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Arizona 95 roughly follows the east bank of the Colorado River, following a path that provides an alternative to U.S. 95 between Quartzsite and Bullhead City/Laughlin (with a connection via Nevada 163). Numbered the same as U.S. 95, it is likely that Arizona 95 was originally considered as a contender for U.S. 95 in the 1960s, when that route was aligned through Needles and Blythe, California instead. Arizona 95 has an odd jump into California itself, using the Needles business loop and Interstate 40 in California rather than passing through the southern part of the Fort Mojave Indian Reservation.

Arizona 95 north
Northbound Arizona 95 approaching its junction with "To Arizona 68 East" and Bullhead Parkway southeast to the airport (this is the return of the locally maintained bypass of Bullhead City). Photo taken 02/16/04.
Northbound Arizona 95 at the roadway that connects to Arizona 68 east to Kingman. Officially, Arizona 95 and Arizona 68 never meet; Arizona 68 crosses the Colorado River itself at Davis Dam, changing into a locally maintained road upon entering Nevada. The road straight ahead is state-maintained, but it does not carry a state highway number except as "To Arizona 68 East" or "To Arizona 95 South. Photo taken 02/16/04.
Arizona 95 end shield as it reaches the Colorado River bridge. This sign bridge, placed by the state of Arizona, displays a Nevada state shield, thus indicating that Arizona 95 changes into Nevada 163. Note that the U.S. 93 detour around Hoover Dam continues straight ahead along Nevada 163 west, so that it can meet U.S. 95 near Cal-Nev-Ari. Photo taken 02/16/04.
Milepost 250 is the final milemarker before Arizona 95 crosses the bridge into Nevada. Photo taken 02/16/04.
Arizona 95 reaches its northern terminus as it crosses the Colorado River and transitions into Nevada 163 in Laughlin. Photo taken 02/16/04.
Arizona 95 south
Arizona 95 begins its southerly journey after crossing the Colorado River. This marks the eastern terminus of Nevada 163. A left turn at this traffic signal leads to Arizona 68 east, while straight ahead continues onto Bullhead Parkway, a bypass of Bullhead City that returns to Arizona 95 south of town. Photo taken 02/16/04.
Due to increased security at Hoover Dam and due to the construction of the Hoover Dam Bypass, trucks are not permitted on Hoover Dam, and they use U.S. 95 south, Nevada 163 east, Arizona 95 south, and Arizona 68 east to return to U.S. 93 per the detour signs. Photo taken 02/16/04.
Southbound Arizona 95 turns right at this intersection, as indicated by the shield mounted on the traffic signal mast arm. Bullhead Parkway heads straight from here. Photo taken 02/16/04.
Welcome to Bullhead City sign at the southwestern quadrant of the intersection. Photo taken 02/16/04.
After passing through the miles and miles of strip malls, gas stations, housing developments, and motels, Arizona 95 exits Bullhead City. This is a popular destination for snowbirds and retirees. Photo taken 02/16/04.
Arizona 95 widens out after leaving Bullhead City. Photo taken 02/16/04.
Southbound Arizona 95 shield in Mohave Valley. Photo taken 02/16/04.
Southbound Arizona 95 at Junction Southbound Mohave County Route 227. Mohave County Route 227 follows the old alignment of Arizona 95, culminating at Historic U.S. 66 in Topock near Interstate 40. Arizona 95, meanwhile, continues straight ahead toward Needles, California. Photo taken 02/16/04.
At this intersection, note the trailblazer for Interstate 40 Arizona. Trouble is, continuing straight south on Arizona 95 will actually connect to Interstate 40 California. Photo taken 02/16/04.
South of the Mohave County Route 227 intersection, there are no more Arizona 95 reassurance markers. As Arizona 95 crosses a non-descript bridge, it passes by this trailblazer shield for Interstate 40 California ... and Arizona 95 enters California. Photo taken 02/16/04.
No longer signed and no longer state maintained, Arizona 95 enters Needles, California. Photo taken 02/16/04.
This trailblazer again points the way for Arizona 95 traffic to reach the business loop and Interstate 40 in Needles. Photo taken 02/16/04.
At this same intersection, note the signage "To Arizona 95, Bullhead City/Laughlin" for northbound traffic. Photo taken 02/16/04.
Upon reaching the Needles Business Loop I-40, travelers have an option of making a left to reach eastbound and continuing straight ahead to reach westbound. Arizona 95 pretty much fades into the mist. Business Loop I-40 is not signed here, and to add to confusion, Interstate 40 is cosigned with U.S. 95. To continue south on Arizona 95, follow the signs to eastbound Interstate 40, then cross back into Arizona near Topock. Arizona 95 continues south at Exit 9. Photo taken 02/16/04.
Southbound Arizona 95 approaching Junction Business Loop I-10 and U.S. 95. The California "triangular" Interstate shield appears to have invaded Arizona, as evidenced by this signage. The southern terminus of Arizona 95 is at this intersection in Quartzsite. Business Loop I-10 here is old U.S. 60-70. Both routes have since been decommissioned this far west. U.S. 95 continues from this point south toward Yuma and San Luis Colorado. Photo taken 11/10/00.
Arizona 95 Spur - Parker
End Westbound Arizona 95 Spur at the Colorado River Bridge in Parker. This spot marks the eastern terminus of California 62. Photo taken 11/10/00.

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