Arizona State Route 181 begins at U.S. 191, and travels northeast to Chiricahua National Monument. The route was added to the state highway system in 1936.

With the establishment of State Route 186 in 1956, SR 181 became lightly traveled.

Arizona State Route 181 East
This shield is seen just after turning onto Arizona 181 from SR 186, 4 miles east of Chiricahua National Monument. 11/10/07

This is a rare sight in Arizona - an advance warning for the end of the highway. 11/10/07

2 photos
2 photos
This is a panorama of SR 181 heading east toward Chiricahua National Monument. 11/10/07
Trucks over 40 feet are restricted along SR 181. 11/10/07
SR 181 meets Pinery Canyon Road here. Use Pinery Canyon Road to reach Pinery Canyon Campground (closed November - April). 11/10/07
SR 181 ends here, just outside the entrance to Chiricahua National Monument. 11/10/07
SR 181 enters Chiricahua National Monument here. The monument is known for the Rhyolite formations found throughout the park. 11/10/07
Arizona State Route 181 West
SR 181 begins at this distance sign, just west of Chiricahua National Monument. 11/10/07
Use SR 181 to reach U.S. Highway 191, and Arizona 186 to reach Interstate 10 and Willcox. 11/10/07
This SR 181 shield is seen just south of Arizona 186. 11/10/07
Arizona is known for impressive sunsets, and this day was no exception due to a cold front passing over the state. 11/10/07
Sunset over SR 181, approximately 10 miles from U.S. 191. 11/10/07

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11/10/07 by Kevin Trinkle

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