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Alabama State Route 163 is Dauphin Island Parkway (known as the DIP by Mobilians) in Mobile County. Generally a five lane boulevard, the state route serves areas of south Mobile including Brookley Field and Dog River. The northern end connects Interstate 10 with with Government Boulevard (U.S. 90) and Airport Boulevard near Midtown Mobile. SR 163 ends to the south at SR 193 east of Theodore.

SR 163 originally continued south of the Fowl River all the way to Dauphin Island. This alignment preceded the establishment of SR 193 south from Tillman's Corner to the barrier island. SR 163 was relocated due to the closure and removal of the Dauphin Island Parkway bridge across Theodore Ship Channel.

Alabama Route 163 North
Alabama 163 Dog River Bridge, as seen from a nearby frontage road. The Dog River is the home to marinas and industry, as it snakes its way through south Mobile. This span is visible from the Interstate 10 Bayway at night. Photo taken 03/28/02.
Alabama 163/Dauphin Island Parkway northbound at the Interstate 10/Exit 22 stack interchange. Alabama 163 rises quickly to cross over the six lane Interstate because of the proximity of the nearby CSX Railroad line paralleling the eastbound lanes. Photo taken 11/03/03.
The eastbound on-ramp to Interstate 10 departs Alabama 163 northbound. Traffic enters northbound from the Interstate 10 eastbound off-ramp to the left. Note that the overhead guide signage still retains its original lighting fixtures. Photo taken 11/03/03.
Slotted overhead at the westbound Interstate 10 loop ramp. Ahead is the intersection with McVay Drive. McVay is a secondary arterial connecting Dauphin Island Parkway with U.S. 90/Government Boulevard to the northwest. Hank Aaron Stadium, home to the Double A Mobile Baybears is located near McVay Drive via Satchel Paige Drive. Photo taken 01/29/10.
Alabama 163 enters its final stretch along Dauphin Island Parkway (DIP) northbound at the Loop. The terminus itself is located at Government Street/U.S. 90. Photo taken 11/13/03.
Nearing the intersection with U.S. 90. To the left ahead is Midtown Mobile. To the right is Downtown Mobile. Continuing straight will take motorists onto the final block of DIP to Airport Boulevard. The railroad crossing beforehand is part of the Norfolk-Southern Railroad system. Photo taken 11/13/03.
Alabama 163 concludes at a five point intersection. Government Street represents the four lane roadway in the foreground. To the left is the southbound only Williams Street. This block carries Airport Boulevard traffic onto both U.S. 90 and Alabama 163. Photo taken 11/13/03.
An end shield is posted for the northern terminus of Alabama 163 at U.S. 90. The end of DIP is also visible at the next traffic light in the background. Photo taken 11/13/03.
Dauphin Island Parkway extends north from U.S. 90 (Government Street) as a one way street to Airport Boulevard. Photo taken 07/16/07.
Alabama Route 163 South
The first southbound shield of Alabama 163. Posted just south of Government Street, DIP carries just three lanes to the intersection with Duval Street and Halls Mill Road. From there southward Alabama 163 is four lanes with a concrete median. Photo taken 11/13/03.
Dauphin Island Parkway kinks southwest over Halls Mill Road beyond this shield assembly. The sign originally included a diagonal arrow when it was posted by the second tree in this image. Photo taken 02/06/09.
Halls Mill Road splits southwestward to Holcombe Avenue (historic U.S. 90). Gosson Street leads northwest to Holcombe Avenue while Duval Street begins and travels east to Michigan Avenue and Interstate 10 (Exit 24). Photo taken 02/06/09.
Continuing south from the five point intersection with Halls mill Road, Gosson and Duval Streets on Alabama 163. Photo taken 02/06/09.
Zula Lane stems west from Alabama 163 (Dauphin Island Parkway) as part of a residential loop with Bucker Road. Photo taken 02/06/09.
Frontage roads accompany Dauphin Island Parkway periodically between Zula Lane and McVay Drive near Interstate 10. Photo taken 02/06/09.
2 photos
2 photos
Traffic bound for Interstate 10 at the Exit 22 stack interchange of Alabama 163 departs in unison from the McVay Drive intersection with Dauphin Island Parkway. An elevated ramp carries Interstate 10 eastbound traffic to the left. Photos taken 02/06/09.
Leaving the directional stack interchange with Interstate 10, Alabama 163 (Dauphin Island Parkway) enters the Neshota and Forest Park communities of south Mobile. Photo taken 06/15/09.
Old Military Road west and Gatot Koco Drive east leave Alabama 163 (Dauphin Island Parkway) southbound at the next traffic light. Gatot Koco Drive links with Military Road near Mobile Downtown Airport (Brookley Field). Photo taken 06/15/09.
Southbound reassurance shield posted after Old Military Road. Alabama 163 curves southeastward around the periphery of Dog River. Photo taken 06/15/09.
A traffic light hangs above the entrance to a shopping center between Yorkshire and Cedar Point Roads. The next signal lies southward at Cedar Crescent east and Gulf Dale Drive west. Cedar Crescent radiates eastward from Dauphin Island parkway to a grid of streets and mobile home parks. Photo taken 06/15/09.
Two sets of traffic lights reside at Brill Road west and Club House Road southwest from Alabama 163 (Dauphin Island Parkway) south. Club House Road heads west to Trimmier Park and the Dog River. Photo taken 06/15/09.
Alabama 163 reassurance marker posted ahead of Gill Road west and Cedar Crescent east. Photo taken 06/15/09.
Stewart Road spurs east from Alabama 163 to Dog River Point north of this southbound shield. Photo taken 06/15/09.
Boykin Boulevard ventures west from Dauphin Island Parkway at this traffic light to Alba Club Road near Trimmier Park. Photo taken 06/15/09.
Alabama 163 continues with five lanes southward toward the Dog River Bridge. Photo taken 06/15/09.
3 photos
3 photos
3 photos
Spanning Dog River along Alabama 163 southbound between the city of Mobile and Hollingers Island. The four-lane bridge opened to traffic in 1995. Photos taken 06/15/09.
Nearing the western turn of Alabama 163 from Dauphin Island Parkway onto Hamilton Boulevard on Hollingers Island. Alabama 163 used to continue southward to Bellefontaine, but the bridge over the Middle Fork of the Deer River was removed. Photo taken 06/15/09.
Alabama 163 travels west to Alabama 193 south for interests to Dauphin Island. Dauphin Island Parkway meanwhile continues to the Mobile Middle Bay Port of the Alabama State Docks. Photo taken 06/15/09.
A set of flashers hang above the four-way stop between Dauphin Island Parkway, Hamilton Boulevard, and Island Road east to Bay Road. Photo taken 06/15/09.
Traveling west along Hamilton Boulevard after Alabama 163 departs Dauphin Island Parkway. Photo taken 06/15/09.
Alabama 193 shield posted ahead of the Alabama 163 southern terminus with Rangeline Road and Mobile County 26 (Hamilton Boulevard) west. Photo taken 06/15/09.
Alabama 193 replaced Alabama 163 as the main route southward to Dauphin Island. Rangeline Road and the interchange with Interstate 10 (Exit 17) were built between 1979 and 1983. Photo taken 06/15/09.
End shield assembly posted for Alabama 163 at Alabama 193 and Mobile County 26 west. Mobile County 26 continues Hamilton Boulevard into Theodore. Alabama 193 follows Rangeline Road south to Laurendine Road (Mobile County 24) and Bellefontaine. From Bellefontaine southward, Alabama 193 replaced original Alabama 163. Photo taken 06/15/09.
Alabama Route 163 scenes
Dauphin Island Parkway northbound at the northern turn of SR 163 from Hamilton Boulevard. Photo taken 06/15/09.

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