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Beginning at scenic Dauphin Island, Alabama 193 crosses the Mississippi Sound over the three mile long Gordon Persons Bridge. Originally a tolled drawbridge, hurricane damage led to the removal of that span and its replacement by 1982.

Alabama 193 continues onto Mon Louis Island from Mississippi Sound along a three mile causeway before reaching an area south of Alabama Port. Drivers are given the option to turn west on Alabama 188 or to continue north on Alabama 193 (Dauphin Island Parkway). The two lane highway is home to numerous residences and marinas along the western waterfront of Mobile Bay. The highway retains this arrangement northward across the East Fowl River towards the city of Mobile. Originally this was all apart of Alabama 163, but the closing of the Theodore Ship Channel bridge on the original parkway forced the relocation of the route to the west. The old roadway dead ends at an industrial area associated with the shipping channel.

Alabama 193's western turn on Laurendine Road to Rangeline Road occurs southeast of Theodore. Industrial sites line the route as it gains elevation on the approach to Interstate 10. The northern terminus falls within the retail corridor of U.S. 90 at Tillman's Corner.

About Dauphin Island: Swimming, fishing, and boating are among the attractions to the 16 mile long Gulf of Mexico island. The Civil War era Fort Gaines is located at the east end of the island along with the Dauphin Island Sea Lab. An auto ferry allows drivers to access Fort Morgan at Alabama 180 in southwestern Baldwin County. Visitors will notice an array of oil rigs dotting the seascape offshore in the Gulf of Mexico. During the fall months on Dauphin Island, algae can be found in the Gulf of Mexico surf that sparkles in the nighttime darkness.

Alabama 193 north
The first shield of Alabama 193 is not posted until LeMoyne Avenue ascends onto the Gordon Persons Bridge. The two-lane span opened in 1982. Photo taken 09/12/10.
Alabama 193 initially travels from Chugae Point over Dauphin Island Bay before passing over northern reaches of Dauphin Island. From there the state highway continues over Bayou Aloe to Pass aux Herons. Photo taken 09/12/10.
Lowering from the crest over the Intracoastal Waterway (Grants Pass), drivers are afforded this expansive view of Mississippi Sound. Photo taken 09/12/10.
The Gordon Persons Bridge returns to land at Cedar Point and travels a causeway north along the shore of Mobile Bay. Photo taken 09/12/10.
Curving northward, Alabama 193 travels just above a marshy area to the east of Heron Bay to Mon Louis Island. The low elevation of Dauphin Island Parkway here is subject to flooding during strong winter and tropical storms. Photo taken 09/12/10.
Heron Bay Cutoff connects the waters of Heron and Mobile Bay. A 1981-built bridge spans the inlet. Photo taken 09/12/10.
Continuing north on Mon Louis Island toward the settlement of Alabama Port. Photo taken 09/12/10.
Alabama 193 northbound reaches the eastern terminus of Alabama 188 at Alabama Port. Bayfront homes and docks, several of which are seasonal residences, generally represent the Alabama Port area. Alabama 188 west to Mobile County 59 north and Alabama 193 represent the three hurricane evacuation routes northward. Photo taken 10/12/03.
A return visit to Alabama Port reveals that not much has changed at Alabama 188 outside the flashers suspended above the intersection. Alabama 188 constitutes a 19.7-mile route west to Grand Bay and Exit 4 of Interstate 10. Photo taken 09/12/10.
Alabama 193 (Dauphin Island Parkway) continues north on Mon Louis Island toward Faustinas. Photo taken 09/12/10.
Crossing the East Fowl River along Alabama 193 north of Mon Louis. This waterway in conjunction with The Narrows and West Fowl River separate Mon Louis Island from the rest of interior Mobile County. The bridge pictured here was replaced in 2007 with a modern span complete with full shoulders. Photo taken 10/12/03.
2 photos
2 photos
A flasher cautions traffic at the east end of Mobile County 22 (Fowl River Road). Fowl River Road heads toward the communities of South Orchard, Fowl River and a conclusion at Mobile County 59 (Bellingrath Road) 3.2 miles to the west. There is some confusion as whether Fowl River Road is designated Mobile County 22 as previously posted and designated on the ALDOT general highway map of Mobile County or County Road 20 as posted in the field. Photo taken 10/12/03. Second photo taken 09/12/10.
Alabama 193 (Dauphin Island Parkway) leaves Smithport and Bayleys Corner (Mobile County 20) for Bellefontaine. Photo taken 09/12/10.
Alabama 193 northbound turns west onto Laurendine Road, parting ways with old Alabama 163/Dauphin Island Parkway. The drawbridge over the Theodore Navigational Ship Channel was removed some time ago, thus cutting Alabama 163 between this intersection and Hamilton Boulevard to the north. This resulted in the relocation of the state highway westward along Hamilton Road to its terminus at Rangeline Road. Photo taken 10/12/03.
Alabama 193 turns northerly again onto Rangeline Road after departing the Laurendine Road. Laurendine becomes Mobile County 24 to the west en route to Half Mile Road. Photo taken 10/12/03.
Crossing the Theodore Navigational Ship Channel along Alabama 193 (Rangeline Road) northbound. Several complexes can be seen along the banks of the waterway (Middle Fork Deer River). This bridge opened in 1976 and only carries two lanes, though provisions were made to the right of way for an eventual second span. Photo taken 10/12/03.
Alabama 193 (Rangeline Road) quickly expands into a four-lane divided highway north of the ship channel bridge. Photo taken 10/12/03.
2 photos
2 photos
Mobile County 26 continues Hamilton Boulevard west from Hollingers Island to U.S. 90 and Mobile County 30 (Theodore Dawes Road) at Theodore. Alabama 193 meanwhile gains frontage roads northward from Alabama 163 to Rabbit Creek Drive. Photos taken 10/12/03.
A full cloverleaf interchange joins Alabama 193 (Rangeline Road) with Interstate 10 near Tillman's Corner. The eastbound on-ramp to Interstate 10 includes ramps from both the Rangeline Road frontage road and northbound mainline. Photo taken 10/31/03.
A loop ramp drops from Alabama 193 (Rangeline Road) northbound onto a collector distributor roadway of Interstate 10 west. Interstate 10 continues two miles to U.S. 90 and four miles to Theodore. Photo taken 10/31/03.
Alabama 193 carries three northbound lanes from Interstate 10 northward to U.S. 90. Traffic lights follow at the U.S. 90 service road adjacent to a Wal-mart and the intersection with Halls Mill Road. Photo taken 01/26/11.
Halls Mill Road provides a local through road from Tillman's Corner northeast toward central Mobile. The alignment represents the original route of U.S. 90 before Government Boulevard was constructed. Photo taken 01/26/11.
Alabama 193 (Rangeline Road) next meets U.S. 90 and Nevius Road. U.S. 90 travels generally north-south from Theodore to Government Street east of midtown Mobile. Nevius Road stems west from Rangeline Road to area subdivisions and was extended as a through road to Hillcrest Road in December 2010. Photo taken 01/26/11.
The conclusion of Alabama 193 northbound at U.S. 90. U.S. 90 slugs southward through numerous signalized intersections with adjacent commercial development to meet Interstate 10. Northward, the four-lane divided highway spans Halls Mill Creek en route to Cottage Hill. Photo taken 01/26/11.
Alabama 193 south
Alabama 193 southbound at Halls Mill Road (Mobile County 28). Halls Mill Road parallels U.S. 90 and Interstate 10 between mid-town Mobile and Tillman's Corner. The highway continued west of U.S. 90 as Old Pascagoula Road but the continuity between the two roads was severed due to development. Photo taken 10/31/03.
The Alabama 193 service road ties into Rangeline Road adjacent to a Wal-mart and before the interchange with interstate 10. Photo taken 10/31/03.
Sign bridge on Alabama 193 southbound at the Interstate 10 westbound ramp. This is the last interchange of Interstate 10 from the west to feature Mobile as a control city for eastbound, though as of 2008 both Exits 17 and 15 (U.S. 90) are now wholly within the municipal boundaries of Mobile. Photo taken 10/31/03.
The Interstate 10 eastbound cloverleaf departs Alabama 193 southbound. This ramp is fairly busy with commuter traffic during the inbound peak travel period. Continuing south along Rangeline Road will take one to various industrial areas. Four lanes are maintained southward toward Alabama 163. Photo taken 10/31/03.
Leaving Alabama Port and the eastern terminus of Alabama 188 on Alabama 193 (Dauphin Island Parkway) south. Photo taken 09/12/10.
A toll ferry trailblazer accompanies a ferry schedule dynamic message sign along Alabama 193 south for motorists headed to the Mobile Bay Ferry at the east end of Dauphin Island. Photo taken 09/12/10.
2 photos
2 photos
Dauphin Island Parkway stretches southward along the western shore of Mobile Bay from Heron Bay Cutoff southward to Cedar Point. Rising along the southern horizon perpetually is the Gordon Persons Bridge across Mississippi Sound to Dauphin Island. Photos taken 09/12/10.
The city limits of Dauphin Island extend northward to encompass all of the Gordon Persons Bridge. The concrete span opened to traffic in 1984, replacing a bridge previously tolled. Photo taken 09/12/10.
2 photos
2 photos
Curving southward over Mississippi Sound, motorists on Alabama 193 approach the Intracoastal Waterway hump on the bridge at Grants Pass and Pass aux Herons. Photos taken 09/12/10.
2 photos
2 photos
Lowering from the navigation channel crest of the Gordon Persons Bridge toward Dauphin Island. North Point of Dauphin Island extends toward the bridge, south of the lowland marsh area is Dauphin Island Bay. Bayou Aloe spreads out toward the west. Photo taken 08/15/01. Second photo taken 09/12/10.
Alabama 193 spans a section of Dauphin Island Bay before reaching land again at Chugae Point. Several marinas line Le Moyne Drive south of the bridge. Photo taken 09/12/10.
An end shield for Alabama 193 lies just south of the Gordon Persons Bridge near El Dorado Avenue. Photo taken 09/12/10.
The end shield for Alabama 193 was posted at Desoto Avenue before shifting to its current location to the north. Photo taken 08/09/02.
LeMoyne Avenue widens into a four-lane divided parkway at Desoto Avenue and continues three blocks to its end at Bienville Boulevard (Mobile County 2). Bienville Boulevard stretches west to Dauphin Island Town Hall and built up area end of Dauphin Island and east to the Mobile Bay Ferry, Fort Gaines, and Pelican Point. Photo taken 09/12/10.
Alabama 193 scenes
Original button copy signage that was posted on Nevius Road eastbound at U.S. 90 and Alabama 193 (Rangeline Road). Nevius Road at the time was just a local road serving a handful of subdivisions. Since that time, the road was extended west as an alternate to Hillcrest Road. Rangeline Road was built in 1979 and the signage dated from that construction. Photo taken 06/21/02.

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