California 71 north
Ramps from a compact trumpet interchange combine as California 71 north crosses the Santa Ana River north from California 91 (Riverside Freeway). 07/15/07
The initial three miles of SR 71 northbound constitute an at-grade expressway, with a turnoff for local and utility access located just beyond the Santa Ana River. 07/15/07
California 71 north between the Chino Hills and the Prado Flood Control Basin was expanded from two to four lanes in 2005. 07/15/07
The first exit along California 71 north departs in one mile for California 83 (Euclid Avenue). 07/15/07
One half mile south of the off-ramp (Exit 3) for SR 83 on SR 71 north. 07/15/07
The succeeding seven exits from California 71 serve the cities of Chino and Chino Hills. 07/15/07
California 71 leaves Riverside County and enters San Bernardino County. The four lane expressway upgrades to a six lane freeway with an HOV lane in each direction. 07/15/07
SR 83 (Euclid Avenue) branches northeast from SR 71 at Exit 4 with Butterfield Ranch Road. SR 83 travels north through Chino and Ontario along a 14-mile course to I-10 at Upland. 07/15/07
Shifting more to the northwest, California 71 (Chino Valley Freeway) advances 1.25 miles to Pine Avenue (Exit 5). 07/15/07
Reassurance marker for California 71 north after the entrance ramp from Euclid Avenue. 07/15/07
The forthcoming diamond interchange (Exit 5) with Pine Avenue west connects the Chino Valley Freeway with numerous subdivisions spreading west on the Chino Hills. 07/15/07
Entering the diamond interchange (Exit 5) with Pine Avenue west on California 71 north. 07/15/07
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2 photos
SR 71 continues north with two general travel lanes and an HOV lane to Exit 7 with Soquel Canyon Parkway south and Central Avenue north. 07/15/07
Subdivisions abut the east side of the Chino Valley Freeway to the six-ramp parclo interchange (Exit 7) with Soquel Canyon Parkway and Central Avenue. 07/15/07
Soqueal Canyon Parkway comprises a residential arterial spurring west from Exit 7 to Chino Hills State Park. Central Avenue extends north as a seven-lane boulevard to business and industrial parks in the city of Chino. 07/15/07
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2 photos
Continuing north between Chino Hills and Chino, SR 71 meets Ramona Avenue and SR 142 (Chino Hills Parkway) west in one mile. 07/15/07
Interchange sequence sign posted a half mile ahead of the split diamond interchange (Exit 8) with Ramona Avenue and SR 142 (Chino Hills Parkway). 07/15/07
Exit 8 leaves SR 71 north for Ramona Avenue and Chino Hills Parkway. SR 142 commences a 11.5-mile route traversing the Chino Hills southwest through Carbon Canyon to SR 90 in the city of Brea. 07/15/07
SR 71 north brief enters the Chino city limits at the Little Chino Creek Bridge. 07/15/07
SR 71 runs along the west side of Chino Spectrum Towne Center to the parclo interchange (Exit 10) with Grand Avenue. 07/15/07
A two lane off-ramp (Exit 10) departs California 71 north forth retail corridor along Grand Avenue. Grand Avenue east becomes Edison Avenue east through warehouse and distribution centers across Chino. 07/15/07
SR 71 (Chino Valley Freeway) spans Chino Creek again just east of the Puente Hills and south of Exit 11 with Chino Avenue. 07/15/07
Chino Avenue straddles the Chino city line east from Exit 11, eventually entering the city fully east of Preciado Avenue. Chino City Hall lies 2.3 miles to the east along the four lane boulevard. 07/15/07
A parclo interchange joins SR 71 with Chino Avenue at Exit 11. Chino Avenue west winds across the Puente Hills to Chino Hills Parkway. 07/15/07
Back to back off-ramps depart for Riverside Drive and SR 60 (Pomona Freeway) in 0.75 miles. SR 71 runs along an array of big box retail at Crossroads Marketplace, which fronts adjacent Peyton Drive. 07/15/07
There is no direct connection from SR 71 north to SR 60 north. Exit 12B to Garey Avenue north provides a Breezewood style movement to an eastbound on-ramp to the Pomona Freeway. 07/15/07
The HOV-restriction for the left lane ends ahead of Exits 12A/B on California 71 northbound. 07/15/07
Northbound traffic along SR 71 reaches Exit 12A for Peyton Drive south, Riverside Drive east and Garey Avenue north to SR 60. SR 60 leads east to Redlands. 07/15/07
California 60 travels 70 miles from I-10 in Los Angeles to I-10 near Beaumont. The entire corridor is a freeway. 07/15/07
Exit 12B separates from California 71 north with two lanes for a flyover joining California 60 west to Los Angeles. 07/15/07
Exit 13 departs SR 71 a half mile north of the Riverside Drive under crossing for Rio Rancho Drive in south Pomona. 07/15/07
Passing over the Pomona Freeway mainline on California 71 northbound. Flyovers link with California 60 in both directions from the Chino Valley Freeway. 07/15/07
2 photos
2 photos
Motorists headed to Rio Rancho Drive merge onto a distributor roadway taking traffic from both the SR 60 westbound on-ramp and SR 71 north to the commercial arterial. 07/15/07
Reassurance marker for California 71 north posted just inside the Pomona city limits. 07/15/07
California 71 downgrades into an at-grade expressway north of Rio Rancho Road. 07/15/07
The signalized left turn for Old Pomona Road west from California 71 north permanently closed by 2017. 07/15/07
The at-grade intersection with North Ranch Road was converted to a RIRO connection along California 71 southbound by 2017. There is no access to the residential road now from northbound. 07/15/07
The unsignalized left turn for Phillips Drive from California 71 north permanently closed by 2017. 07/15/07
Construction in 2011-12 removed the at-grade intersection with Ninth Street preceding Exit 14B to Mission Boulevard. 07/15/07
A mileage sign formerly posted ahead of Mission Boulevard referenced Fullteron and Los Angeles. The city alluded to the historic route of U.S. 60 along the east-west arterial. 05/01/02
The Route 71/Mission Grade Separation project upgraded the intersection along California 71 north at Mission Boulevard into a diamond interchange. The project was completed in December 2011.1 07/15/07
The Route 71/Mission Grade Separation project also removed the T-intersection with 2nd Street east. 07/15/07
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2 photos
Closed in 2011, a wye interchange formerly connected SR 71 north with Pomona Boulevard west. 07/15/07
Spanning a 1926 viaduct across the Union Pacific Railroad and AMTRAK, California 71 northbound partitions with Exit 14A for Holt Avenue and Fairplex Drive north. The forthcoming Kellogg Interchange omits a direct ramp for I-10 east, requiring motorists to navigate a surface route to reach the San Bernardino Freeway. 07/15/07
Exit 14A ties into the intersection of Valley Boulevard west, Holt Avenue east and Fairplex Drive north. Valley Boulevard leads to California State Polytechnic University (Cal Poly) - Pomona and La Puente while Holt Avenue east is a part of Business Loop I-10. 07/15/07
Fairplex Drive stems north 0.75 miles from Holt Avenue to meet I-10 at a diamond interchange. 07/15/07
Exit 14B follows from California 71 north to Interstate 10 (San Bernardino Freeway) west to Covina, Baldwin Park and Los Angeles. 07/15/07
Through the approaching systems interchange with Interstate 10, SR 71 travels high above the San Bernardino to directly merge with SR 57 (Orange Freeway) northbound. 07/15/07
The renumbering to the Orange Freeway leg of I-210 as an northern extension of SR 57 included resigning of the Kellogg Interchange. Pasadena was removed as the control city for SR 57 north to I-210 west. 07/15/07
Traffic from I-10 west combines with SR 71 north as the freeway concludes at a wye interchange with SR 57 across the San Jose Hills. 07/15/07

  1. California Highways: State Route 71.

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