Arizona 99 is the tale of a route with lofty ambitions, cut down by factors during the 1970s to leave the road as a relatively insignificant route in the State Highway System.

Arizona 99 begins southeast of Winslow, traveling toward the city. After passing Winslow, a short multiplex with Interstate 40 leads to the continuation of the route, taking it to Leupp on the Navajo Nation where the state highway ends.

The first leg of Arizona 99 was originally Arizona 487, added to the State Highway System in 1967 between Winslow and Heber. The second leg, between Interstate 40 and Gray Mountain, was added to the State Highway system in 1968. In 1969, both corridors were merged together into Arizona 99. Arizona 487 was only signed in the field for one year.

The northern leg towards the Grand Canyon was planned as a shortcut for travelers from the east to reach the canyon.

In 1977, the section of the proposed route south of the current terminus (via Chevelon Canyon and the Sitgreaves Forest) was deleted from the State Highway System. The remaining section was included in the system to facilitate logging traffic from the forest to a sawmill that no longer exists.

With the growth of electronic mapping tools, some of them (including Google Maps) show Arizona 99 as a through route from Winslow south to Arizona 260. While the road is technically a through route, it is not a state maintained highway for the entire distance, and unpaved for approximately 1/3 of the length between Winslow and Arizona 260. In addition, the road is closed during winter snows in the Sitgreaves National Forest. In December 2011, a young woman made the news for being stuck on Forest Road 34 for approximately two weeks.

Arizona State Route 99 South
SR 99 begins at Leupp, at Indian Route 15. The first distance sign shows 26 miles remaining to Winslow. 06/19/11
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SR 99 is not plowed on nights and weekends during storms. 06/19/11
Distance sign to Interstate 40 (19 miles) and Winslow (26 miles). 06/19/11
This is one of the few reassurance markers along SR 99. 06/19/11
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2 photos
SR 99 travels through largely unpopulated land through the Navajo Nation. 06/19/11
SR 99 has a hard turn to the east when it meets Interstate 40. 06/19/11
SR 99 becomes Hunt Road, effectively the northbound Frontage road to Interstate 40 at this point. SR 99 parallels Interstate 40 for one mile. 06/19/11
Advance signage for Interstate 40, 1/4 mile. 06/19/11
SR 99 meets Interstate 40 here. To continue on SR 99, travellers must join eastbound Interstate 40 to Winslow. 06/19/11
Interstate 40 East Arizona Route 99 South
Interstate 40 has now descended to 5000 feet in elevation, and will stay at approximately that elevation the rest of the way through Arizona. 06/28/08
Distance sign to Winslow (8 miles), Holbrook (40 miles) and Albuquerue (274 miles). 06/28/08
Interstate 40 crosses Tucker Flat Wash here. 06/28/08
Winslow was established as a railway division stop along the AT&SF railroad. Today, the town is best known for "Standing in a Corner" park, from the Eagles song "Take It Easy". The next three exits are Hipkoe Drive, North Park Drive and Transcon Lane. 06/28/08
Interstate 40 enters the city of Winslow, as well as Navajo County, here. 06/28/08
Advance signage for exit 252, Former Business Loop 40 and Hipkoe Drive. While Business Loop 40 was still signed in 2008, the road was decommissioned in 2007 and turned over to the city of Winslow for maintenance. 06/28/08
Use exit 252 to reach SR 87 southbound, as well as Historic U.S. 66 (which is former Business Loop 40). 06/28/08
Exit 252 marks the western edge of Former Business Loop 40, Winslow, and the beginning of Business Spur 40. 06/28/08
Exit 252 marks the western edge of Business Loop 40, Winslow, and the beginning of Business Spur 40. Hipkoe Drive departs from Interstate 40 here. 06/28/08
Arizona Route 99 South Former Business Loop I-40 East
On the west end of Winslow, Former Business Loop I-40 can be seen. To the right is an older alignment of Former U.S. 66. 11/12/06
Historic U.S. 66 is a designated scenic route through Arizona. 11/12/06
The former Business Loop is well-signed through Winslow. This is where eastbound Former Business Loop 40 turned to join Second Street (the historic alignment of U.S. 66). 11/12/06
Standin' On A Corner Park is located along Eastbound Former Business Loop 40 at Second Street and Kinsley Avenue. The Park was dedicated in 1999, and is named after the song lyric from The Eagles song, "Take It Easy". 11/12/06
Advance signage for SR 87, 1/2 mile. 11/12/06
Use the right lane for SR 87 south to Payson and Phoenix. 11/12/06
Arizona State Route 99 South
Now back as an independent route, we find a reassurance marker for SR 99. 06/19/11
Distance sign to McHood Park Lake (5 miles) and Woods Canyon Lake (56 miles). 06/19/11
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SR 99 is not plowed on nights and weekends during storms. 06/19/11
South of Winslow, SR 99 travels through very sparsely populated ranch land. There are no towns along SR 99 or motorist services. 06/19/11
SR 99 crosses Clear Creek. Clear Creek is a small recreation area. 06/19/11
Turn left for Territorial Road. 06/19/11
SR 99 continues to travel through desolate ranch country. 06/19/11
SR 99 ends here. 06/19/11
The road continues as a Navajo County road until reaching the boundary of the Sitgraves National Forest. At that point, the road becomes Forest Road 34 and continues, unpaved, until reaching Forest Road 300 (the Rim Road). 06/19/11

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