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California 4 / Crosstown (Ort. J. Lofthus) Freeway east
Westbound Navy Drive at the extension of the Crosstown (Ort J. Lofthus Freeway). The $140 million viaduct system spans the adjacent BNSF Railroad, connecting the Port of Stockton with Interstate 5 and Downtown Stockton.1 Photo taken 07/10/18.
Construction on the State Route 4/Crosstown Freeway Ramp Extension Project commenced in April 2014. A ribbon cutting ceremony took place to marker the project completion on December 9, 2016.1 A segment of the freeway is postmiled for SR 4 with Temporary mileage. Photo taken 07/10/18.
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2 photos
The Crosstown Freeway curves eastward from an at-grade intersection with Navy Drive and immediately ascends onto a viaduct spanning the BNSF Railroad and Scotts Avenue. Photos taken 07/10/18.
The viaduct system along the Crosstown Freeway extends east to Fresno Avenue above the Boggs Tract neighborhood of Stockton. Photo taken 07/10/18.
A half diamond interchange previously joined the temporary west end of the Crosstown Freeway with Fresno Avenue. The four-level exchange with Interstate 5 follows. Photo taken 07/10/18.
Exit 65 carries motorists headed to both I-5 north to Sacramento and south to Tracy and Los Angeles in unison from the Crosstown Freeway eastbound mainline. Photo taken 07/10/18.
San Francisco appears at the split of Exits 65A/B for I-5 south to Interstate 205 west at Tracy. Photo taken 07/10/18.
The left lane is closed to traffic along the Crosstown Freeway eastbound through the symmetrical stack interchange with Interstate 5. Photo taken 07/10/18.
Exit 65C departs from within the systems interchange with I-5 to Lafayette Street at Lincoln Street and Downtown Stockton. Photo taken 07/10/18.
Lafayette Street forms the south side frontage road for California 4 from Exit 65C and Lincoln Street to the entrance ramp at Wilson Way (Exit 67). This is the first of four exits for Stockton along eastbound. Photo taken 07/10/18.
The SR 4 eastbound mainline joins the Crosstown (Ort. J. Lofthus Freeway) east just beyond a separate ramp to Lafayette Street at Center / El Dorado Streets. Photo taken 04/03/05.
The unnumbered ramp from SR 4 east to Downtown Stockton departs for the couplet of Center Street south and El Dorado Street to Downtown Stockton, Stockton Arena and Banner Island Ballpark. Photo taken 07/18/09.
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2 photos
The elevated Crosstown Freeway widens to four eastbound lanes to Exit 66 for Stanislaus Street. Downtown Stockton lines the northern side of California 4 over the ensuing eight blocks. Photos taken 07/10/18.
A diamond interchange (Exit 66) links California 4 with Stanislaus Street to the east side of Downtown Stockton. Photo taken 07/10/18.
Wilson Way crosses paths with California 4 at a split diamond interchange (Exit 67) next. Wilson Way north from Charter Way and the San Joaquin County Fairgrounds is the historic alignment of U.S. 50 and 99. Photo taken 07/10/18.
California 4 (Crosstown Freeway) lowers to grade level through an S-curve below Main Street and a pedestrian overpass at B Street. Photo taken 07/10/18.
Exit 68A leaves California 4 east for adjacent Market Street to Filbert Street and Stockton's Fair Oaks neighborhood. Three lanes otherwise continue to the California 99 freeway (Exit 68B). Photo taken 07/10/18.
California 4 east combines with California 99 south for one mile to continue east toward Farmington and Angels Camp. The directional T interchange between the two freeways at Exit 68B was completed in 1993. Photo taken 07/10/18.
Exit 68B is the two lane flyover connecting with SR 99 north to nearby SR 26 (Fremont Street) and Sacramento. SR 99 is a full freeway between the capital city and I-5 at southern reaches of the Central Valley. Photo taken 07/10/18.
California 4 curves southeast from a folded diamond interchange (Exit 252B) with California 99 along Golden Gate Avenue to Farmington Road. The new exchange with the freeway was completed in summer 2015. Farmington Road leaves the Stockton street grid between open farm land and orchards ahead of Walker Lane. Photo taken 07/18/09.
Passing between several orchard stands, Gillis Road links California 4 (Farmington Road) with Main Street to the north. Photo taken 07/18/09.
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California 4 (Farmington Road) shifts southward through an S-curve and crosses Duck Creek on the rural drive between Stockton and Farmington. Photos taken 07/18/09.
Kaiser Road stems south from California 4 (Farmington Road) to Mariposa Road near the Mariposa Yard, Stockton Intermodal Facility. Photo taken 07/18/09.
A set of Pacific Gas & Electric 230kV power lines pass over Farmington Road as California 4 angles southeast between Kaiser and Jack Tone Roads. Photo taken 07/18/09.
Jack Stone Road (San Joaquin County Route J-5) crosses paths with California 4 north from the settlement of Collegeville Photo taken 07/18/09.
County Route J-5 begins at California 99 in Ripon and extends almost due north to its end at California 104 in Clay. Photo taken 07/18/09.
A California 4 east reassurance shield is posted after CR J-5 (Jack Tone Road). Photo taken 07/18/09.
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2 photos
Eastbound California 4 (Farmington Road) approaches Hollenbeck Road, then proceeds through more farms and orchards. Photos taken 07/18/09.
The next marked intersection along California 4 (Farmington Road) east is with Drais Avenue north. Photo taken 07/18/09.
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Farmington Road continues east from Drais Road to Van Allen Road, paralleling Duck Creek south by several orchard stands. Photos taken 07/18/09.
Farmington Road makes another S-curve southward as it intersects Hewitt Road north. Photo taken 07/18/09.
Stanley Road spurs south to additional orchards, 1.5 miles west from Farmington on California 4 eastbound. Photo taken 07/18/09.
California 4 (Farmington Road) east enters the unincorporated community of Farmington. The rural settlement of around 200 sits at an elevation of 112 feet. Photo taken 07/18/09.
County Route J-6 (Escalon-Bellota Road) travels north from Farmington to Bellota at California 26. South from California 4, the county route heads nine miles to Escalon at California 120, and beyond there to McHenry at California 108 / 219. Photo taken 07/18/09.
Leaving Farmington, SR 4 advances 23 miles to Copperopolis and 36 miles to Angels Camp. Markleeville lies 120 miles to the east. Photo taken 07/18/09.
Sonora Road branches southeast from California 4 toward Eugene and Knights Ferry (with a detour around the Farmington Flood Control Basin via Henry Road and Carter Road). At Knights Ferry is a covered bridge, and the connection to the city of Sonora is via California 108-120 east Photo taken 07/18/09.
A reassurance marker stands between Sonora Road south and Buckman Road north. The Sierra Nevada foothills come into view, along with some distant thunderheads for storms brewing in the Eastern Sierra (California and Nevada). Photo taken 07/18/09.
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3 photos
3 photos
Two sets of Pacific Gas & Electric power lines cross over California 4 in the vicinity of postmile 35.50. The state route dog legs north one mile to Waverly Road. Photos taken 07/18/09.
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Less farming and more ranching becomes prevalent as California 4 gains elevation and leaves the most fertile areas of the Central Valley, especially close to the San Joaquin River. Photos taken 07/18/09.
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Waverly Road branches north to ranch areas and the Foothill Sanitary Land Fill from California 4 as the state route resumes an eastern heading toward Bachelor Valley. Photos taken 07/18/09.
California 4 crosses into the northern wedge of Stanislaus County one mile east of Waverly Road. Photo taken 07/18/09.



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