SR 215 follows an L-shaped route through Tuscaloosa. The western leg follows Greensboro Avenue north from U.S. 11 (Skyland Boulevard) to 15th Street south of Downtown Tuscaloosa. The northern leg lines 15th Street east to U.S. 82 (McFarland Boulevard) at University Mall and Veterans Memorial Parkway to University Boulevard. The state route concludes at U.S. 11 via University Boulevard in the community of Cottondale.

Prior to 2017, SR 215 extended north along Greensboro Avenue from 15th Street to University Boulevard in Downtown Tuscaloosa, and east along University Boulevard across the University of Alabama campus. The state route was realigned southward to shift through traffic away from the university campus following completion of the Unviersity Boulevard overpass above Kicker Road.1

University Boulevard East / former Alabama Route 215
University Boulevard combines with SR 215 one block east of U.S. 43/SR 69 (Lurleen B. Wallace Boulevard) northbound. The state roue followed Greensboro Avenue south parallel to U.S. 11 and I-359 towards Taylorsville. 08/10/02
SR 215 turned east from Greensboro Avenue onto University Boulevard ahead of 23rd Avenue in Downtown Tuscaloosa. 08/10/02
University Boulevard (former SR 215) east at Colonial Drive and the University of Alabama Quad. 08/10/02
Continuing east along University Boulevard by the University of Alabama Quad to the pedestrian signal at Elm Drive. 08/10/02
Paul W. Bryant Drive merges with University Boulevard just ahead of the folded diamond interchange with U.S. 82 (McFarland Boulevard). 08/10/02
A loop ramp joins U.S. 82 (McFarland Boulevard) east ahead of University Mall. McFarland Boulevard transitions into a commercial arterial between SR 215 (15th Street) and I-59/20. 08/10/02
U.S. 82 (McFarland Boulevard) is an urban expressway northward from University Boulevard (old SR 215) to Rice Mine Road beyond the Black Warrior River. University Boulevard continues eastward to SR 215 (15th Street) and SR 216 (Old Birmingham Highway) on the outskirts of the city. 08/10/02
University Boulevard West / former Alabama Route 215
University Boulevard (former SR 215) west at the folded diamond interchange with U.S. 82 (McFarland Boulevard) and the University of Alabama. 08/10/02
University Boulevard west ahead of U.S. 43/SR 69 (Lurleen B. Wallace Boulevard) north. This shield assembly was removed during construction of an adjacent hotel. 08/10/02
U.S. 43/SR 69 span the Black Warrior River north into Northport from University Boulevard. The two routes follow a one way couplet south to Interstate 359. 08/10/02

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