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Arizona 189 is a short road connecting Interstate 19 to the Mexican Border. This road was built as a connector to a new Border Crossing built by Mexico in the early 1970s at Nogales. The route of Arizona 189 was evaluated as a potential route for Interstate 19.

Arizona 189 south
From exit 4 off Interstate 19, travellers can turn right for Arizona 189 westbound, or turn left to take Arizona 189 to Interstate 19. Photo taken 10/25/08.

Reassurance marker for Arizona 189, as seen immediately after Interstate 19. Photo taken 07/26/08.

Interestingly, there is a second reassurance marker shortly thereafter. This is the last reassurance marker heading westbound. Photo taken 07/26/08.
The Arizona 189 border crossing is open from 6 AM to 10 PM daily. The Nogales border crossing is the only 24 hour one, located east of here. Photo taken 07/26/08.
All truck traffic must turn into the truck crossing in one mile. Photo taken 07/26/08.
Arizona 189 was designed to be a truck bypass of downtown Nogales, which is why there is heavy emphasis on truck traffic. Photo taken 07/26/08.
This is the final distance sign to the truck crossing. Photo taken 07/26/08.
Arizona 189 reaches the Border just ahead of this photo. This is taken from the turn to the last business before crossing into Mexico. Photo taken 07/26/08.
Arizona 189 north
Arizona 189 meets Target Range Road here. Photo taken 07/26/08.
Arizona 189 crosses Mariposa Canyon here. The road follows the canyon away from the border crossing. Photo taken 07/26/08.
This sign warns through trucks to avoid Arizona 82 eastbound. Arizona 82 travels through rugged terrain and has many sharp curves. Photo taken 07/26/08.
Advance signage for Interstate 19, 1/2 mile (or 1 km). Photo taken 07/26/08.
Arizona 189 meets Interstate 19 here. Photo taken 07/26/08.
Arizona 189 ends silently at Business Loop I-19 in Nogales. There is no end shield or reassurance marker after passing Interstate 19. Photo taken 07/26/08.

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07/26/08, 10/25/08 by Kevin Trinkle

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