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Alabama 181 comprises a 1.5-mile connector route between U.S. 90 / Baldwin County 27 (Belforest Road) at Malbis and U.S. 31 (Spanish Fort Boulevard) at Spanish Fort. Named Malbis Plantation Parkway, the commercial arterial meets Interstate 10 midway between the two US highways.

Construction expanded a portion of Baldwin County 27 (Belforest Road) south from two to four lanes to serve growing suburban areas in east Daphne and Fairhope. This work coincided with a mileage swap between Baldwin County and the state, where Belforest Road was added to Alabama 181. The state route extends south from U.S. 90, 17 miles to U.S. 98 near Weeks Bay.

Alabama 181 south
The first southbound shield for SR 181, posted along Malbis Plantation Parkway south of U.S. 31 and the County Road 27 extension. Photo taken 05/16/04.
Southbound reassurance shield posted on Malbis Plantation Parkway between Interstate 10 (Exit 38) and U.S. 90 at Malbis. Photo taken 05/07/04.
Approaching U.S. 90 on Alabama 181 south at Malbis. The state route replaced CR 27 (Belforest Road) south from the upcoming intersection to Belforest, Alabama 104, and U.S. 98 near Weeks Bay. Photo taken 05/07/04.
2 photos
2 photos
The original southern terminus of Alabama 181 (Malbis Plantation Parkway) at U.S. 90 in Malbis. U.S. 90 heads three miles west to Daphne and Spanish Fort and six miles east to Loxley. Photo taken 05/07/04. Second photo taken 08/24/03.

Belforest Road

North-south roadway between Malbis and Barnwell east of the Spanish Fort-Daphne-Fairhope eastern shore communities. Mobile County 27 travels from the south end of Alabama 181 at U.S. 90 in the growing Malbis area, cutting directly south through growing areas east of the burgeoning coastal development. To the south of Alabama 104, Baldwin County 27 becomes more rural in nature, passing by pastures and the occasional resident subdivision. The south end occurs at Weeks Bay.

A four-laning project is set to begin involving all of Baldwin County 27 (Belforest Road) between the current south end of Alabama 181 at U.S. 90 in Malbis to U.S. 98 at Weeks Bay. Upon completion of the project, the state of Alabama will overtake maintenance of the highway from Baldwin County in exchange for Alabama 112. The new four-lane Belforest Road will join an extended Alabama 181 within the state highway system.

Alabama 181 north
Baldwin County Road 27 widened to four lanes at the Malbis Plantation Parkway intersection with U.S. 90 and Alabama 181. Photo taken 08/26/01.
The previous end shield for CR 27 north at U.S. 90 and SR 181. Prior to the extension south to Weeks Bay, SR 181 was an extremely short route connecting U.S. 90 with I-10 and U.S. 31. Photo taken 08/26/01.
Alabama 181 south
The community of Belforest lies at the crossroads of SR 181 and CR 64. CR 64 follows Daphne Roads east from the city of Daphne to Belforest and Loxley. The county road eventually turns north to meet I-10 at Exit 53. Photo taken 08/24/03.
SR 181 (Belforest Road) southbound after CR 64 (Daphne Road). Belforest Road intersects CR 13 two miles ahead. Photo taken 05/15/04.
Approaching SR 104 on SR 27 southbound. SR 104 is an east-west route from U.S. 98 and the city of Fairhope to U.S. 90 at the town of Robertsdale. Photo taken 08/24/03.
SR 104 travels six miles east from SR 181 to the town of Silverhill. SR 181 continues another five miles south to U.S. 98 near Weeks Bay. Photo taken 08/24/03.
Belforest Road southbound at CR 48. CR 48 (Fairhope Avenue) leads two miles east from U.S. 98 and the city of Fairhope to SR 181. Eastward CR 48 extends another 6.5 miles to CR 55 south of Silverhill. Photo taken 05/15/04.
Alabama 181 continues another 1.5 miles southward to Baldwin County Road 44 (Twin Beech Road). There were no additional traffic lights along the state route south of CR 48 as of 2004. Photo taken 05/15/04.
CR 27 reassurance marker posted south of CR 44 (Twin Beech Road). Photo taken 05/15/04.
Southbound Alabama 181 at Baldwin County Road 32 (Dixie Road). CR 32 travels 24.6 miles through central Baldwin County, from Point Clear and U.S. 98 Alternate eastward to Fairhope Municipal Airport and Summerdale. Photo taken 05/15/04.
SR 181 jogs east than south on the approach to U.S. 98 at Turkey Branch. Photo taken 05/15/04.
U.S. 98 turns east from U.S. 98 Alternate on the 13 mile drive between the Eastern Shore and Foley. CR 27 ends at the US highway but resumes again one half mile to the west along Mary Ann Beach Road south. Photo taken 05/15/04.


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