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Arizona 89 Truck was established as a bypass of the Little Colorado River suspension bridge on US 89. The road shows in the Arizona State Highway Log as being paved in 1958. The low, one-lane bridge across the river shows in the highway log as being constructed in 1958, however it possibly dates back to 1911, before the construction of US 89.

The road is still shown in the current (2006) State Highway Log, but is closed to traffic. The road was added to the state highway system in 1975, well after the 1958 bridge was constructed.

Interestingly, the bridge on Arizona 89 Truck across the Little Colorado River shows in state highway logs from the 1940s and up to 1958, while the 1938 suspension bridge is not shown in the State Highway System Log.

This map shows the general correlation between US 89 and former Arizona 89 Truck. Notice the three bridges across the Little Colorado River - the 1938 Suspension Bridge, now closed to traffic, and the 1958 Cantilever Bridge adjacent to each other, and the Arizona 89T bridge to the east.
Arizona 89 Truck north
This view from the old highway, looking west, shows the 1938 suspension bridge and the 1958 cantilever bridge that carries US 89. Photo taken 03/16/07.
The remains of Arizona 89T consist of a small, one lane road. Photo taken 03/16/07.
Looking north along the old road, we see the decaying asphalt and post for a former road sign. Photo taken 03/16/07.
Arizona 89 Truck south
At the north end, the road is closed by a gate with a well-graffitied sign. Photo taken 03/16/07.
Arizona 89T used to run paralell to the river, descending along the cliff to the Little Colorado River. Photo taken 03/16/07.
This sign warns of the bridge, which is one lane wide and wooden. This indicates that the road was possibly constructed as part of the original US 89 construction around 1927, with the bridge constructed in 1911. ADOT records show the road constructed in 1958. Photo taken 03/16/07.
The actual bridge has been closed off by the pile of dirt in front of it. Notice the spray-painted Speed Limit sign. Photo taken 03/16/07.
This is a view of the low bridge across the Little Colorado River. Notice the wooden curbs. Photo taken 03/16/07.

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03/16/07 by Tyson Hugie

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