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Heading north from the Interstate 10 corridor, Baldwin County transitions from suburbia to low rolling forested hills. Industry surrounds portions of the county seat, and development encroaches from the southwest. Areas north of Interstate 65 and east of Bay Minette remain vastly in agricultural interests or in the hands of the paper industry.

Map updated June 20, 2014.

Baldwin County's explosive growth changed the cosmetics of South Baldwin from mostly rural land outside of the incorporated towns to a hodgepodge of suburban sprawl and farm land. Growth centers around the U.S. 98 and Alabama 59 corridors traditionally, but the expansion of Alabama 181 into a four-lane highway and completion of Baldwin County 13 between Fairhope and Daphne have become the focus of new development. Additional changes to the county landscape will follow with completion of the Baldwin Beach Express and continued annexations of Daphne, Fairhope, Foley, and Spanish Fort.

Baldwin County signs their county highways fairly consistently. This includes the the use of end banners at some associated termini. Like Mobile County to the west, county highways in Baldwin are orientated in a grid system, with lower numbered routes counting upwards from the south and west.

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