Arizona 373 is a short route that travels to the mountain hamlet of Greer. Greer is a popular summertime destination for those escaping the heat of central and southern Arizona.

Arizona 373 was added to the state highway system in 1962. The route number is derived from Arizona 73, which used to continue between McNary and Eagar until the road was renumbered to Arizona 260.

Arizona State Route 373 South
Just after the junction with SR 260, SR 373 begins with this reassurance marker. 06/06/10
SR 373 crosses Lang Creek here. SR 373 is paralleling the Little Colorado River to Greer. 06/06/10
SR 373 travels through the Greer Recreation area. Greer is an island within the Apache National Forest. 06/06/10
Turn right for the Squirrel Spring recreation area. The recreation area features a picnic area and several trails, used by hikers in the summer and skiers in the winter. 06/06/10
Turn right to travel towards SR 273 and Big Lake. This road to SR 273 is a Forest Service Road, and is unpaved. 06/06/10
Turn left for Apache County route 1121. CR 1121 travels on the east side of the Little Colorado River (SR 373 travels on the west side). 06/06/10
SR 373 becomes Apache County 1120 here in the northern outskirts of Greer. Greer is a small mountain hamlet, named for the Greer family who settled the area in the late 1800s. Today, Greer is a popular retreat for those who live in the hot lowlands during the summer. 06/06/10
Arizona State Route 373 North
This is the first, and only, reassurance marker along SR 373 northbound as one leaves Greer. 06/06/10
Turn right for Apache County 1121, and to travel to the east side of the valley. 06/06/10
Turn left to take Forest Road 87 towards Big Lake. 06/06/10
Distance sign to SR 260 (3 miles). 06/06/10
2 photos
2 photos
SR 373 travels through numerous forests enroute to SR 260. Some of these forests burned during the 2011 Wallow fire, but Greer itself was saved. 06/06/10
Distance sign to SR 260, 1/2 mile. SR 260 marks the end of SR 373. 06/06/10
SR 373 ends at SR 260. Turn left for McNary and Pinetop, or turn right for Springerville and Eagar. 06/06/10

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