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Alabama 158 was a short route between U.S. 45 at Kushla and U.S. 43 at Saraland, but was extended in early 2008 to Schillinger Road north of West Mobile. The state route follows Industrial Parkway through Saraland as it connects I-65 with an industrial park at Craft Highway. Alabama 158 also serves the University of Mobile.

Alabama 158 was completed west from U.S. 45 to the Schillinger Road extension on January 25, 2008. The four-lane divided highway forms the northern component of the future U.S. 98 realignment. Interchanges were planned at Schillinger Road and Alabama 217 (Lott Road) at McCrary Road. Those were dropped from plans to cut costs for the new U.S. 98.

Signs were added by November 2008 designating Alabama 158 as Ken Malone Parkway in Saraland.

Alabama 158 Highway Guides

The following collection of photos catalogs Alabama 158 in its two-lane form between the original end at U.S. 45 and the merge with Alabama 213 near Exit 13 of Interstate 65.

Alabama 158 east - old configuration
What was the first Alabama 158 eastbound shield before four-laning began in the mid-2000s. Industrial Parkway is free from development along the stretch from U.S. 45 to Alabama 213 with the exception of a church. Photo taken 11/04/03.
The forested first mile of Alabama 158 eastbound in its original form. Ahead is the original Chickasaw Creek overcrossing, now the westbound lanes. Photo taken 11/04/03.
An intersection was situated along Alabama 158 with the Mobile County 55 (College Parkway south / Kali-Oka Road north) connector. The upcoming north-south highway serves the University of Mobile campus that is situated between Alabama 158 and Alabama 213 (Shelton Beach Road). Photo taken 11/04/03.
A flasher was posted at the Mobile County 55 connector. Kali Oka Road itself passes underneath Alabama 158 ahead. The University of Mobile Campus is situated just to the south of this junction. Photo taken 11/04/03.
Alabama 158 west - old configuration
Westbound Alabama 158 at the original connector road to Mobile County 55. Mobile County 55 serves the private University of Mobile, and connects Alabama 213 with U.S. 45 while passing through the far western reaches of Saraland. Photo taken 06/11/01.
The former westbound end of Alabama 158 near Kushla at U.S. 45. This is a very rural area in the northern portion of the Prichard city limits. Photo taken 06/11/01.
A revisit to the western terminus revealed new shield assemblies for the Alabama 158 conclusion. Construction began in 2004 to widen Industrial Parkway to four lanes between U.S. 45 and Alabama 213. The intersection here was replaced with a diamond interchange during that road work. Photo taken 11/04/03.
Old Alabama 158 & Mobile County 55 connector
Alabama 158 and Mobile County 55/Kali Oka Road met at a grade separated intersection joined by a two-lane connector road. This view looks at Alabama 158 as it crosses over Mobile County 55 north. Note the space allocation for an eventual widening of Kali-Oka Road, something that is planned with the Alabama Motorsports Park. Photo taken 11/04/03.
The connector between Alabama 158 and Mobile County 55 was located off the southwest quadrant of their crossing. This photograph revealed the stop sign and Alabama 158 shield assembly at the end of the two lane connector from Kali-Oka Road. Photo taken 11/04/03.
Taking the connector from Alabama 158 to Mobile County 55 revealed this shield assembly. Mobile County signs are generally only signed from U.S. or State Highways. Photo taken 11/04/03.

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06/11/01, 11/04/03 by AARoads

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