Alabama 281 is known as the Talladega Scenic Drive on its 23 mile trek within Talladega National Forest. The highway sees mileposts in the 480s and 490s between Alabama 49 and U.S. 431. The southern terminus is located at a nondescript location near the Cheaha Wilderness.

Alabama 281 north
Descending from the Mt. Cheaha area of southwest Cleburne County is this northbound scene of Alabama 281. Mt. Cheaha State Park is just to the west of this vista. The mountain represents the highest point in the state at 2,405 feet above sea level. Photo taken 09/29/03.
Descending toward the north, Alabama 281 retains Appalachian scenery. The highway snakes its way down from Mt. Cheaha to Alabama 49 and U.S. 431. There is no direct connection with U.S. 431 however. Photo taken 09/29/03.
Alabama 281 northat the northern terminus of Alabama 49. Alabama 49 travels 14 miles south from here to Linevilles. The state route eventually ties into Interstate 85, 71 miles to the south. Photo taken 09/29/03.
Alabama 281 does not connect with U.S. 431 directly. Instead the state route spans U.S. 431, with CR 131 linking the two. This shield assembly was located at the south end of CR 131. Photo taken 09/29/03.

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