Arkansas Highway 160 spans a total of 128 miles throughout southern Arkansas along four separate alignments. The westernmost segment travels 51.5 miles from the Texas state line near Bloomburg through Miller and Lafayette counties to Macedonia and AR 19 in Columbia County. Highway 160 picks up again from SR 57 in Mount Holly and runs northeast along its shortest segment (totaling 14.7 miles) to Smackover. The last two sections of AR 160 begin and end at U.S. highways: segment three shoots southeast from U.S. 278 in Harrell and continues for 39 miles to U.S. 425 in Fountain Hill (Ashley County) while the final 22.7 miles emanate from U.S. 82 in east Ashley County passing through Portland to its final end at U.S. 65 halfway between U.S. 82 and Eudora in Chicot County.

Arkansas 160 East
Arkansas 160 leaves U.S. 71 and Doddridge in southern Miller County for Bradley in adjacent Lafayette County 15.1 miles ahead. 09/04/09
Interstate 49 (former Arkansas 549) travels over Arkansas 160 just outside of Doddridge. The freeway opened in this area in 2005 and serves to connect Texarkana with Shreveport, Louisiana. 09/04/09
State Highway 160 approaches Miller County 37 on its final mile in Miller County. CR 37 once connected to U.S. 71 north of Doddridge but was severed when Interstate 49 was constructed. 09/04/09
Miller County 194 spokes from Arkansas 160 toward the Red River as the state highway briefly dips southeast to meet Miller County 4. 09/04/09
Miller County 4 stems south to reach the Spring Bank ferry access to the Red River. Prior to 1995 a ferry service carried motorists across the Red River into Lafayette County. The portion of Miller County 4 to the river access is also an Arkansas Marine Fuel Tax route. 09/04/09
Arkansas 160 crosses a 1995-built bridge into Lafayette County at the confluence of the Red and Sulfur Rivers. The bridge replaced the Spring Bank Ferry service that ferried drivers across the Red River between the two counties.1 The Sulfur River flows 175 miles from Lamar County, Texas to the Red River just above State Highway 160. The 1,290-mile Red River begins in the Texas panhandle forming the border between Oklahoma and Texas and between Texas and Arkansas. Ultimately the Red River empties to the Mississippi River near Simmesport, Louisiana. 09/04/09
Lafayette County is the smallest county within the Natural State and was established in October 1827. Arkansas 160 will pass through the communities of Pleasant Valley, Gin City and Walnut Hill en route to Bradley. 09/04/09
Arkansas 160 West
Arkansas 160 west leaves Lafayette County for Miller County at the Red River. The Red River meanders 1,290 miles between the Texas panhandle and the Mississippi River near Simmesport, Louisiana. The 175-mile long Sulfur River merges with the Red River just north of the crossing. 09/04/09
West of meeting Miller County 4 and 194, State Highway 160 approaches Miller County 37. The narrow county road heads north and west toward U.S. 71. Once connected with the U.S. highway, CR 37 was severed when Interstate 49 (former Arkansas 549) was built. 09/04/09
Miller County 195 leaves Arkansas 160 toward New Hope Cemetery and Miller County 187. 09/04/09
Arkansas 160 passes under Interstate 49 as it nears Doddridge and U.S. 71. The rural freeway links Shreveport, Louisiana with Texarkana and is an extension of the Lafayette-Shreveport designation. Ultimately I-49 will connect Lafayette with Kansas City, Missouri. 09/04/09
The state highway approaches U.S. 71 as it reaches the community of Doddridge. 09/04/09
U.S. 71 was the primary route between Shreveport and Texarkana prior to the construction of Interstate 49 (former Arkansas 549) in 2004 and 2005. 09/04/09
Arkansas 160 west shares a brief alignment with U.S. 71 south before turning again toward Atlanta (18 miles). The state highway will pass through the community of Brightstar en route to Exxon just inside the Texas state line. 09/04/09

  1. Historical Review - Volume Two (1913-2003), Arkansas Department of Transportation (ARDOT).

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