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Arizona 84 is a short connecting road between Casa Grande and Interstate 8. The road was first designated as a state highway in 1927, but has been grown and truncated over the years.

The original highway was designated in 1927 between Casa Grande and Tucson, paralleling the Southern Pacific Railroad line. The road was extended west to Gila Bend in 1930, effectively turning Arizona 84 into a shortcut for thru traffic between San Diego and Tucson traveling U.S. 80.

In time, Arizona 84 would become the primary thru route, which led to the demise of most of the road. When the route for Interstate 10 was laid out between Phoenix and Tucson, it followed Arizona 84 between Casa Grande and Tucson, as the route was shorter than U.S. 80 through Florence. Interstate 8 was designed to overlay the rest of Arizona 84.

In 1966, Interstate 10 between Eloy and Tucson was completed, truncating Arizona 84 at Eloy. The original road exists as a frontage road today.

In 1974, Arizona 84 was decommissioned between Gila Bend and the present-day terminus at Interstate 8 exit 151.

In 1997, Arizona 84 between downtown Casa Grande and Arizona 87 was decommissioned. Today, the signed route travels between Interstate 8 and downtown Casa Grande, and the unsigned route travels between Arizona 87 and Interstate 10.

Arizona 84 east
Begin Eastbound Arizona 84 as it approaches its junction with Interstate 8 near Exit 151. Photo taken 05/23/03.
After the signage in the previous photobox, eastbound Arizona 84 has its first shields as it crosses over Interstate 8. Arizona 84 heads due east, meeting northbound Arizona 347 approximately six miles east of here. Interstate 8 heads east to Casa Grande and west to Gila Bend and Yuma. Photo taken 05/23/03.
Arizona 84 west
This railroad overpass dates back to 1935, with a widening in 1961 when Arizona 84 was converted to a divided highway. Photo taken 08/19/07.
Distance sign to Yuma. Even though Yuma does not lie along Arizona 84, the city remains the control point for Arizona 84. Photo taken 08/19/07.
This is the first reassurance marker for Arizona 84 westbound. Photo taken 08/19/07.
Distance sign to Stanfield and Yuma. Arizona 84 travels through agricultural lands. Photo taken 08/19/07.
Reassurance marker for Arizona 84. The road has a very similar characteristic to long sections of old U.S. Highway 80 through western Arizona. Photo taken 08/19/07.
Arizona 84 enters the town of Stanfield here. Photo taken 08/19/07.
Arizona 84 passes through the long valley carved by the Santa Cruz river (the same valley followed by Interstate 10 all the way to Tucson). Photo taken 08/19/07.
Distance sign to Interstate 8 and Yuma. Notice there is no distance marked to Arizona 347. Photo taken 08/19/07.
Advance signage for Arizona 347, 1/2 mile. Photo taken 08/19/07.
Use Arizona 84 to reach Interstate 8, or Arizona 347 to reach Maricopa. Photo taken 08/19/07.
Arizona 347 departs from Arizona 84 here. From this point, it is approximately 5 miles to Interstate 8 on Arizona 84. Photo taken 08/19/07.
This is a typical view of Arizona 84 just west of Arizona 347, located at mile 160. Photo taken 12/23/09.
Advanced signage for Interstate 8, 1/2 mile. Photo taken 12/23/09.
Continue ahead on Arizona 84 westbound to San Diego, or turn left to reach Interstate 8 eastbound to Casa Grande. Photo taken 12/23/09.
Arizona 84 ends at Interstate 8 westbound. The ramp ahead is the original pavement of Arizona 84, now covered by Interstate 8. Photo taken 12/23/09.

Photo Credits:

  • 05/23/03 by AARoads.
  • 08/19/07 by Kevin Trinkle.
  • 12/23/09 by Kevin Trinkle.

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