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SR 255 is a seven mile long freeway around the north side of Huntsville. Named Research Park Boulevard, the state route runs through Cummings Research Park while joining Interstate 565 with U.S. 72 (University Drive) and SR 53 (Ardmore Highway). Frontage roads connect the four-lane freeway with intersecting roads north of U.S. 72.

SR 255 arcs northeast from the freeway end near Plummer Road along a frontage road system to SR 53 (Ardmore County). The frontage roads continue as Martin Luther King, Jr. Highway to Bob Wade Lane west of U.S. 231/431 (Memorial Parkway). A wide right of way between the frontage roads will eventually accommodate an extension of the SR 255 freeway east to Memorial Parkway along Bob Wade Lane.

Alabama Route 255 North
Advancing north from I-565, SR 255 spans a Norfolk-Southern Railroad line ahead of a parclo B2 interchange with Madison Pike. Madison Pike serves Thornton Research Park and the Bridge Street Town Centre mixed-use development nearby. 12/28/09
Next in line for SR 255 northbound is the six-ramp parclo interchange with Bradford Boulevard. 12/28/09
Bradford Boulevard joins SR 255 with Cummings Research Park to the west and the University of Alabama in Huntsville to the east. 12/28/09
Trailblazers posted along SR 255 north indicate the connections with U.S. 72 and U.S. 231 north. Presently there is no direct connection to U.S. 231/431, but an extension of the SR 255 freeway east to US highways near Meridianville is planned. 09/25/03
SR 255 north at the eastbound ramp to Bradford Drive. Bradford Drive leads directly to Holmes Avenue (old U.S. 72) at Sparkman Drive and the University campus. 12/28/09
Bradford Drive west links SR 255 with Explorer Boulevard at Cummings Research Park. Explorer Boulevard encircles the park between SR 255 and Slaughter Road. 12/28/09
U.S. 72 (University Drive) crosses paths with SR 255 (Research Park Boulevard) in a half mile by the MidCity Huntsville retail complex built at the site of Madison Square Mall. 12/28/09
Traffic interests to U.S. 231/431 (Memorial Parkway) are directed onto U.S. 72 (University Boulevard) east. U.S. 72 merges with Memorial Parkway north in 4.0 miles. 12/28/09
Entering the six-ramp parclo interchange with U.S. 72 (University Boulevard) on SR 255 north. University Boulevard constitutes a busy commercial arterial from west Huntsville to Memorial Parkway north of Downtown. 12/28/09
A loop ramp departs Research Park Boulevard north for U.S. 72 (University Drive) west to northern reaches of Madison. U.S. 72 travels 17 miles with four lanes between SR 255 and Interstate 65 near Athens. 12/28/09
SR 255 (Research Park Boulevard) shifts westward around the periphery of Oakwood Mountain and transitions into a Texas-style freeway with frontage roads lining both roadways. The exchange with Oakwood Road is next. 12/28/09
The northbound frontage road separates from SR 255 ahead of Oakwood Road. Oakwood Road heads west to Old Monrovia Road and Old Monrovia and east to Oakwood University and Sparkman Drive as Adventist Boulevard. 12/28/09
One half mile south of the diamond interchange with Plummer Road on SR 255 (Research Park Boulevard) north. 12/28/09
Slip ramps join the adjacent frontage roads ahead of Plummer Road. Plummer Road runs between Indian Creek Road and SR 53 (Ardmore Highway). 12/28/09
Plummer Road travels by Oakwood Mountain, becoming Mastin Lake Road east of SR 53 to Davis Hills and U.S. 231/431 (Memorial Parkway) near Lakewood. SR 255 meets SR 53 (Ardmore Highway) directly in 1.75 miles. 12/28/09
The freeway portion of SR 255 completed in 1992 ended north of Plummer Road. Traffic previously shifted onto the frontage road system to Bob Wade Lane. Extensions of the frontage roads opened north to SR 53 in 1996 and Bob Wade Lane in 2005.1 12/28/09
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2 photos
Dan Tibbs Road intersect the SR 255 frontage roads just north of the former freeway end. 12/28/09
Dan Tibbs Road stems west to Indian Creek Road and a handful of subdivisions and east to SR 53 (Ardmore Highway) at Stringfield Road. Construction extending the SR 255 freeway northward severed the connection between west and east Dan Tibbs Road across the state route in 2011. 12/28/09
Traveling the eventual frontage road of SR 255 northward to Blake Bottom Road from Dan Tibbs Road. 05/27/11
Construction for the SR 255 overpass above SR 53 (Ardmore Highway) at the Research Park Boulevard frontage road intersection with Nick Fitchard Road. 05/27/11
SR 53 crosses paths with SR 255 at the transition from Research Park Boulevard to Martin Luther King, Jr. Highway. SR 53 angles northwest along Ardmore Highway from Jordan Lane in Huntsville. 05/27/11
SR 53 continues from Huntsville to Ardmore along the Tennessee state line. The state route travels the length of the state on a 366.23-mile course from I-65/U.S. 31 near Ardmore to the Florida state line near Cottonwood. Most of SR 53 is unsigned counterparts for overlapping U.S. routes. 05/27/11
Alabama Route 255 South
SR 255 previously shifted from the Research Park Boulevard frontage road system onto the freeway mainline just south of Dan Tibbs Road. The frontage roads continue to intersect Plummer Road. 12/28/09
Reassurance shield for SR 255 south posted ahead of the Plummer Road under crossing. Plummer Road travels between Indian Creek Road and SR 53 at Ardmore Highway. 12/28/09
A diamond interchange joins SR 255 (Research Park Boulevard) with Oakwood Road west to Old Monrovia Road via the frontage road system. 12/28/09
Drivers bound for Oakwood Avenue depart SR 255 southbound at this slip ramp. Oakwood Road connects Research Park Boulevard with Oakwood University and Sparkman Drive via the transition with Adventist Boulevard. 12/28/09
Oakwood Road continues west from Oakwood Mountain and SR 255 to become Old Monrovia Road west to suburban areas of west Huntsville. 12/28/09
Old Monrovia Road turns south from Oakwood Road to pass under SR 255 at the frontage road ends. Old Monrovia Road meets U.S. 72 (University Drive) by the MidCity Huntsville development just east of the freeway. 12/28/09
A six-ramp parclo interchange follows between SR 255 (Research Park Boulevard) and U.S. 72 (University Drive). 12/28/09
Motorists bound for U.S. 72 (University Drive) west leave SR 255 south. University Drive continues as a commercial arterial to northern reaches of Madison. 12/28/09
A loop ramp lowers from SR 255 south onto U.S. 72 (University Drive) east to MidCity Huntsville and central Huntsville. 12/28/09
U.S. 72 continues four miles east from Research Park Boulevard to U.S. 231/431 (Memorial Parkway). 12/28/09
SR 255 next enters a six-ramp parclo interchange with Bradford Drive. Bradford Drive connects the freeway with Cummings Research Park to the west. 12/28/09
Bradford Drive continues east from Research Park Boulevard to the University of Alabama in Huntsville campus at Sparkman Drive. 12/28/09
Madison Pike meets SR 255 by the mixed-use Bridge Street Town Centre development at a parclo B2 interchange. 12/28/09
SR 255 advances south from Madison Pike across a Norfolk-Southern Railroad line into the exchange with I-565. Interstate 565 leads west to Huntsville International Airport (HSV) and I-65 outside Decatur. 12/28/09
Although missing a guide sign, a loop ramp joins Research Park Boulevard with Madison Pike. Madison Pike travels east to I-565 and the U.S. Space and Rocket Center and west as the original alignment of SR 20 into the city of Madison. 12/28/09
Entering the directional cloverleaf interchange with I-565/U.S. 72 Alternate on SR 255 south. 12/28/09
Departing next is the westbound entrance ramp for I-565/U.S. 72 Alternate. The two routes meet Interstate 65 and SR 20 west in 14 miles. SR 20, which used to overlap with the freeway here, extends west of I-65 into Decatur. 12/28/09
Research Park Boulevard becomes Rideout Road south of I-565/U.S. 72 Alternate and enters Red Stone Arsenal. 12/28/09
Interstate 565 continues east with U.S. 72 Alternate to Downtown Huntsville before merging with U.S. 72 at Chapman Mountain. Rideout Road approaches Red Stone Arsenal Gate 9. 09/25/03
Alabama Route 255 scenes
Dan Tibbs Road west at SR 255 (Research Park Boulevard). SR 255 curves northeast to SR 53 (Ardmore Highway), becoming Martin Luther King, Jr. Highway en route to Bob Wade Lane. Southward, the state route upgrades to a freeway en route to I-565. 12/28/09

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