway through Saraland as it connects I-65 with the University of Mobile to the west and an industrial park at U.S. 43 (Craft Highway) to the east.

Alabama State Route 158 was completed west from U.S. 45 to the Schillinger Road extension on January 25, 2008. The four lane divided highway represents part of the planned relocation of U.S. 98 north from Moffett Road through Semmes and Wilmer. Interchanges were planned along the highway at Schillinger Road (CR 31) and McCrary Road at SR 217 (Lott Road). Those were dropped from plans due to lack of funding.

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Signs were added by November 2008 designating SR 158 as Ken Malone Parkway in Saraland.

The following series of photos covers SR 158 along Industrial Parkway prior to work on the extension west to Schillinger Road.

Alabama Route 158 East - old configuration
The first shield for SR 158 prior to four lane construction of Industrial Parkway in the mid-2000s. 11/04/03
SR 158 crossed Chickasaw Creek on a two lane bridge east of U.S. 45. Later repurposed as the westbound lanes, this span was eventually replaced. 11/04/03
2 photos
2 photos
SR 158 (Industrial Parkway) at the grade separated intersection with CR 55 (College Parkway south / Kali-Oka Road north). 11/04/03
Alabama Route 158 West - old configuration
Westbound SR 158 at the previously access road to Mobile County Route 55. 06/11/01
The former at-grade intersection joining SR 158 west with U.S. 45 near Kushla in the city of Prichard. 06/11/01
Replaced shields for the SR 158 west end. Construction widening Industrial Parkway to four lanes between SR 213 and U.S. 45 began in 2004. 11/04/03
Alabama Route 158 / Mobile County Road 55 connector
SR 158 and CR 55 (Kali Oka Road) previously met at a grade separated intersection. 11/04/03
2 photos
2 photos
A two lane access road joined SR 158 and CR 55 (Kali-Oka Road) within the southwest quadrant of their grade separated intersection. 11/04/03

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06/11/01, 11/04/03 by AARoads

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