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Primarily a local roadway through the cities of Saraland and Prichard north of Mobile, Alabama State Route 213 follows Shelton Beach Road along a 5.75 mile course between U.S. 45 and U.S. 43. SR 213 serves the University of Mobile and combines with SR 158 (Industrial Parkway) through a parclo interchange with Interstate 65. Replacing a series of five spans to the east, SR 213 was realigned in 2003 over Chickasaw Creek near Chickasabogue Park.

Alabama Route 213 North
Whistler Street extends northwest from central Prichard to Chickasabogue Park and SR 213 (Shelton Beach Road). 07/17/07
Continuing north from Whistler Street, SR 213 intersects Kali-Oka Road (Mobile County Road 55) and College Parkway. Both roadways lead north to the University of Mobile. This reassurance marker follows. 07/17/07
SR 213 (Shelton Beach Road) emerges from forest land near Shelton Beach to meet SR 158 (Industrial Parkway) and I-65 at Saraland. The erroneous reference for junction SR 213 was corrected by 2011. 07/17/07
2 photos
2 photos
SR 158/213 combine for 0.268 mile along Industrial Parkway through a parclo interchange with Interstate 65. Westward SR 158 continues to U.S. 45 near Kushla in Prichard and the January 2008 opened extension of Schillinger Road in Semmes. 07/17/07
SR 213 north at SR 158 and Interstate 65 before expansion of the diamond interchange with a loop ramp from west to south. 10/26/99
Alabama Route 158 East Alabama Route 213 North
Formerly a diamond interchange, construction between 1999 and 2003 upgraded the SR 158/213 exchange with Interstate 65 to a parclo. 11/04/03
Overheads at the southbound entrance ramp for I-65 to Mobile were installed in 2003 during the final phase of the Exit 13 reconstruction project. The intersections with SR 213 were also realigned outward to improve traffic flow. 07/16/07
2 photos
2 photos
Proceeding east below I-65, SR 158/213 (Industrial Parkway) meet the northbound on-ramp to Satsuma, Creola and Montgomery. 07/16/07
SR 213 resumes along Shelton Beach Road north from SR 158. The state route angles northeast to U.S. 43 at Celeste Road (CR 41) in Saraland. 07/16/07
Alabama Route 213 North
The realignment of SR 213 rejoins Shelton Beach Road northeast from SR 158 (Industrial Parkway). 07/17/07
2nd Street stems east from a signal at SR 213 (Shelton Beach road) to Amelia Park and U.S. 43 near the Saraland Municipal Complex. 07/17/07
Cleveland Road angles northwest from U.S. 43 (Saraland Boulevard) through Saraland to a signalized intersection with SR 213 (Shelton Beach Road). 07/17/07
Continuing through residential areas of Saraland along SR 213 north beyond Cleveland Road. 11/12/03
Saraland Loop Road connects SR 213 (Shelton Beach Road) with Mobile County Road 41 (Celeste Road) and Saraland Plaza Shopping Center. 07/17/07
SR 213 converges with U.S. 43 (Saraland Boulevard) and Mobile County Road 41 (Celeste Road) near the Satsuma city line. 07/17/07
SR 213 concludes at a five point intersection with U.S. 43, CR 41 (Celeste Road) and Ferry Avenue. Celeste Road links U.S. 43 with I-65 at Exit 17. Ferry Avenue extends east from U.S. 43 into an adjacent neighborhood. 07/17/07
Alabama Route 213 South
Alabama State Route 213 reassurance marker posted after the signalized intersection with Cleveland Road south. 07/17/07
2nd Avenue heads west from U.S. 43 (Saraland Boulevard) near the Saraland Municipal Complex to SR 213 by Richardson Commercial Park. 07/17/07
Alabama Route 158 West Alabama Route 213 South
SR 158/213 (Industrial Parkway) proceed west through the exchange with I-65. Interstate 65 travels 158 miles northeast from Saraland to Montgomery. Pull through signage references Citronelle for the SR 158 connection with U.S. 45 north in Prichard. 07/17/07
Downtown Mobile lies eight miles to the south of the loop ramp joining SR 158/213 west with Interstate 65 south. 11/22/09
SR 213 branches south from SR 158 at I-65 to Shelton Beach and Chickasabogue Park in Prichard. 11/22/08
Alabama State Route 213 (Shelton Beach Road) angles 2.99 miles southwest to U.S. 45 at Eight Mile in Prichard. SR 158 advances 2.61 miles west to U.S. 45 near Kushla. 11/22/08
Alabama Route 213 South
Curving southward from the intersection with Kali-Oka Road (CR 55), SR 213 advances to Chickasaw Creek at Shelton Beach. A stub along the east side remains from the old Shelton Beach Road alignment bypassed in 2003. 07/17/07
Alabama State Route 213 ends at U.S. 45 and Eight Mile in northwest Prichard. Shelton Beach Road Extension continues south to U.S. 98 as a locally maintained road. SR 217 (Lott Road) stems west from U.S. 45 at the adjacent intersection from U.S. 45. 11/04/03

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