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Arizona 61 is one of the older routes in the state highway system, having been added in 1935. The road begins at US 60 just east of Show Low, and travels through sparsely populated range country to Concho and St. Johns, where it meets US 191. Arizona 61 then has a multiplex with US 191 as it heads north and east, before striking back off on it's own to head to Zuni, NM, becoming New Mexico 53 once it leaves Arizona.

Arizona 61 east
County Road 8235 intersects Arizona 61 soon after its split from U.S. 60. County roads are signed more often in rural Arizona than in the urban areas. Photo taken 11/11/06.
Distance sign to Concho (20 miles), St. Johns (30 miles) and Lyman Lake (43 miles). Photo taken 11/11/06.
Arizona 61 at milepost 355. The mile markers on Arizona 61 are based off those of US 60. Notice the adopt-a-highway sign in the right side of the photo. Photo taken 11/11/06.
Arizona 61 continues through high, gently rolling terrain as it heads east toward Concho. Photo taken 11/11/06.
The arrow-straight line of Arizona 61 can be seen in the distance in this photograph. Photo taken 11/11/06.
The high plains grassland of northeastern Arizona are seen in this photo. Arizona 61 spends all of it's time in these grasslands. Photo taken 11/11/06.
Distance sign to Concho (5 miles) and St. Johns (20 miles). Photo taken 11/11/06.
Advance signage for Arizona 180A. Arizona 61 is entering the small town of Concho, named because the valley that holds Concho resembles a shell.1 The town was established in 1879. Photo taken 11/11/06.
Use Arizona 180A northbound to reach Petrified Forest National Monument and Holbrook, or Arizona 61 east to reach St. Johns. Photo taken 11/11/06.
Arizona 180A departs here from Arizona 61. Arizona 180A is a former alignment of US 180, bypassed in 1973 and signed as Arizona 180A in 1974. Photo taken 11/11/06.
Arizona places reassurance markers after every major road junction. Photo taken 11/11/06.
After leaving Concho Valley, Arizona 61 resumes its travels through the high grasslands of northeastern Arizona. Photo taken 11/11/06.
Advance signage for US 180. Photo taken 11/11/06.
Continue east on Arizona 61/US 180 to St. Johns, or turn left on US 180 to reach Holbrook and Petrified Forest National Monument. Photo taken 11/11/06.
US 180 continues east towards St. Johns, multiplexed with Arizona 61. US 180 turns northwest from here to Petrified Forest National Monument and Holbrook. Photo taken 11/11/06.
U.S. 180 & Arizona 61 east
Reassurance markers for US 180 and Arizona 61, east of the US 180 junction. Photo taken 09/11/11.
Distance sign to St. Johns (4 miles) and Springerville (36 miles). Photo taken 09/11/11.
Entering St. Johns, the Apache County Fairgrounds can be reached off this turn from Arizona 61/US 180. St. Johns was named on San Juans day, June 24, bu Mexican settlers, and is the county seat of Apache County.2 Photo taken 09/11/11.
Advance signage for US 191, 1/2 mile. Photo taken 09/11/11.
Turn right to continue to Springerville and Lyman Lake State Park, along US 180. Photo taken 09/11/11.
Arizona 61 meets US 191 here. Turn right to take US 180 eastbound and US 191 southbound, or continue north on US 191 northbound and Arizona 61 eastbound. Photo taken 11/11/06.
U.S. 191 north & Arizona 61 east
Arizona 61 and US 191 will be multiplexed for the next 29 miles. Since US 191 is the primary route, the mileposts from US 191 will be used for the multiplex. Photo taken 11/11/06.
Distance sign to Sanders (51 miles), and Interstate 40 (52 miles), both along US 191. There are no towns on Arizona 61 until after it leaves Arizona. Photo taken 11/11/06.
Advance signage for the Coronado Generating Station. The Coronado Generating station is a coal-fired power generation facility. The powerplant is owned by SRP, and was completed in 1979-80 to generate power for Phoenix. Photo taken 11/11/06.
US 191 and Arizona 61 continue north through grasslands and ranch country. Photo taken 11/11/06.
US 191 and Arizona 61 travels through a patchwork of state, BLM, and private lands. Photo taken 11/11/06.
Arizona 61 and US 191 is a fairly desolate road - very few cars were spotted on the AARoads tour of US 191/Arizona 61. Photo taken 11/11/06.
Advance signage for the split of Arizona 61 from US 191. After this sign, Arizona 61 will continue east to New Mexico, while US 191 continues north towards Interstate 40. Photo taken 11/11/06.


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11/11/06, 09/11/11 by Kevin Trinkle

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