Arizona State Route 289 is a 10.5 mile highway connecting Interstate 19 with Pena Blanca Lake in Santa Cruz County. The state highway stems west from I-19 (Exit 12) and follows Ruby Road southwest toward Pena Blanca Lake, located within the Buenos Aires National Wildlife Refuge. Pena Blanca Lake was constructed in 1958 by the Arizona Fish & Game Department, with SR 289 being added to the state highway system two years later.

Arizona State Route 289 West
Westbound beginning of SR 289 from the Interstate 19 overpass. 07/26/08
SR 289 travels along Ruby Road for most of its course to Pena Blanca Lake. Otherwise, this confirming marker for the state highway stands beyond the interchange with I-19. 07/26/08
Distance sign to Pena Blanca Lake. The lake is the only control point or destination along the road. 07/26/08
SR 289 is surprisingly well-signed for a short highway. 07/26/08
As the road climbs into the mountains, the vegetation gets more lush and flash flood areas become more prevalent. 07/26/08
Surprisingly, this is the third reassurance marker in five miles. 07/26/08
SR 289 parallels Calabasas Creek for several miles. 07/26/08
SR 289 now leaves Calabasas Creek behind and turns to descend into Walker Canyon. 07/26/08
2 photos
2 photos
There is a short one way section where the road splits, with a creek in the middle. This is where SR 289 descends into Walker Canyon. 07/26/08
SR 289 climbs out of Walker canyon and winds around through verdant country. 07/26/08
This is the final turn north to the lake. The road to the left is a Forest Service Road leading eventually to SR 286. 07/26/08
This is the final reassurance marker along Arizona 289. 07/26/08
2 photos
2 photos
SR 289 ends at Pena Blanca Lake. The pavement abruptly ends, as seen in the second photo. 07/26/08
Arizona State Route 289 Pena Blanca Lake
2 photos
2 photos
Pena Blanca Lake was constructed by the Arizona Department of Fish and Game in 1958. The lake is a hidden treasure, stocked with fish, but has had many issues over the years, including former mine tailings laced with mercury washing into the lake in the early 1990s. 07/26/08
Arizona State Route 289 East
Leaving the lake, SR 289 navigates through numerous curves. 07/26/08
Turn left to continue on SR 289. A right turn will take you through the forest to Arizona 286. 07/26/08
This is the first reassurance marker for Arizona 289. 07/26/08
Distance sign to Interstate 19, 9 miles. 07/26/08
3 photos
3 photos
3 photos
SR 289 winds down an unnamed tributary of Walker Canyon. 07/26/08
Here is the short one way section of SR 289 heading uphill. There is a reassurance marker at the bottom of this section of the road. 07/26/08
SR 289 meets the Calabasas Picnic Area here. The Picnic Area is named after Calabasas Creek. 07/26/08
SR 289 now follows Calabasas Canyon. 07/26/08
This is the last reassurance marker along Arizona 289. 07/26/08
2 photos
2 photos
SR 289 now leaves the canyon and heads directly toward Interstate 19. 07/26/08
SR 289 ends here, at the overpass over Interstate 19. Turn left for Interstate 19 northbound. 07/26/08

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