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SR 185 is a rural highway looping 23.13 miles west from U.S. 31 through Greenville and Fort Deposit. SR 185 crosses Interstate 65 at Exit 130 in Greenville and again at Exit 142, east of Fort Deposit.

Alabama Route 185 North
A diamond interchange flanked by heavy commercial development joins SR 185 (Fort Dale Road) with I-65 in Greenville. The state route doubles as SR 10 Truck between SR 245 (Greenville Bypass) and the southbound entrance ramp to Mobile. 10/06/12
SR 185 intersects Cahaba Road just north of Interstate 65 in Greenville. Cahaba Road serves a number of businesses fronting the southbound side of I-65. Sr 185 continues through northern reaches of the city to SR 263 (Braggs Road), where the route turns toward Fort Deposit. 10/06/12
SR 185 concludes at a rural junction with U.S. 31 and Lowndes County Road 4, two miles east of I-65, and five miles out from Fort Deposit. U.S. 31 continues north from SR 185 three miles to the settlement of Sandy Ridge. 04/21/01
Alabama Route 185 South
Entering the diamond interchange with Interstate 65 along SR 185 (Fort Dale Road) southbound in Greenville. 10/06/12
Interstate 65 and SR 10 Truck coincide to Exit 128 on the southwest side of Greenville. SR 10 Truck follows SR 185 south to nearby SR 245 (Greenville Bypass) east. 10/06/12
SR 185 passes over I-65 and reaches the northbound on-ramp to Montgomery as SR 10 Truck east joins Fort Dale road from I-65. 10/06/12
SR 185 concludes four miles southwest of Greenville at U.S. 31. U.S. 31 traverses nine miles of forest and farmland before arriving at Chapman to the south. An end SR 185 Truck 185 shield was posted on U.S. 31 southbound here as well. 04/21/01

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