Arkansas Highway 530 currently represents a 22.5 mile two-lane expressway type highway connecting Interstate 530 in Pine Bluff and AR 114 near Star City (18 miles) and linking AR 35 to U.S. 278 in Drew County (4.5 miles). A third extension from AR 114 south to a new connector road linking AR 11 and U.S. 425 was scheduled to open in late 2014.1 Future aspirations for AR 530 are to connect the two segments and further extend the state highway south to meet the future Interstate 69 corridor near Monticello. Overall plans call for the entire AR 530 corridor to be upgraded to an Interstate grade freeway and be re-branded as an extension of Interstate 530.

Arkansas 530 South
AR 35 south at AR 530 in rural Drew County. The 4.5 mile segment south to U.S. 278 near Wilmar was the first constructed for AR 530. SR 35 advances from here five miles to U.S. 425 and eight miles to Monticello. 05/07/12
AR 530 heads south from AR 35 to meet U.S. 278 two miles east of Wilmar. 05/07/12
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2 photos
Though at-grade intersections exist along the 4.5 mile stretch of Arkansas 530, the highway maintains expressway style characteristics between those intersections. Hungerrun Creek runs under Arkansas 530 at mile post 0.75 toward its rendezvous with Hudgens Creek. 05/07/12
Arkansas 530 south meets Barkada Road 0.2 miles north of Langford Creek. Barkada Road arcs northwest from Monticello to the community of Barkada and Drew County 133. 05/07/12
Langford Creek flows westward toward Wilmer and the Saline River in adjoining Bradley County. Only 2.38 miles remain for the two lane state highway. 05/07/12
2 photos
2 photos
Enough space has been allocated along the entire length of Arkansas 530 for the eventual expansion of a future southbound roadway when funds and traffic warrant the need. 05/07/12
Advisory signs align Arkansas 530 on the approach to U.S. 278 to Wilmar and Monticello. 05/07/12
The multilane U.S. 278 provides direct access east to Monticello and U.S. 425 (5 miles) and west to Wilmar (2 miles) and Warren (10 miles). 05/07/12
Arkansas 530 officially comes to an end at this current at-grade intersection with U.S. 278. Ultimate plans call for the highway to extend south to the proposed Interstate 69 corridor southwest of Monticello. 05/07/12
Arkansas 530 scenes
U.S. 278 east intersects the south end of AR 530 at an at grade intersection five miles out from Monticello. The state highway connects with AR 35 northwest to Rye. 05/07/12

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