Joseph Bryan Boulevard - East
Joseph Bryan Boulevard continues east from I-73/840. Pictured here was the future loop ramp from I-840 south. 12/21/08
Fleming Road splits from New Garden Road near Guilford College and meets Bryan Boulevard east of I-73/840. The local road continues north from the diamond interchange to I-840 near Lewiston Road. 12/21/08
New Garden Road stems north from Friendly Avenue and College Road to cross paths with Bryan Boulevard at a parclo interchange. 12/21/08
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2 photos
Joseph Bryan Boulevard connects Downtown Greensboro with Piedmont Triad International Airport (GSO). A small mileage sign directs motorists eastward for the central business district and area visitor center. 12/21/08
Areas adjacent to the interchange with New Garden Road are home to a number of businesses. New Garden Road continues northeast from the freeway to U.S. 220 (Battleground Avenue) and Guilford Courthouse National Military Park. 12/21/08
Continuing east over the Jefferson Road overpass on Joseph M. Bryan Boulevard. 12/21/08
The four lane freeway meanders east between leafy subdivisions on the one mile approach to Westridge Road. 12/21/08
Westridge Road heads north to the British Woods section of Greensboro and south to the Carriage Hills community. 12/21/08
Bryan Boulevard eastbound at the Westridge Road off-ramp. A parclo interchange joins the two roads. 12/21/08
A reassurance sign assembly for Joseph M. Bryan Boulevard posted after Westridge Road. The freeway is a part of SR 2085. 12/21/08
The final exits of Bryan Boulevard join the freeway with Holden Road. Holden Road south heads toward Friendly Avenue and Starmount Forest. 12/21/08
Holden Road heads east from Bryan Boulevard to Benjamin Parkway and U.S. 220 (Battleground Avenue). 12/21/08
Benjamin Parkway travels southwest from Cone Boulevard and U.S. 220 to overtake Joseph M. Bryan Boulevard at the freeway end and SR 2085. 12/21/08
Benjamin Parkway - South
Benjamin Parkway carries Bryan Boulevard traffic southward to a signalized intersection with Cornwallis Drive. Cornwallis Drive meanders west to Holden Road and east to the commercial center along U.S. 220 (Battleground Avenue). 12/21/08
A second traffic light follows along Benjamin Parkway south at Pembroke Road. Pembroke Road serves forested neighborhoods on both sides of the parkway and also connects with industrial areas north of Friendly Avenue. 12/21/08
Entering the intersection with Green Valley Road on Benjamin Parkway south. Green Valley Road south connects with adjacent Wendover Avenue west; a direct ramp is available for eastbound ahead. Wendover Avenue constitutes a freeway leading west to Spring Garden Street near Pomona and Terra Cotta. 12/21/08
A three quarter cloverleaf interchange joins Benjamin Parkway with Wendover Avenue (SR 2254). The freeway portion of Wendover continues east to merge with U.S. 220 (Battleground Avenue). 12/21/08
Wendover Avenue - East
Benjamin Parkway leads northwest from the freeway to Joseph M. Bryan Boulevard, a freeway extending west to I-73 and Piedmont Triad International Airport (GSO). 12/21/08
A short distance eastward, Wendover Avenue meets Westover Terrace at a parclo interchange. Westover Terrace north provides the connection to U.S. 220 (Battleground Avenue) north at Fairfield. 12/21/08
Wendover Avenue ascends from under the Westover Terrace overpass to pass over a railroad line. 12/21/08
Eastbound Wendover Avenue at the southbound off-ramp to Battleground Avenue. Battleground Avenue continues from U.S. 220 to the Westerwood neighborhood and Downtown Greensboro. 12/21/08

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