Bay Road - North
Bay Road (former U.S. 113) emerges from the SR 1 Turnpike at the parclo interchange (Exit 95) with SR 10 (Lebanon Road) and the north gate to Dover A.F.B. SR 10 begins here and travels west along Lebanon Road to State Street (former U.S. 113 Alternate) and U.S. 13 (DuPont Highway) at Camden. 08/05/07
The Dover A.F.B. north gate entrance ties into the intersection of SR 10 (Lebanon Road) and Bay Road. A U.S. 13 trailblazer directs motorists north for the Puncheon Run Connector west to southbound or to remain along Bay Road north for northbound. 08/05/07
Mileage sign remaining from when Bay Road carried U.S. 113 north to U.S. 13. Connections with U.S. 13 will leads motorists eventually to Wilmington, but Bay Road otherwise is considered a local arterial. 08/05/07
SR 1 shifts west from Bay Road along the St. Jones River before looping back east over the arterial ahead of the Puncheon Run Connector. A northbound on-ramp provides direct access to the northbound toll road for Smyrna and Wilmington from Dover A.F.B. and SR 10 (Lebanon Road). 01/15/17
Lafferty Lane ties into Bay Road south of the entrance ramp to SR 1 (Korean War Veterans Memorial Highway) north. SR 1 bypasses Dover to the east, next meeting U.S. 13 at Scarborough Road near Dover Downs. 08/05/07
The Puncheon Run Connector links SR 1 north with U.S. 13 (S Dupont Highway) south via Bay Road. 08/05/07
A parclo interchange (Exit 2) joins the Puncheon Run Connector with Bay Road west of SR 1 (Korean War Veterans Memorial Highway). 08/05/07
Paralleling Puncheon Run, the Puncheon Run Connector spans St. Jones River west to U.S. 13 (S DuPont Highway) north of Camden. 12/29/20
Bay Road passes by DelDOT's Danner campus and the Blue Hen Corporate Center before intersecting Martin Luther King, Jr. Boulevard (formerly Court Street) west and South Little Creek Road east. MLK Boulevard links Bay Road north with U.S. 13 south before continuing west to the State Capitol. South Little Creek Road extends the boulevard east to leave the city en route to SR 9 at Little Creek. 04/13/04
Sign replacements were made at Bay Road and Martin Luther King, Jr. Boulevard between 2004 and 2007. 08/05/07
Court Street was renamed Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Boulevard in 2013. 01/15/17
Looking west from Bay Road at the Martin Luther King, Jr. Boulevard (formerly Court Street) intersection with U.S. 13 (Dupont Highway). U.S. 13 heads southwest from Dover to the towns of Camden and Wyoming. 04/13/04
An end sign was posted for U.S. 113 sign as Bay Road north defaulted onto Dupont Highway north. U.S. 13 constitutes a six lane arterial between here and Scarborough Road. The busy route intersects SR 8 (Division Street) in one third of a mile. 04/13/04
Bay Road - South
Bay Road branches southeast from U.S. 13 (S Dupont Highway) ahead of Martin Luther King, Jr. Boulevard west and S Little Creek Road east. 12/18/20
The first U.S. 113 shield was posted along Bay Road south of Court Street (Martin Luther King, Jr. Boulevard). It was removed by 2007. December 1999
Advancing southward on Bay Road, motorists are advised to use SR 1 south for the Dover Air Force Base Commercial Gate. The gate is accessible from northbound only, requiring drivers to turn around at the diamond interchange (Exit 91) with SR 9. 08/05/07
Nearing the entrance to the Blue Hen Corporate Center, formerly the Blue Hen Mall, on Bay Road southbound. 08/05/07
Bay Road south at Transportation Circle, a loop serving the Delaware Department of Transportation Danner Campus. Transportation Circle also links with Public Safety Boulevard and its array of government buildings. 08/05/07
Nearing the Puncheon Run Connector along Bay Road south. An on-ramp leads motorists onto the expressway west to U.S. 13 while a subsequent on-ramp joins Bay Road with SR 1 south after President Drive. 04/13/04
Sign changes between 2004 and 2007 reflect the change of the Dover A.F.B. Truck entrance to the North Gate and the truncation of U.S. 113. Also SR 10 west was omitted from pull through signage. 08/05/07
Lone U.S. 13 trailblazers direct motorists onto the Puncheon Run Connector freeway westbound to Dupont Highway. The connector parallels a waterway by the same name directly to Dupont Highway south of State Street and north of Camden and Wyoming. 08/05/07
Bay Road south partitions with the SR 1 southbound on-ramp at the signal with President Drive. SR 1 constitutes a full freeway southward through the Dover A.F.B. vicinity and Little Heaven. 04/13/04
Sign changes made by 2007 along Bay Road south ahead of President Drive direct motorists bound for SR 1 north to make a U-turn at Lafferty Lane. SR 10 again is omitted. 08/05/07
A concrete median separates the two lanes of Bay Road south to SR 10 from the two lane on-ramp to the SR 1 Turnpike.
This sign assembly was replaced by 2007 but ultimately removed. 04/13/04
The U-turn at Lafferty Lane replaced a on-ramp from U.S. 113 south onto SR 1 located nearby. Lafferty Lane otherwise winds east from Bay Road to Horsepond Road. 12/31/16
Bay Road advances another half mile south to the North Gate of DAFB and westbound beginning of SR 10 (Lebanon Road). 12/31/16
Forthcoming SR 10 stems west from Bay Road and a parclo interchange with SR 1 along Lebanon Road to Camden and Wyoming. 12/31/16
An adjacent loop ramp provides access to SR 1 south from SR 10 (Lebanon Road) for the Commercial Gate of DAFB. 12/31/16
SR 10 travels southwest from Camden to Willow Grove, Petersburg and Sandtown as part of a 16.1 mile route from Bay Road (old U.S. 113) to MD 287. 12/31/16
SR 1 overtakes Bay Road just south of Lebanon Road between the DAFB Main Gate and Housing Area. 12/31/16
Puncheon Run Connector - East at U.S. 113
The Puncheon Run Connector is a freeway linking U.S. 13 with SR 1 across south Dover. An interchange toward the east end of the route links with Bay Road. This view looks at previous guide signs for Exits 2A/B with U.S. 113. 04/13/04
The control point of East Dover was changed to South Dover on sign replacements made for Exit 2A (Bay Road south) by 2007. 04/13/04
SR 10 is no longer acknowledged for Exit 2A to Bay Road south. The state route ends at former U.S. 113, 1.1 miles to the south. 04/13/04
All signs at Exit 2B were replaced by 2007 as well. U.S. 113 formerly ran north to end at U.S. 13 (Dupont Highway). 04/13/04

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