Arizona 238 is one of the newest additions to the state highway system, but the road itself is much older. Arizona 238 connects Maricopa to Gila Bend, paralleling the Southern Pacific Railroad tracks - however, the state highway ends halfway between the two, leaving the rest of the distance to be covered by Maricopa County Road 238.

Arizona 238 was added to the state highway system in 1986 to serve a proposed hazardous waste plant, as well as a landfill. The remaining section under Maricopa County maintenance was paved in the late 1990s.

Arizona State Route 238 West
SR 238 begins at SR 347, and immediately leaves the fast-growing bedroom community of Maricopa behind to enter open farmland. 07/15/07
SR 238 meets Rio Bravo Road here. 07/15/07
SR 238 heads west, south of South Mountain. Given the road begins at approximately 56th Street (per the Phoenix grid), it is surprising how quickly 91st Avenue is reached. 07/15/07
After passing 91st Avenue, this reassurance marker is seen. SR 238 is two lanes all the way to Gila Bend. 07/15/07
SR 238 ends here. The highway continues under Maricopa County control as Maricopa County route 238. 07/15/07
Maricopa County widened and paved the former dirt road, but did not change the character of the old road. As a result, it is fairly winding and crosses many washes at grade. 07/15/07
Maricopa County route 238 passes through the Sonoran Desert National Monument, administered by the Bureau of Land Management. 07/15/07
Due to the proximity of Maricopa County 238 to the Union Pacific railroad, trains are a common sight. The Arizona Rail History Buffs have adopted most of this highway, reflecting their interest in trains. 07/15/07
Arizona State Route 238 East
SR 238 reassurance marker along the eastbound highway. 09/03/03
This intersection has drastically changed since this photo was taken - the intersection now has a Bashas, Frys Marketplace, and a signal. SR 238 ends here, at SR 347. 09/03/03

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