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Alabama Route 233 North
SR 233 begins at SR 129 in Glen Allen and turns northeastward by this shield assembly at 11th Street. 12/19/09
SR 233 east from Glen Allen to Old Glen Allen Road coincides with the original alignment of U.S. 78. The state route turns north from the former route in this scene. 12/19/09
Old Glen Allen Road branches east from SR 233 to merge with U.S. 78 Alternate & SR 118 ahead of the New River. 12/19/09
SR 233 follows a northward course for the remainder of its 14.56-mile path to U.S. 278, north of Sunny Home. 12/19/09
A short distance beyond Old Glen Allen Road is the intersection of SR 233 north with U.S. 78 Alternate & SR 118. 12/19/09
The tandem of U.S. 78 Alternate & SR 118 follow a four-lane divided highway east to Texas. 12/19/09
Winfield and the SR 118 merge with SR 129 is a 3.11 mile drive to the west. 12/19/09
SR 233 winds northward through mostly forest land from SR 118. 12/19/09
2.48 miles north of SR 118, SR 233 meets Interstate 22 & U.S. 78 at a diamond interchange. 12/19/09
U.S. 78 follows all of Interstate 22, bypassing its original alignment through Carbon Hill and Jasper to Graysville. 12/19/09
Interstate 22 ends at Birmingham, 62 miles to the east. SR 233 continues north nine miles to U.S. 278. 12/19/09
Alabama Route 233 South
SR 118 crosses paths with SR 233, 2.48 miles south of I-22 & U.S. 78. Following Bankhead Highway, the state route follows old U.S. 78 west to Winfield and Gu-win and east to Texas and Eldridge. 12/19/09
Heading south from SR 118, motorists on SR 223 continue two miles to the Glen Allen town center and 23 miles to the Fayette County seat via SR 129 and U.S. 43 south. 12/19/09
Approaching Old Glen Allen Road along SR 233 south. The state route turns west at the stop sign. 12/19/09
Old Glen Allen Road, a former alignment of U.S. 78, enters SR 233 from SR 118 to the east. SR 233 continues the road southwest into Glen Allen. 12/19/09
Reassurance marker posted for SR 233 south after its turn onto Old Glen Allen Road. 12/19/09
Alabama Route 233 scenes
An older shield for SR 233 stands at the state route turn onto Old Glen Allen Road, east of Glen Allen. SR 233 follows former U.S. 78 to SR 129, with SR 129 continuing the original US highway west to Winfield. 12/19/09

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