Arizona 72 is an old state route first established in 1932. The route begins at AZ 95 southeast of Parker, and travels southeast through Bouse to end at US 60 in Hope.

Arizona 72 was the first state route to the town of Parker, established in 1879 as a post office next to the Colorado River Indian Reservation. The town took additional prominence as a railroad town starting in 1905, and became the county seat of La Paz County in 1983.

Arizona 72 originally ended in Parker, but was truncated to it's present route in 1956 (with the last 13 miles transferred to Arizona 95).

Arizona State Route 72 West
SR 72 begins here at US 60, inside the town of Hope, AZ. SR 72 was the primary route to Parker until SR 95 was realigned in 1956. 03/03/07
Distance sign to SR 95 (36 miles), Parker (48 miles) and Lake Havasu City (87 miles). Parker and Lake Havasu City lie on SR 95, as SR 72 ends there. 03/03/07
The first town SR 72 reaches is Vicksburg. Vicksburg is named for the first postmaster, Vic Satterdahl. 03/03/07
SR 72 remains a two lane road throughout its length. The rock outcroppings in the background are unnamed. 03/03/07
SR 72 runs through many washes between Vicksburg and Bouse. During flash floods, water runs over the road, closing it to traffic. 03/03/07
Distance sign to Bouse (11 miles) and Parker (37 miles). 03/03/07
SR 72 meets Avenue 42E here. Avenue 42E travels south to meet US 60 near Brenda. 03/03/07
SR 72 stays close to the old Parker Branch of the BNSF railroad. 03/03/07
SR 72 enters the town of Bouse here. Bouse is the largest town along SR 72, and was named for Tom Bouse. The original route of SR 95 ended in Bouse until 1956. 03/03/07
Now north of Bouse, the next three control points along SR 72 (and SR 95) are SR 95 (5 miles), Parker (17 miles) and Lake Havasu City (56 miles). 03/03/07
SR 72 enters the Parker city limits here. Parker was first established in 1891, and moved to the present location in 1905 along the railroad. The highway bridge across the Colorado River was first built in 1937, and Parker's importance grew along with agriculture along the river. 03/03/07
Advance signage for SR 95, 1/2 mile. 03/03/07
Continue northwest on SR 95 to reach Parker and Lake Havasu City. 03/03/07
Turn left to take SR 95 southbound, or continue ahead on SR 95 northbound. Reflecting the original terminus of SR 72, traffic to SR 95 does not have to stop before travelling on SR 95. 03/03/07
SR 72 ends here, at SR 95. The road continues northwest to Parker as SR 95, or traffic can turn left to take SR 95 south to Quartzsite. 03/03/07

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