Arizona 83 connects Parker Canyon Lake with Interstate 10 at Mountain View, east of Tucson. Parker Canyon Lake is a small reservoir in the mountains of Southeastern Arizona, constructed in 1966 by the state of Arizona.

Arizona 83 was first designated in 1927, as one of the first state highways, between Mountain View and Sonoita. The road was extended south to Parker Canyon Lake in 1966, to correspond with the construction of the lake. However, the section from Sonoita to Parker Canyon Lake was not paved until the late 1990s.

Arizona State Route 83 North
This photo, taken near the beginning of SR 83, tells traffic to head left to reach Parker Canyon Lake. 12/14/06
SR 83 begins at milepost 3. The mileposts between Parker Canyon Lake and Sonoita were determined by odometer mileage from a vehicle. 12/14/06
SR 83 travels through rolling ranch country between Parker Canyon Lake and Sonoita. 12/14/06
The road between Parker Canyon Lake and Sonoita follows land lines, and travels between ranches. 12/14/06
SR 83 has several 90 degree turns south of Sonoita, as it travels between ranches. 12/14/06
Advance signage for SR 82, in the town of Sonoita. 12/14/06
In the town of Sonoita, SR 83 meets SR 82. Use SR 82 to reach Nogales to the west, and Tombstone to the east. 12/14/06
SR 83 continues through rolling hills north of Sonoita. 12/14/06
North of Sonoita, a Border Patrol checkpoint is found. After this point, SR 83 travels through the Santa Rita mountains on the way to Mountain View and I-10. 12/14/06
SR 83 ends at Interstate 10, at the Mountain View interchange. 11/10/07

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    12/14/06 by Sara Gradwohl. 11/10/07 by Kevin Trinkle.

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Interstate 10

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