SR 473 is a short, nine mile route connecting SR 260 to Hawley Lake, on the White Mountain Apache Indian Reservation. The road was constructed in 1963 and added to the state highway system in 1968. SR 473 is closed during the winter, from the first snowfall in November through May. Hawley Lake is known as the coldest spot in the state of Arizona.

Arizona State Route 473 South
At the beginning of SR 473, this sign warns travelers that the road is not plowed during the winter closure. 06/06/10
SR 473 climbs through mountain grades as it heads to Hawley Lake. 06/06/10
SR 473 is not maintained, plowed, or even open from November through May. In years of heavy snowfall, the road has not opened until June. 06/06/10
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3 photos
3 photos
SR 473 travels through forests, around the North Fork of the White River, as it starts to climb towards Hawley Lake. 06/06/10
SR 73 meets one of the few road junctions along its route here. This tribal road will eventually meet up with SR 73. 06/06/10
SR 473 slows around curves posted for 20 miles per hour as it nears Hawley Lake. 06/06/10
Pavement ends once SR 473 reaches Hawley Lake. The road ends just past this curve. 06/06/10
SR 473 ends just past this shield. Beyond this point, White Mountain Apache tribal maintenance assumes control of the road. 06/06/10
Welcome to Hawley Lake. Hawley Lake, at 8200' elevation, is noted as one of the coldest spots in Arizona, even more so than some higher altitude spots. The lowest temperature ever recorded in Arizona was found here. Hawley Lake impounds Trout Creek, and is known for summertime fishing. 06/06/10
Hawley Lake is nestled in the pines, and is quite scenic. 06/06/10
Arizona State Route 473 North
After SR 473 leaves Hawley Lake, travelers are again advised of the curves ahead. 06/06/10
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4 photos
4 photos
4 photos
SR 473 descends through the pine trees to reach SR 260. 06/06/10
SR 473 ends at SR 260, just east of SR 73. 06/06/10
Turn left for Mcnary and Pinetop, or turn right for Eagar and Springerville. 06/06/10

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