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Alabama 275 follows the Talladega bypass between Alabama 21 and Alabama 77 on the northwest side of the city. The 3.50-mile state route was completed in 19871 and construction to extend the road east to Alabama 21, southwest of Curry, commenced in May 2006. The four-lane bypass was near completion as of October 2012, after numerous delays due to funding woes.

Alabama 275 south
Alabama 275 winds southwest from Alabama 77 by the first reassurance marker in this scene. When the four-lane extension eastward opens, this short stretch of roadway will be removed. Photo taken 10/07/12.
Merging with the future four-lane Alabama 275, southbound traffic sees a mileage sign for the Alabama 21 destinations of Sylacauga (20 miles) and Montgomery (88 miles via an overlap with U.S. 231 south). Photo taken 10/07/12.
Talladega County 325 meanders west along Shocco Springs Road from Alabama 77 and Alabama 275 to Shocco Springs in the hills northwest of town. Photo taken 10/07/12.
Continuing southwest from County Road 325 along Alabama 275. Right of way appears to accommodate a future four-laning to Alabama 21. Photo taken 10/07/12.
Howard Street ventures west from Talladega to become County Road 323 at Alabama 275. Photo taken 10/07/12.
Old Shocco Road carries the Talladega County 323 designation west from Alabama 275, 2.9 miles to Renfroe Road (County Road 191) outside the city limits. Photo taken 10/07/12.
Alabama 275 proceeds south from County Road 323 over a CSX Railroad line. Photo taken 10/07/12.
McMillan Street west and Renfroe Road east come together as County Road 203 to meet Alabama 275 at a flasher. Photo taken 10/07/12.
Talladega County 203 west passes by a federal correctional institution en route to Barclay, Plantersville and Alabama 235 near Childersburg. East from Alabama 275, CR 203 follows McMillan Street to Alabama 21 (Fort Lashley Avenue). Photo taken 10/07/12.
Alabama 275 journeys south from County Road 203 along a rural two-lane stretch of highway. Photo taken 10/07/12.
Alabama 275 expands into a four-lane divided highway ahead of Alabama 21, the southern terminus. Photo taken 10/07/12.
An end shield for SR 275 precedes the SR 21 southbound turn onto the four-lane highway opposite Maine Street. SR 21 continues the divided highway to Winterboro. Photo taken 10/07/12.


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