Arizona 64 travels from Interstate 40 in Williams to the Grand Canyon, then through Grand Canyon National Park to US 89 at Cameron.

Arizona 64 was first established in 1931 from U.S. 89 to the Grand Canyon, along the rim of the canyon. The road was extended in 1932 from the Grand Canyon south to Williams and U.S. 66, paralleling the Grand Canyon Railway.

Between 1961 and 1963, Arizona 64 was extended north through Tuba City and Tees Nos Pos, to the New Mexico state line. This section of highway was transferred to U.S. 164 in 1966 (now U.S. 160).

Arizona State Route 64 West
Upon entering SR 64 westbound, the first sign reminds travelers of the fee to enter Grand Canyon National Park. 01/07/11
Distance sign to the Grand Canyon (27 miles). 01/07/11
Commercial trucks are prohibited along SR 64 through the Grand Canyon. 01/07/11
Use headlights all hours of the day along SR 64. This restriction is common to virtually all roads in the Navajo Nation. 01/07/11
Looming in the distance is Gray Mountain. SR 64 will travel along the side of the mountain as it heads towards the Grand Canyon. 01/07/11
Advance signage for the first scenic view, one mile. 01/07/11
Several scenic views can be found along SR 64 before entering Grand Canyon National Park. This is the first of the two, accessed via the original alignment of the road. 01/07/11
This is the first of the overlooks looking down on the Colorado River gorge, from SR 64. 01/07/11
SR 64 hugs the hillside below Gray Mountain and the Coconino Rim. 01/07/11
This is a view down toward the old alignment of SR 64. This alignment was bypassed in 1992. 01/07/11
SR 64 travels below Coconino Mountain. The shadows allow winter snow to accumulate next to the road. 01/07/11
SR 64 travels lower than the original (pre-1974) road, and cuts across this canyon. 01/07/11
This is the final view of the Little Colorado River gorge that can be seen from SR 64. 01/07/11
The harsh winter sun reflects poorly as SR 64 enters the Kaibab National Forest. At this point, the 1974 road meets up with the original alignment, at just over 6,300 feet in elevation. 01/07/11
SR 64 takes a steady climb away from the Little Colorado River as it approaches Grand Canyon National Park. 01/07/11
SR 64 travels along the Upper Basin, just below the Coconino rim and above the South Rim of the Grand Canyon. This is the last reassurance marker before entering the National Park. 01/07/11
SR 64 leaves the Kaibab National Forest upon reaching Grand Canyon National Park. 01/07/11
SR 64 enters Grand Canyon National Park here. Through the park, SR 64 is signed, but maintained by the National Park Service. 01/07/11
U.S. 180 East Arizona Route 64 South
SR 64 leaves Grand Canyon National Park and enters the Kaibab National Forest here. 01/08/11
Distance sign to Williams (64 miles) and Flagstaff (84 miles). 01/08/11
Reassurance marker for SR 64 and US 180. 01/08/11
SR 64 enters Tusayan. Tusayan is a small town surrounded by the Kaibab National Forest, named after the Spanish name for the area (which is a corruption of the Navajo word for the area). The primary function of the town is to serve vistors to Grand Canyon National Park. 01/08/11
Use caution for low flying aircraft in this area. The Grand Canyon Airport is just off the side of SR 64. 01/08/11
Turn right for Grand Canyon Airport. The airport used to be run by the State of Arizona, but is now maintained by an airport authority. 01/08/11
Use headlights day or night along SR 64. 01/08/11
Use caution for elk while on the Kaibab Plateau. 01/08/11
SR 64 meets Forest Road 488 here. 01/08/11
SR 64 meets Forest Road 347 here. 01/08/11
Distance sign to Williams (44 miles) and Flagstaff (64 miles). 01/08/11
SR 64 now leaves the Kaibab National Forest. 01/08/11
Distance sign to Williams (34 miles) and Flagstaff (54 miles). 01/08/11
SR 64 enters Valle. Valle is a small town at the junction of US 180 and SR 64. 01/08/11
Advance signage for US 180, 1/2 mile. 01/08/11
SR 64 passes Bedrock City. Bedrock City is a RV park and small theme park, modeled after the Flintstones. 01/08/11
Turn left for Flagstaff, or continue ahead to Williams. 01/08/11
Turn left for US 180, or continue ahead for SR 64. 01/08/11
Arizona State Route 64 South
Reassurance marker for SR 64, south of US 180. 01/08/11

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01/07/11, 01/08/11 by Kevin Trinkle

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