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Alabama 177 loops east from U.S. 43 into Jackson, the county seat of Clarke County. The route was four-laned from the southern terminus to industrial areas on the Tombigbee River to accommodate increasing truck traffic. Alabama 69 ends at Alabama 177 and Downtown Jackson.

Alabama 177 represents the original routing of U.S. 43, which now bypasses the city to the northwest on a four-lane alignment.

Alabama 177 north
Alabama 177 curves northward and intersects Clarke County 15. The state route was two lanes as it approached Downtown Jackson. CR 15 spurs southward toward Rockville and Carlton in a remote portion of Clarke County. Photo taken 02/10/02.
A remnant kilometer marker along Alabama 177 north. Kilometer posts appeared regularly throughout the state in 1996. However with general disfavor by drivers, the assemblies were subsequently removed. Photo taken 02/10/02.
Alabama 177 north at Alabama 69. Alabama 69 commences a lengthy route north to Tuscaloosa and Guntersville here and meets U.S. 43 at a grade separated intersection nearby. Photo taken 02/10/02.
An end shield formally marks the northbound conclusion of SR 177 at U.S. 43. U.S. 43 bypasses Jackson to the north and continues 14 miles from SR 177 to U.S. 84 at Grove Hill. Photo taken 02/10/02.

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