California 76 east
California 76 begins and heads north from Coast Highway (Historic U.S. 101) along the San Luis Rey Mission Expressway. Photo taken 03/15/08.
California 76 enters a three-quarter cloverleaf interchange with Interstate 5 to the immediate north of Coast Highway. A signalized turn connects the expressway with the freeway south to San Diego. Photo taken 03/15/08.
A loop ramp follows from SR 76 east to I-5 north toward Santa Ana, Long Beach and Los Angeles. Photo taken 03/15/08.
The first confirming marker for SR 76 east stands just beyond I-5. The state route follows an expressway alignment along the south bank of the San Luis Rey River until crossing the river near Bonsall. Photo taken 11/11/12.
California 76 is designated as the San Luis Rey Mission Expressway between Interstate 5 in Oceanside and Interstate 15 to the northeast. Photo taken 11/11/12.
The first at-grade intersection along California 76 is with Loretta Street south. Photo taken 11/11/12.
California 76 also honors Oceanside Police Officer Tony Zeppetella, who was shot and killed on June 13, 2003. Photo taken 11/11/12.
A reassurance marker for California 76 east stands beyond Loretta Street. Photo taken 11/11/12.
California 76 mirrors the course of the San Luis Rey River between Interstate 5 and Old River Road / Vista Way (CR S-13 south). Photo taken 11/11/12.
The next traffic signal along California 76 east is with Canyon Drive south. Photo taken 11/11/12.
Palomar Mountain comes into view as California 76 proceeds east through the San Luis Rey River valley. California 76 will eventually pass along the southern edge of the mountain near Pala and Pauma Valley. Photo taken 11/11/12.
Advancing east, SR 76 approaches Benet Road beyond this shield assembly. Photo taken 11/11/12.
Benet Road leads north from an industrial park area south of SR 76 to the Marlado Highlands residential area. Photo taken 11/11/12.
Airport Road links California 76 with adjacent Oceanside Municipal Airport (OKB) and Mission Avenue (California 76 Business). Photo taken 11/11/12.
Foussat Road crosses California 76 (San Luis Rey Mission Expressway) at the succeeding eastbound signal. The north-south arterial connects the state route with Mission Avenue and the Marlado Highlands community. Photo taken 11/11/12.
California 76 proceeds east from Foussat Road and crosses over Mission Avenue (California 76 Business) without direct access. Photo taken 11/11/12.
A set of San Diego Gas & Electric 230kV power lines cross over the expressway at the Mission Avenue under crossing. These lines are supported by wooden poles that keep the conductors lower to the ground in order to prevent a conflict with air traffic associated with the nearby OKB airport. This particular line links San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station to the north with the Encina Power Station in Carlsbad to the south. Photo taken 11/11/12.
California 76 spans El Camino Real at a grade separation ahead of the traffic lights with Douglas Drive north in Oceanside. Photo taken 11/11/12.
The succeeding intersection on SR 76 east with Rancho del Oro Drive connects with the San Luis Rey de Francia Mission, which was founded on June 13, 1798. Photo taken 11/11/12.
Rancho Del Oro Drive winds southward to the SoCal Sports Complex and a number of office parks and subdivisions to Vista Way. Photo taken 11/11/12.
California 76 is an established safety corridor, as noted by signs such as this posted beyond Rancho Del Oro Drive. Photo taken 11/11/12.
A California 76 route marker precedes the second crossing over Mission Avenue along San Luis Rey Mission Expressway eastbound. Photo taken 11/11/12.
SR 76 spans Mission Avenue (SR 76 Business) ahead of Old Grove Road. Photo taken 11/11/12.
The California 76 expressway from Interstate 5 east to Melrose Drive opened in 1999. Quite a bit of residential development ensued along the California 76 corridor through the following decade, resulting in housing clusters on both sides of the state route at Old Grove Road. Photo taken 11/11/12.
Continuing east along Old Grove Road on California 76. Photo taken 11/11/12.
Entering the intersection with Frazee Road, a raised hardscape (concrete with curbs) separates traffic along California 76. The east end of California 76 Business (Mission Avenue) lies just to the south. Photo taken 11/11/12.
Town Center Drive serves big box retail and other retail areas south from this traffic signal along California 76. Photo taken 11/11/12.
Traffic increases as California 76 east intersects College Boulevard. Photo taken 11/11/12.
Sound walls separate adjacent subdivisions and apartments from the San Luis Rey Mission Expressway east of College Boulevard. Photo taken 11/11/12.
County Route S-14 (North Santa Fe Avenue) branches southeast from the forthcoming signal along California 76 east four miles to Vista. Photo taken 11/11/12.
San Diego County Route S-14 was well signed along Santa Fe Avenue through Vista as of 2008, but is almost unsigned through San Marcos and Escondido. CR S-14 ends at Business Loop I-15 (Centre City Parkway) in Escondido. Photo taken 11/11/12.
East from CR S-14, SR 76 runs along the north side of Guajome Regional Park by this confirming marker. Photo taken 11/11/12.
A trail for Guajome Regional Park passes under California 76 at this underpass beside Guajome Lake. Photo taken 11/11/12.
Eastbound California 76 next approaches Guajome Lake Road, which travels southeast from neighborhoods north of the expressway to run along side Guajome County Park. Photo taken 11/11/12.
The 1999-built four-lane expressway continues east between Guajome Lake Road and Melrose Drive. Photo taken 11/11/12.
The expressway portion of SR 76 previously concluded just after the approaching intersection with Melrose Avenue. Due to increasing traffic volumes and higher than average accident rate, additional funds were allocated toward widening the remainder of SR 76 east to I-15. Photo taken 11/11/12.
The westbound lanes between Melrose Drive and Sweetgrass Lane opened on October 18, 2012.1 The eastbound lanes followed in November 2012. Photo taken 06/07/08.
A barrier median separates the roadways of California 76 leading east from Melrose Drive. Photo taken 11/11/12.
Reassurance marker for California 76 east, posted after Melrose Drive. Photo taken 06/07/08.
2 photos
2 photos
California 76 navigates through a sweeping S-curve east from the signal with Singh Way along the 2012-completed expressway linking Oceanside with Bonsall. Photos taken 11/11/12.
Curving northeast, California 76 intersects Old River Road (Historic U.S. 395) north and Vista Way (County Route S-13) south by the Old Bonsall Bridge. CR S-13 leads south to Downtown Vista. Photo taken 11/11/12.
California 76 east & County Route S-13 north
2 photos
2 photos
CR S-13 combines with SR 76 east across the San Luis Rey River. Prior to 2012, the New Bonsall Bridge carried two-way traffic. A second span opened for westbound. Constructed in 1925, the Old Bonsall Bridge, a open spandrel, multiple-arch bridge, lies just to the west. Photo taken 06/07/08. Second photo taken 11/11/12.
North River Road stems west from California 76 (Mission Road) to agricultural areas and Holly Lane. Holly Lane previously intersected the state route prior to expansion to expressway standards. Photo taken 11/11/12.
Winding northward along the San Luis River, California 76 advances two miles from North River Road to unincorporated Bonsall. Pauma Valley follows in 23 miles. Photo taken 06/07/08.
Via Montellano links California 76 with Old California 76 and additional groves. Photo taken 11/11/12.
Entering the unincorporated community of Bonsall, the next traffic signal along California 76 east and CR S-13 north is with Olive Hill Drive north and Camino del Rey east to Interstate 15. Photo taken 11/11/12.
County Route S-13 splits with California 76 at the subsequent eastbound signal. CR S-13 branches northwest along Historic U.S. 395 to Fallbrook. Photo taken 06/07/08.
CR S-13 follows Mission Road north from California 76 to CR S-15 in Fallbrook. North from there, the two county routes meet again at Interstate 15 and Old Highway 395. Photo taken 06/07/08.
Caltrans District 11 placed a San Diego County Route S-13 route marker on signal mast arms along California 76. Photo taken 11/11/12.
California 76 east
California 76 narrowed to two lanes east from CR S-13 and next intersected Sweetgrass Lane, a short residential street. Photo taken 11/11/12.
California 76 traverses rural areas populated with several orchards and ranches on the drive northeast toward Interstate 15 and Pala. Photo taken 11/11/12.
Expansion of California 76 to expressway standards included the addition of traffic lights with Via Monserate north. Photo taken 11/11/12.
Via Monserate arcs northwest from California 76 through the rural San Luis Rey Heights community. Photo taken 11/11/12.
The realignment of SR 76 shifted the route southward at the intersection with Grid Road. Gird Road leads four miles north to Live Oak County Park. Photo taken 11/11/12.
Gird Road connects SR 76 with a portion of the previous roadway, which was renamed as an extension of Flowerwood Lane. Photo taken 11/11/12.
Remaining just north of the parallel San Luis Rey River, California 76 intersects Monserate Hill Road north to a number of orchards. Photo taken 11/11/12.
Progressing northeast toward Old Highway 395 along California 76. The lines of trees on the distant hillside are rows of avocado trees. Avocados are a very common crop from northern San Diego County. Photo taken 11/11/12.
Eastbound California 76 meets Interstate 15 in a half mile. Photo taken 11/11/12.
The next traffic signal connects California 76 with Old Highway 395, which is not to be confused with Historic U.S. 395. While Old Highway 395 was signed as U.S. 395 at one time, it was the second generation of the route, when it was realigned out of Fallbrook. Photo taken 11/11/12.
Entering the parclo A2 interchange with Interstate 15 on California 76 east. The Escondido Freeway leads south from here to Escondido and San Diego. Photo taken 11/11/12.
Restrictions apply to buses and RV's in addition to trucks along SR 76 east leading away from I-15. Photo taken 11/11/12.
Interstate 15 (Escondido Freeway) heads north from California 76 to Temecula, Lake Elsinore, Riverside and San Bernardino. Photo taken 11/11/12.


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